The AGEM Advantage

The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years in terms of membership and influence. If you haven’t been paying attention lately, or if you need a refresher, there are many reasons to support AGEM. The advantages of membership are great and varied.

AGEM is quickly proving to be influential throughout the gaming industry, fulfilling a goal of its executive director Marcus Prater. With 100 members from across the world, the association is growing strong, and for good reasons. Prater points out that for $2,500 a year, which is the cost of a bronze membership, “Companies get tremendous representation. The benefits are dramatic for small companies and large.” Financial benefits include discounts for G2E, G2E Asia and other trade shows, advertising discounts with Casino Enterprise Management along with exclusive podcast opportunities, access to the endorsed service provider program, and the ability to invite customers to the half-a-million dollar AGEM party at G2E.

The benefits go beyond these obvious financial perks. But you don’t have to take Prater’s word for it.

Robert Miodunski, a gaming industry veteran, is now interim CEO at American Gaming Systems (AGS). One of his first actions was making AGS an AGEM member company. “I think in the first two or three days I was here I told Marcus to send me the information so we could get signed up. It’s a great industry association.”

Miodunski was lured out of retirement by San Francisco-based Alpine Investors to help with its goal of making AGS a more influential player in the gaming industry. When originally asked if he had interest in the position, Miodunski says he had never heard of the company. “It’s a company that wasn’t very well known; it was predominately a Class II in Oklahoma and branched out from there.”

Miodunski says, “When we were on the AGEM agenda for review, because memberships have to be approved, a lot of the people were scratching their heads because they had never heard of the company, either.” Today, it’s a different story. “If you said today, ‘Who is American Gaming Systems?’ I don’t think there would be a member of AGEM that didn’t know who we are now.”

AGS is now based in Las Vegas, with most of its manufacturing taking place in Oklahoma. The company is well known in Oklahoma, where it has about 7,000 machines under contract under revenue sharing. It is also starting to gain traction in California, Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Maryland and other jurisdictions.

Miodunski says AGEM has helped the company in other ways as well. For example, when AGS had concerns, as others did, regarding video gaming licensing in Illinois, AGEM was on the case. “Without a vehicle or a venue to address those issues, everybody would be off trying to do their own thing in a disjointed fashion. It just wouldn’t be very effective.” Miodunski says smaller companies, like AGS, would have an even harder time getting their point across to regulators.

When it comes to new or unknown companies, Prater says, “If you have a company that is trying to get into gaming or is in gaming but really not on the radar, by joining AGEM you give your company an instant stamp of credibility.”

Miodunski adds that AGEM presented AGS executives with increased abilities to make connections with other industry leaders. “For a company our size, any small company that wants to be involved in gaming should be a member of AGEM. Just the networking itself, the ability to get on the phone and call Marcus and say, ‘Hey, I’m trying to get a hold of such and such company’ or ‘I need the AGEM list to see who’s already doing these kinds of things.’ It’s just invaluable, and having a guy like Marcus that knows everybody in the industry is just invaluable. It would take an inordinate amount of time for an individual on his own, or an individual company, to try to sort it all out without that access through AGEM.”

AGEM also helps members be more aware of issues facing the industry across the world. Mark Lerner is AGEM’s treasurer and has been involved with the association from its beginning as it dealt with an issue in the Nevada legislature. He is currently the senior vice president for law and government, secretary and general counsel at Bally Technologies. Lerner says, “To be in the know these days, AGEM is the place to be.”

Lerner believes AGEM serves two important functions. First, AGEM is the place for manufacturers to share information and network. “We meet monthly and talk about matters of common interest. To the extent we’re able to, in a competitive environment, we cooperate on non-competitive matters of common interest.” That work includes projects like AGEM’s participation in trade shows. “There are certainly some economic incentives for joining AGEM, but the information sharing alone is well worth it,” Lerner says.

AGEM also gives operators the ability to work together in dealing with regulation matters in existing and emerging jurisdictions. “If individual companies go to a jurisdiction and start lobbying for this, that and the other thing, first of all it’s not good for the industry as a whole, I don’t think. Second of all it’s not good for the jurisdiction because they don’t know whom to believe.”

Lerner has seen a need for this common voice again and again as new jurisdictions open. Regulators are leery of trusting individual companies that may be self-serving in their recommendations. He adds, “Whereas when a trade group like AGEM shows up, representing all the major manufacturers and most of the minor ones, they can get perhaps a more objective view of regulators’ proposals and what manufacturers are looking for.”

