Las Vegas Club Hotel & Casino Review

***This casino is now closed. Please consider the below review no longer current.***
Las Vegas Club, sometimes referred to as simply Vegas Club, is a downtown Las Vegas casino that is in transition. The property is dilapidated and can be affectionately described as a dive casino. It is located on the western end of the Fremont Street Experience. Las Vegas Club is owned by Tamares Group. The same company owns Plaza immediately across the street.

Casino at Las Vegas Club

The casino floor is 22,000 square feet according to public records. Only about half of this space is actually utilized. Las Vegas Club walled off the entire rear casino floor. A separate side casino floor sits openly idle.
All table games are staffed by party pit girls 24 hours a day. These women are often dressed in lingerie or role playing costumes.
There are 17 table games and a few hundred video poker and slot machines. The most widely available table game is six-deck blackjack. There are 10 of these tables where players may wager between $5 and $1,000. Double down on any two cards and doubling after the split is offered. There is a $10 double deck game with a max bet of $500.
Most Liberal 21 is spread at Las Vegas Club. The name is not exactly appropriate. It offers worse returns than the standard blackjack games. Players may double after hitting, resplit, hit and double split aces, and surrender. There is also a Seven Card Charlie. Blackjack pays even money unless it is suited, where players get paid 2-1.
There are two craps tables. The bet limits are $5-$500. The regular craps table offers 3-4-5x odds. The Never Ever Craps game, which does not offer don’t bets and any number besides 7 becomes a point, spreads double odds. There is a $1 minimum video craps machine by the front table games pit.
There are two $5-$50 roulette tables and one Three Card Poker table with these same limits.
Las Vegas Club offers over 100 coin operated video poker games. Joker Poker has a return of 100.65% in some $.25 and $.50 denominations. These machines pay 20 on four of a kind, 7 on a full house, and 5 on a flush. Other coin games include Bonus Poker Deluxe, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus and Deuces Wild Bonus.
Las Vegas Club spreads one of the highest returning $1 slot machines in the world. The 7’s machines by the southwest entrance return 98 percent on a max bet.
Las Vegas Club uses the Royal Rewards player’s club. The program has four tiers; Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Players in the King and Ace tier receive a match from a royal flush win in the form of free play. Cash back is earned at a rate of .2% or players can exchange points at a rate of .3% for free play. Players must have at least 2,500 points, the equivalent of $5 in cash back, to qualify for comps.

Hotel at Las Vegas Club

The hotel at Las Vegas Club closed in 2013. It was in serious need of a remodel. Las Vegas Club players looking for a hotel room are directed to Plaza, a sister property.

Dining at Las Vegas Club

Las Vegas Club offers $2 hot dogs at the bar. This is the only food available on the property. All other restaurant options closed over the past few years.

Bars at Las Vegas Club

There is just one bar at Las Vegas Club. It is located near the front table games pit. A second bar at the rear of the property named Frisky’s has been closed for years. An outdoor bar is open during busy periods.


Las Vegas Club is located on the northeast corner of Main Street and Fremont Street. It is on the western side of the Fremont Street Experience. Ogden borders the property to the north. There is a small parking deck that may be accessed behind the property off of First Street.

Features at Las Vegas Club

Las Vegas Club is basically just a casino. The only shop on the property sells beef jerky.

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