There’s Good News and Even Better News on the Economy

There’s a positive trend in employment opportunities sprouting up all across the country. That’s the good news. The even better news is that those job openings constitute most of Congress. The failed economic policies of Pelosi, Reid and Obama have woken up the sleeping giant—the American people—and they are really ticked off. But just because the DNC leadership is driving today’s economic bus doesn’t let the GOP leadership off the hook. Both sides are chock full of self-serving politicians. They have forgotten that they have been sent to Washington for one purpose only—doing our business, period. Listening to their spin is like hearing the old alcoholic adage, “I’ll quit tomorrow.” It would be more forgivable if they were just clueless, but that’s not the case. They know exactly what they’re doing—they just don’t give a damn and figure we are just too stupid and weak to do anything about it. But I have news for you, Congress—the jig is up!

Our unemployment numbers in this country are shameful, and until that problem is solved, the economy will stagnate or grow very slowly. The solution clearly isn’t more spending. Out of control spending is what caused this problem. Congress has a long history of trying to conceal their insanity by raising taxes, borrowing money and printing whatever else they think they can get by with. Sure, we can blame the banking system. It might make us feel better to do so, but it will do little good. The reason that banks ended up with toxic assets on their books isn’t a separate matter from politics. Greedy self serving politicos had their hand in creating that crisis.

If tax rates were cut in half, it would cause spending to be cut drastically. OK! That would be a good thing. It would generate more investment spending, and that in turn would create the jobs we so desperately need. That might fly in the face of spreading the wealth around as President Obama claims he is doing. It is really nothing more than good old fashioned stealing with a little generational theft sprinkled on top for good measure. He’s seizing earned assets from millions of hard-working Americans and passing it around to anyone who will vote for him and his cronies or supply him with political favor. It isn’t simply ideology; it’s criminal, really!

Sixty percent of the jobs in this country are created by small business. It’s small businesses who can, and ultimately will, lead us out of this economic catastrophe, but they can’t do it playing a game that’s rigged against them. The current tax system punishes success, so it’s no wonder why we see unemployment numbers as high as they are. The truth about the situation is buried under an endless pile of bipartisan political spinning. Would you rather give a $30,000 handout to an unemployed person once or create an environment that could provide them with a $30,000 a year job that would last years? We’re pretty much at the bottom of the money barrel for handouts. Jobs are self-sustaining and generate wealth for business owners as well as employees. Both would have the opportunity to grow and elevate their positions if they work hard. Also, success through hard work does wonders for the spirit.

Unemployment affects leisure and entertainment industries. For gaming to prosper, we need a gainfully employed customer base that can and will opt to take a trip to their local casino or hop on a plane to Sin City for a little fun.

We have a mid-term election coming up this November. Think about it carefully and make your vote count!

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