Lerner says manufacturers are often an afterthought in regulation, as jurisdictions focus on operators and then think about how the rules will impact manufacturers. “Manufacturers, we deal in technology, we’re selling products. We’re a vendor like Dell computers or Microsoft. You need regulations and you need to examine the people and the companies, but the focus should be, could be a lot different than it is for casinos. And very often it isn’t, so we have to fight with that. And AGEM is a wonderful vehicle for doing that.”

Since each manufacturer deals with dozens or hundreds of jurisdictions’ regulations, Lerner says AGEM offers great insight into what works and what doesn’t. Lerner alone, for example, is licensed in 197 jurisdictions. “Manufacturers have the broadest, most comprehensive view of gaming regulation,” he says. “Why not be a resource that the regulators can then tap? That’s a function that AGEM can serve.”

AGEM spends significant amounts of time and money to get significant results for its members. Before Prater was executive director of AGEM, he was active on the board. This insight allows him to say that, “We’re tackling much more important issues than we historically have. So that’s a testament to the influence and vision that we wanted to be more than just an ‘under the radar’ organization. We want to be influential throughout the gaming industry.”

AGEM is currently active on a daily basis with the expansion of gaming in Illinois. It is working with the Back to Work Illinois Coalition to ensure gaming expansion goes smoothly. Expansion in Illinois is a 25,000-unit opportunity for manufacturers. If AGEM is successful in also getting Chicago to opt into the expansion, that could mean another 15,000 units needed, totaling 40,000 units over the next three years. Prater says that would impact manufacturers large and small, as well as companies associated with slot machine manufacturers. He says, “Shipping 40,000 units has a ripple effect that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars for a whole range of companies. So the ripple effect is significant.”

AGEM is, of course, active in Nevada politics, supporting candidates that support the industry and educating the government on the impact its regulations could have. The association spent more than $100,000 in early 2010 to ensure licensing regulations proposed in Nevada were considered with the manufacturers’ perspective in mind.

The association is also active in Mexico. AGEM recently participated in a summit meeting in Mexico City that brought the leading suppliers and operators in Mexico together. Prater says AGEM’s goal was to try to influence the evolution of the market “from sort of a rogue market to a regulated, legitimate market.”

Part of AGEM’s efforts to make an impact is the $300,000 donation the association recently concluded making to the College of Southern Nevada to start a slot technician curriculum. Prater says, “That’s significant not just in terms of the money contributed, but to start something that will carry on for years and is very important.”

Prater’s belief in AGEM comes down to its core purpose and strength. He says, “I believe in AGEM from the simple standpoint that there’s strength in numbers and there’s power behind one voice. And typically if there are significant issues affecting one supplier, then all the other suppliers are dealing with the same thing.”

“I can tell you that, in my now 10 years of being associated with this organization, working together has been very easy and everyone recognizes it’s the right thing to do,” Prater says.

If you are interested in joining AGEM or learning about how your company can take advantage of the benefits of membership, you can simply visit AGEM’s booth at G2E. You can also talk to existing AGEM member companies on the trade show floor. Learn more about AGEM members and where to find them at G2E on the following pages.

Gaming Equipment Manufacturers’ Impact on the Economy
• The gaming equipment manufacturer industry paid an average annual wage of $68,600 during 2009, which was well above the national average equivalent of $40,400 for the private sector (U.S. Department of Labor annualized estimates).
• During 2009, direct revenue sourced to the gaming equipment manufacturer industry totaled $12.1 billion, a 4.7 percent decrease compared to 2008 figures.
• Direct employment rose slightly (+1.4 percent) to 30,000 with salaries and wages totaling $2.1 billion.
• Almost four out of five gaming equipment manufacturers (79.3 percent) sponsor health care plans that cover more than three-quarters of employees.
• More than half (55.2 percent) have employer-sponsored retirement plans that cover more than three-quarters of employees.

*Research and analysis conducted by Nevada-based Applied Analysis on behalf of the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) in 2009.

