The Pirates of the Potomac (The Rant)

This high-speed downhill, uphill and sideways crazy economic rollercoaster ride from hell that began for us all back in 2008 continues today and is wearing me out. It’s mostly the economy getting me down, but not entirely. I’m sick to death of these ridiculous and needless wars. They are stealing our treasures and robbing us of our precious young.

Our trusted servants from both sides of the fence are pretty much a ruthless pack of thieves defrauding us of our future wealth and to some extent, even the ability to dream. They don’t even try to be public servants. They have grown so accustomed to getting by with their thievery that they brazenly go about their criminal mischief with zero remorse, shame or reprisal. The public has become numb after years receiving nothing but lip service and lies from those we have relied upon to chart our course and manage our finances.

Today’s job numbers are so atrocious that a growing number of people have simply thrown in the having-a-job towel. The numbers are large enough to skew the employment numbers reported by the labor department. Our commander in chief, together with our treasury secretary and our Federal Reserve chairman, have spent us into oblivion over the last two and a half years with their cockamamie QE2 program. That stands for quantitative easing … what the hell is easy about it? They should really call it the quantitative screwing of America.

The political blame game we hear coming non-stop from Washington is really shallow and pathetic. The White House has been blaming Bush for two years now. Yes, Bush screwed up, but he’s gone. Our current administration has thrown away $4 trillion and borrowed more than $1 trillion from the Chinese. We are in deep doo doo now, my friends.

Now the new angle our rascal politicians are playing is to blame the tea party for this economic mess. The economic crisis arose long before the tea party showed up in the spring of 2009. The tea party came to be because of our economic problems. Please remember that the housing crisis began in 2007 because of the failure of governmental leadership to watch over Wall Street, banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and S & P giving those toxic credit swaps an AAA rating. Since then, nothing Congress has done has provided any help in getting us out of this mess.

Why can’t any of our politicians take responsibility for anything? It’s because the political process weeds out normal people who give a damn about somebody other than themselves. Have you ever heard a politician say they really messed up on something? Anything? Ever? Me neither. But some honest humility coming out of Washington would be a welcome relief for a change.

So you might be asking yourself why you are reading a political rant in a gaming industry trade journal. The reason is simple. Our politicians have wreaked havoc upon the mightiest of all economies in the world. The casino resort industry is extremely vulnerable to catastrophic economic situations such as we have in the U.S. today. While blaming our current administration and Congress might make me feel good, the responsibility for it is mine and yours. After all, we voted the bastards in. The solution is to educate ourselves and take seriously the economic trouble we face as a nation. We are obliged to know our political and economic history. We need to look past that single favorite hotspot issue that we are used to voting on and open our eyes to the big picture. In 13 short months we will have an opportunity to be part of the solution. Let’s invest in us and our collective culture.

Peter E. Mead
Casino Enterprise Management

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