AGEM Membership Roster
Austrian Gaming Industries
Intralot S.A.
Konami Gaming

Action Gaming
Casino Technology
JCM Global
Multimedia Games
Shuffle Master
Suzo-Happ Group

AC Coin & Slot
Acres 4.0
Astro Corp.
Bingotimes Technology
Borden Technology
Cadillac Jack
Cammegh Limited
CashCode/Crane Payment Solutions
Diamond Game
Digital Display Group
Entropy Precision System
Euro Games Technology
GameTech International
Gaming Partners International
Gaming Support
Incredible Technologies
Interblock USA
Jumbo Technology
Lightning Gaming
Matsui Gaming Machine Co.
MCA Processing
Modern Gaming
Rocket Gaming Systems
Winning Asia Technology

3M Touch System
AxesNetwork Solutions
Bullivant Houser Bailey
Casino Enterprise Management
CMYK Creative
Codespace Gaming
Cole Kepro International
Cybertec Gaming Systems
Diamond Casino Products
DynaGraphic Printing
Elite Casino Products
Esterline Advanced Input Systems
Gaming Capital Group
Gary Platt Manufacturing
Global Cash Access
Global Gaming Group
Grand Products
Heber Ltd.
Howard & Howard
James Industries
Kreller Group
Lewis & Roca
Lincoln Industries
Masterpiece Advertising
Money Controls
Outpost Creative
Phelps Dunbar
Proforma GPS
Quixant Ltd.
Regulatory Management Counselors
Rye Park Gaming
SCA Gaming
StylGame USA
Talent Associates
The Bright Group
Tournament One
Trade Show Fabrications
TransAct Technologies
Wrex Products

Sarah Klaphake Cords is the New Media Editor for Casino Enterprise Management. She can be reached at [email protected].


Aristocrat Technologies
AGEM Representative: Seamus McGill
Key Executives: Nick Khin, President
Seamus McGill, COO
Global Reach: Worldwide
G2E Booth Number: 1210
G2E Theme/Key Messages: “Are You Ready …”

G2E Overview
“Are you ready…” That is the statement that Aristocrat is making to the gaming industry at G2E 2010. Aristocrat is ready, and in their high-tech and industrial two-story booth, an innovative company in gaming will show proof that they are on the way with award-winning cabinets, new math models, incredible new features for Oasis 360™, new game categories and more than 230 games.

“Last year we told you we were building for the future,” Aristocrat President Nick Khin said. “We have worked very hard over the past 12 months building momentum as we continue our journey. I can safely say that we have the most impressive product line up at this year’s show that we have ever had in the nine years I have been with Aristocrat.”

Aristocrat is showcasing three innovative new cabinets, including the revolutionary VERVE hd™, the large-screen sensation VIRIDIAN™ WS and the slim and ergonomic Vii™ Slant. The company is also unveiling new games with new math models that have been tested to show players will respond well to them.

More operators in North America use and trust Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 system than any other. This year at G2E, the next generation Oasis 360 sentinel unit, nCompass™, which offers full service window capabilities, and the new business intelligence module nVision™ will be on display.
Aristocrat will show more than 230 games, including:

– Cashman Fever™, a feature-rich, highly entertaining gaming experience with four red-hot, high-frequency Cashman Fever bonus features and an exclusive Cashman Fever Progressive Link feature that offers up to 20 Jackpot pools.

– Crazy Taxi – Fare 4 All™, Aristocrat’s second community style gaming product, where players participate collaboratively in three community features.

– Jungle Rumble™ has a new portrait-style reel layout designed with coinciding features to provide player enjoyment. Jungle Rumble has six exciting game features.

– MEGA PAY™ – More Hearts™ and More Chilli™. With MEGA PAY, when the multigames play during the free games feature, players get a MEGA PAY. In this unique game series, one game can become four games.

– Reel Tall Tales is Aristocrat’s first triple stand-alone progressive in the VIRDIAN WS cabinet. Incredibly animated, it includes interactive video with two base games and three Bigfoot Bonus™ features that tower over both games.

– Stuntman Sam™ , the latest hero from Aristocrat, attempts several heart-stopping, death-defying feats to give the player a big win. Stuntman Sam is displayed on Aristocrat’s new Feature Top box series cabinet.

Aruze Gaming America Inc.
AGEM Representative: Jamal Azzam, VP, Business Development
Key Executives: Kazuo Okada, President
Michiaki Tanaka, General Manager International Sales
Kent Young, Executive Vice President, General Manager
Sean Evans, COO Americas
Sam Basile, Executive Vice President, Global Compliance & General Counsel
Steve Walther, Vice President, Marketing
Terri Brady, Vice President Sales, USA & Canada
Scott Olive, President, True Blue Gaming Group
Ian Thompson, General Manager, Aruze Gaming, Australia
Dries de la Rey, General Manager, Aruze Gaming, Africa
Global Reach: International with business units in Europe, Africa, Australia, Japan, Macau, and Central and South America.
G2E Booth Number: 1756
G2E Theme/Key Messages: A “Parade” of highly engaging and entertaining games that are sure to delight players across the globe. We focus on providing a fusion of classic game elements with innovative entertainment concepts to provide the best gaming entertaining experience available.

G2E Overview
Aruze Gaming will be launching a new range of slot products within its G-DELUXE® and G-LINK® categories, and an expanded range of multi-terminal products called G-STATIONS®. Within the G-DELUXE Bonus Feature Games category, Aruze will show six new games with highly interactive top boxes and exciting multimedia graphic and sounds. These games include Chinese Queen™, a bonus filled game based of the Chinese story of Yung Gui Fei, a consort to the Emperor in the romantic era China; Cranky Condor™, an entertaining scatter bonus game with a condor character that is sure to delight customers with his wit; and Oiran™, another bonus filled game with stunning visuals based off the original top-level Geishas of Edo Japan.

New G-LINK series slots will feature the exciting and innovative networked game, Paradise Fishing™. Paradise Fishing includes three 60-inch LCD monitors above six base games to share in the action. Beyond the multiple bonus options within this community style game, players have the opportunity to enjoy Aruze’s Reel Feel™ technology when they hold a simulated fishing rod to participate in the events.

In addition to Paradise Fishing, Aruze will also show its expanded library of G-LINK base games on its Jackpot Battle Royal™ and Link Craps™ games. New G-SERIES® games will include 100 Saber Toothed Tiger™ and Howling Moon™, where both offer exciting bonus features, high energy graphics and a High Power™ Button to increase the excitement on the game. With an increased High Power wager, players get the opportunity to win more in the bonus events. G-SERIES games will be displayed in both the standard G-ENEX® and ergonomically designed G-COMFORT® cabinets. There are also a few new surprises in the G-SERIES line of products that will be on display at G2E.

Aruze will further display G-STATIONS, consisting of a wide range of multi-terminal products including its new Big Wheel™ G-STATION. This innovative new multi-terminal game allows players to capture the excitement of the Big Wheel in the casino on an electronic gaming machine.

Aruze Gaming is dedicated to developing entertainment-intensive games that appeal to a broad range of players in various categories, including hybrid steppers, high-volatility video slots, entertaining bonus games and multi-station games. The company emphasizes a broad experience for entertainment and enjoyment, and attendees will see that while visiting Aruze’s booth.

This year will be quite festive in the celebration of Aruze’s G-DELUXE Multiple Bonus games as well as the additional diversity of the product line. Attendees will see many unique, engaging and colorful products designed to grab not only their eye, but their players’ eyes as well. In 2009, Aruze presented its largest and most diverse product portfolio ever on display at G2E, and this year, the company is displaying nearly 50 percent more product than last. It is sure to impress attendees and further solidify its commitment to this industry as a rising competitor.

Aruze will hold their Jackpot Battle Royal tournament all day for all three days of the show. Contestants are able to win some great prizes. They will also have pens and tote bags.

AGEM Representative: Claudia Baskerville
Key Executives: Victor Duarte, Sr. Vice President of Gaming Solutions
& President and CEO
Robin Drummond, V.P., Sales
Don Doucet, V.P., Business Strategy, Products and Marketing
Rachel Barber, V.P., Technology
Ken Bossingham, COO, ATRONIC Americas
G2E Booth Number: 1783
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Experience. Performance. Innovation.

G2E Overview
At this year’s G2E, ATRONIC and SPIELO will be proudly unveiling DEAL OR NO DEALTM Join‘N Play®, a multimedia-rich and innovative community game that heavily features Howie Mandel. The package contains both player and operator-friendly features like stress-free bonus eligibility, player choice and strategy, qualification volatility, a side jackpot for max betters, clear incentive and reward for betting up, and a guaranteed scheduled community bonus.

Join‘N Play is powered by the G2S-based GAMEBOSSTM controller and features a brand new cabinet, the VU SLANTTM. The base game has 243 ways to win and is fully themed to DEAL OR NO DEAL. There are three additional mystery bonuses and a unique approach to community bonus eligibility. All this anticipation and excitement leads to an exciting group play bonus of camaraderie and light-hearted competition broadcast on five giant 46-inch LCDs.

They will also debut the first batch of new game families. These are value-added core games, each with a distinct branded theme presented with multiple math models and multiple graphic skins. The first, CashPot™, is a family that features a wild-substituting and classic-looking character, the CashPot. He substitutes and multiplies by 3X, 5X or 10X on top of no-nonsense volatile core games. Another family, Bigger Bet Bonus™, combines free game innovation with a smart simple concept: Why not let players have the choice to bet on their free games? Not only does this concept offer second-guessing and more excitement; it also provides operators with coin-in during a normally idle time.

TOURNAMASTER® has been a tried-and-true product, providing a market edge and driving many sales. This year at G2E, TOURNAMASTER is getting a graphic and feature face-lift, modernized with variable machine selection, more rounds of play, better data control and display improvements, and powered with the companies’ own GAMEBOSS controller. The INTELLIGEN™ video central system will also be on display, featuring a number of new value-added features for government-sponsored customers.

The game library for PRODIGI VUTM is continually growing, offering new and exciting core titles while the unveiling of Join‘N Play featuring a brand new cabinet underscores their key message: Experience. Performance. Innovation.

In addition to a North American casino section, the booth will feature an international casino section showcasing exciting products and services relevant to international customers, along with a government-sponsored section. ATRONIC and SPIELO will kick off the show with star power as Howie Mandel, the official face of DEAL OR NO DEAL Join‘N Play, will make an appearance to mingle with customers and pose for photos. Also on hand will be four of the original DEAL OR NO DEAL models, who will surely attract a crowd.

ATRONIC and SPIELO will once again be providing customers with re-usable memory sticks along with Join‘N Play themed hand sanitizers. And as in years past, they are the exclusive G2E show bag sponsors.

© Endemol International BV, Deal or no Deal is a registered trademark of Endemol International BV – Used with Permission – All Rights Reserved.

All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of SPIELO and/or ATRONIC in the U.S and/or other countries.

Bally Technologies Inc.
AGEM Representatives: Mark Lerner, General Counsel
Dan Savage, Vice President of Marketing
Jeri Wiedemer, Director of Marketing Events
Key Executives: Richard Haddrill, Chief Executive Officer
Gavin Isaacs, Chief Operating Officer
Ramesh Srinivasan, Executive Vice President – Bally Systems
Global Reach: Worldwide
G2E Booth Number: 1230
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Your Partner in Innovation

G2E Overview
At G2E, Bally will feature its new Pro Series™ cabinets using the power of the new ALPHA 2™ platform. This powerful platform is optimized for dual screen, multigame; uses HD video technology for 3-D graphics, animations, and up to a four-monitor play experience; supports both existing and new game libraries; and is network and server-based ready.

Bally will also be showing the following games:

Betty Boop’s Love Meter™
Bally brings back the sexy animated cartoon character from the mid-1930s in Betty Boop’s Love Meter, featured on the Pro Series Upright cabinet with a towering Love Meter top-box where players can win credits, free games and other bonus game features. There’s even a special Love Meter feature called How Hot Are You?, in which players put their hands on the iDeck™ to get their “love temperature” taken.

Cash Wizard™
The first Pro Series game with a spinning wheel, Cash Wizard utilizes the power of Bally’s ALPHA 2 platform to its full extent. This bonus-laden game captivates and delights players with three base-game bonuses and two Wizard Bonus Bet mystery bonuses. A whimsical wizard and his pet dragon cavort across the screen, activating these three mystery wheel, bonus-bet progressives that occur every 13 plays.

U-Spin™ Games
Bally leads the industry in interactive gaming with its U-Spin gesture-control technology, first introduced in Cash Spin. With U-Spin, the player gets to touch the screen and spin the bonus wheel left or right as if it were an actual physical wheel.

Bally introduces Hot Pick™, the follow-on title to Cash Spin. In Hot Pick, players get to choose their own volatility by picking one of six reel symbols that determine how often they will get the U-Spin Wheel Bonus and how much they can win.

Other U-Spin games featured include Vegas Hits™ and Vegas Hits Road Trip™. Bringing an entertaining, retro Vegas experience to the casino floor, these games whisk the player to a nostalgic time where the thrill of 16 bonus possibilities on double, vibrant wheels is a thrilling reality.
Also capitalizing on the U-Spin interaction is Golden Pharaoh™, Bally’s first game title on the unique and high-profile ALPHA 2 Pro Series Upright Hammerhead™ game cabinet.

Floor-wide Promotions with iVIEW Display Manager™ (DM) and Elite Bonusing Suite™
Bally will showcase how iVIEW DM, a player-user interface, enables casinos to present marketing messages, service offerings like beverage ordering, and a number of dynamic bonusing applications anywhere on the main game screen or the top game display.

But the true power of iVIEW DM lies in the synergy with Elite Bonusing Suite and the ability to deliver compelling, floor-wide player bonusing applications right on the main game screen without any interruption to game play. Imagine a bonus wheel on any machine on the slot floor, or a floor-wide horse race taking place on all slot machines.

Bally’s Command Center™ server-based download-and-configuration solution manages the content download of the Elite Bonusing Suite to iVIEW DM, as well as the download of games and firmware updates.

AGEM Representative: Neil Friedman, Associate General Counsel
Key Executives: Patti Hart, President and CEO
Philip Satre, Chairman
Eric Tom, Chief Operating Officer
Patrick Cavanaugh, Executive Vice President, CFO and Treasurer
Chris Satchell, EVP, Research and Development and CTO
Robert Melendres, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Global Reach: Sales, service and manufacturing sites around the globe including North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.
G2E Booth Number: 910
G2E Theme/Key Messages: It’s A Whole New Game

G2E Overview
At this year’s G2E, IGT will once again showcase the latest new games and systems products designed to enhance the player experience. With well-known brands, IGT’s ever-popular Mega Jackpots® family of games continue to be the most innovative and ground-breaking concepts as well as the biggest and best brands in the industry. This year, new brands included The Dark Knight™ on The Center Stage Series; the wildly entertaining The Hangover Slots™; and the classic Ghostbusters Slots™. New games with proven brands include the epic Star Wars™ Droid Hunt™; the ultra-hip Sex and the City™ Big Diamonds; Wheel of Fortune® Triple Spin™ and Wheel of Fortune® Experience 2™, both on The Center Stage Series; as well as Megabucks® Wild Sapphire with its chance at life-changing jackpots.

IGT Core games offer an unmatched library of video and spinning-reel slots. At G2E 2010, IGT will continue to showcase MLD (Multi-Layer Display), 3-D animation, special effects and more. IGT brings skill to the casino floor with the Reel Edge™ series. For the first time, spinning reel players can control and stop the reels to create wins and use a joystick to control the outcome of the bonuses in the top box. The new MLD games include the Hot Roll™ series, Puppy Stampede™, Wild Reef™ and the Reel MultiPLAY™ series featuring Ten Times Pay®, Triple Double Dazzle™ and Bells of Ireland™. And IGT’s new Player Affinity Suite™ brings strong, recognizable brands to your floor with The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey™ games: 5 Reel Circus™ and The Greatest Show on Earth™. Plus, look for Wild Bill™ video slots and Slingo® Advance.

IGT’s new video poker games are developed for the avid video poker player and new audiences alike. This has resulted in video poker concept that dominates the video poker market and will soon include the new Build A Wheel Poker. This game gives players an individualized experience and rewards players for continued play, while featuring the first ever dynamic video wheel used in video poker. This cross-over game is designed to appeal to video poker players and slot players.

IGT’s M-P Series offers flexibility and appeal to both table and video slot players. With this year’s new Triple Towers® Greyhound Racing, players enjoy simplified betting options, on-screen odds for each greyhound, and real-time race results—all with amazing graphics, including ground-breaking 3-D visuals.

As the industry leader in server-based technology, IGT continues to gain momentum with award-winning systems solutions. IGT offers new Service Window applications, providing players with exciting, customized gaming experiences and operators access to the extensive IGT game library. Applications like Taxable Accrual, new intelligent bonusing applications like Point Pursuit, and sbX® Media Manager will show operators how to further differentiate their floor from the competition.

This year, the IGT booth will have a special celebrity appearance by Ken Jeong, the hilarious comedian and actor who played the villainous Mr. Chow in the hit comedy The Hangover. Jeong, along with all his movie castmates, is featured in IGT’s highly anticipated The Hangover Slots that will be showcased at G2E.

AGEM Representative: Theodossis Engelis
Key Executives: Ken Arnold, Chairman, CyberArts
Marios Anapliotis, Technology Integration Director, INTRALOT Interactive
Global Reach: 50 countries on five continents
G2E Booth Number: 133
G2E Theme/Key Messages: INTRALOT Interactive – Leading the Game

G2E Overview
INTRALOT, a publicly listed company, is the leading supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content, sports betting management and interactive gaming services to state-licensed gaming organizations worldwide.

Its broad portfolio of products and services, its know-how of lottery, betting and video lottery operations, and its leading-edge technology give INTRALOT a competitive advantage that contributes directly to customers’ efficiency, profitability and growth. With presence in more than 50 countries, approximately 5,000 people and revenues of € 903.6 million for 2009, INTRALOT has established its presence on five continents.

Leveraging its advanced know-how in the development of cutting-edge products and capitalizing on its significant experience in gaming operations management, INTRALOT offers customized and fully integrated solutions that are highly efficient and absolutely secure. The company was established in 1992 and has been publicly listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1999.

Believing strongly in the significance of security for the company’s success, INTRALOT has become the first international lottery vendor to receive the World Lottery Association (WLA) Security Control Standard certification as well as the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification. It has also received the ISO 9001:2000 certification, the Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO 27001:2005, and the Customer Contact Association (CCA) Global Standard©.

The INTRALOT Group has excelled in developing integrated gaming systems for lottery organizations around the world, and has achieved a leading position in the industry. The company has been providing lotteries and state organizations around the world with an extended portfolio of services in technology, operations and marketing in the new emerging area of Internet gaming. Lotteries that have established brands and retail networks are now eager to enter the new era of eGaming.

INTRALOT’s subsidiary, INTRALOT Interactive, consolidates the Internet assets of INTRALOT Group (i.e. Internet, mobile, IPTV). The company focuses both on providing its pioneering technology to lotteries and state organizations around the world, and on seeking new licensing opportunities for operating in a highly regulated environment where responsible gaming has become one of the most important considerations.

INTRALOT Interactive has an extended portfolio of services in technology, operations and marketing and is leading the way in the interactive gaming market. INTRALOT Interactive delivers the latest in innovation in all segments of the gaming industry. Our belief is that gaming based on technological breakthroughs provides the best possible player experience, with Customer-in-the-Center vision driving the design of our games and player management tools.

At G2E, attendees will have the chance to be exposed to the state-of-the-art technologies of INTRALOT Interactive for lotteries and sportsbetting organizations.

Konami Gaming Inc.
AGEM Representative: Tom Jingoli
Key Executives: Satoshi Sakamoto, CEO
Steve Sutherland, COO/Executive VP
Ryoichi Kimura, Chief Administrative Officer/VP
Tom Jingoli, Chief Compliance Officer/VP
Jennifer Martinez, VP of Human Resources
Jack Schaffer, VP of Customer Service
Yuji Taniguchi, Vice President, Research & Development (Games)
Tom Soukup, Vice President, Research & Development (Systems)
Ross O’Hanley, Senior Director of Game Sales, North America and Marketing
Alan Cripe, Director of Game Sales, East
Sam Constantino, Director of Corporate Region Game Sales
Charlie Thornton, Director of Game Sales, West
Global Reach: International
G2E Booth Number: 1736
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Ridiculous Reliable Fun

G2E Overview
Konami Gaming Inc. is thrilled to launch the ‘50s style themed, 4-level stand-alone progressive, Rock Around the Clock®. This will only be available on Konami’s successful cabinets Advantage 5™ and Advantage Revolution™. At the booth there will be a bank of Advantage 5 Rock Around the Clock, including the themes Rock All Day™ and Party All Night™; and a bank of Advantage Revolution Rock Around the Clock, including the themes Rhythm N’ Riches™ and Shakes N’ Spins™.

Rock Around the Clock: Rock All Day and Party All Night have a base game including a free game and the progressive feature. In the progressive feature the player has a chance to win up to four jackpots for each progressive feature that is triggered. Each jackpot will be presented as a record on a jukebox, and the record needle will act as an arrow. If the needle stops on a Jackpot area of the record, the player is awarded the progressive jackpot associated with that record.

Rock Around the Clock: Rhythm N’ Riches and Shakes N’ Spins have a base game, a Rockin’ and Reelin’ event and a progressive bonus feature, Jukebox Jackpot Feature. This is triggered from the Rockin’ and Reelin’ feature when the reel unit turns and stops on the wheel face. On the top LCD screen, the player is prompted to select a record from a set of three. The selected record reveals a color pattern which is then displayed on the physical wheel. The player then has one spin to win on the progressive amounts, red, yellow and blue, which represent Maxi, Mega and Major respectively.

In addition to Rock Around the Clock Konami will showcase Top Track™, its new Grand Prix-themed, 4-level linked community progressive. Top Track’s community bonus event is an exciting Grand Prix race car theme where eligible players win a chance to race for the progressive. Eligible players are allotted drivers based on bet level. One progressive level is awarded to each race. The bigger the bet, the more chances players have to earn additional drivers. The race is shown on the game screen and on the overhead sign. An overhead sign is required to show attract mode, progressive meters, and to provide audio for the race.

Attendees will walk away with the knowledge that Konami Gaming has made some pretty significant strides in the gaming industry. With the strong performance of the K2V™ video platform on the Podium™ cabinet, coupled with exceptional stepper product such as the Advantage 5 5-reel stepper, Konami Gaming has managed to expand its floor percentage consistently over the last year.

The company’s booth freebies will include miniature squeeze horses with Beat the Field™ logo, miniature Grand Prix cards themed with Top Track, and lots of great Konami-branded items such as bags, lanyards and mints.

Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI)
Website: www.
AGEM Representative: David Orrick, Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH
Key Executives: Jens Halle, Managing Director
Erich Kirchberger, Managing Director
Andreas Öhner, Managing Director
Bartlomiej Czapkiewicz, Managing Director
Global Reach: International, with distribution to 62 countries
G2E Booth Number: 2258

G2E Overview
Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH (AGI) / Novomatic’s huge product presentation will encompass all areas of gaming: traditional slots and multiplayer implementations as well as online and jackpot systems from Octavian. In one huge dedicated electronic live game installation, Novomatic’s iconic Novo Multi-Roulette™, Novo TouchBet® Baccarat, Novo Flying Black Jack™, and the brand-new Novo Flying 3-Card Poker™ and Novo Flying Caribbean Poker™ will all be available in one multiplayer multi-game installation.

Booth visitors will gain exposure to top star cabinets such as the NOVOSTAR® SL2 and the Super-V+ Gaminator®, plus the latest array of Coolfire™ II multi-game mixes.

With the new Ultimate 10™A-H multi-game range, the company will be introducing a highly competitive multi-game offering on the new platform Coolfire™ I+. Guests will be thrilled by this cost-effective multi-game mix, which is the first of a whole range of upcoming mixes that transfers popular Coolfire II gaming content to the international best selling Gaminator® cabinet.

As G2E 2010 marks the end of a generation of annual gaming trade shows being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Austrian Gaming Industries / Novomatic will be making great efforts to celebrate this event and also look forward with enthusiasm to G2E’s new home at the Sands Convention Center from October 2011 onward. The company looks forward to welcoming guests to its exciting and dynamic line-up of games and systems once again.

Key Executives: Brian R. Gamache, Chairman of the Board and CEO
Orrin J. Edidin, President
Scott D. Schweinfurth, Executive Vice President, CFO and Treasurer
Larry J. Pacey, Executive Vice President, Global Products and Innovation Officer
Ken Lochiatto, Executive Vice President and COO
G2E Booth Number: 1256
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Unleash Imagination

G2E Overview
A focus of the booth this year will be on showcasing WMS’ advanced Networked Gaming capabilities, including new Portal applications such as Ultra Hit Progressive®, Winner’s Share™ Peng-Wins™ and Mega Multiplier® Super Shot™. WMS’ Portal applications add unique player experiences to the base slot game. By integrating a second game dynamic with the base game, WMS enables casino operators to extend the life of the base game by offering new entertainment experiences for players.

WMS will also be showcasing new games, such as G+® Deluxe, that are specifically designed to leverage the uniqueness of the Bluebird xD™ gaming cabinet. The Bluebird xD gaming cabinet brings new slot game entertainment to the forefront, as it creates for the first time ever an interactive experience between the gaming cabinet and advanced, networked game play features to offer a fully engaged and entirely unique experience for slot players.

New games featuring innovative foundational technologies—Community Gaming®, Adaptive Gaming®, Transmissive Reels® technology and Sensory Immersion Gaming—include The Great and Powerful Oz™, The Godfather™, Attack from Mars™/Revenge from Mars™, The Lord of the Rings™ The Two Towers™, The Price is Right® The Ultimate Show™ and Yahtzee®.

WMS will also be showcasing games enabled with Player’s Life Web Services, a form of entertainment tied to the casino gaming experience that operators can easily offer to their players online (web-based) or as a mobile application—with benefits players can enjoy when they return to the casino floor, such as the ability to unlock new in-casino entertainment.

At WMS, imagination and innovation guide the creation of every new product. This approach redefines what a game can be and turns insight into powerful gaming executions. By partnering with WMS, operators will not only entertain their players with the most engaging experiences possible, they’ll be empowered with the most creative solutions for differentiating their floors and growing their businesses. One of the key goals at this year’s G2E is to ensure WMS continues to be recognized as a key partner for operators future investment in innovative gaming technology. With highlights such as networked gaming applications and the Player’s Life Web Services, WMS is confident that its vision for the evolving casino enterprise, and the technology innovation resulting from this vision, will bring near- and long-term success for casino operators.

WMS will have some of the usual assortment of give-aways such as eco-friendly bags and hand sanitizer, but as always the focus will be on the games offered that can bring real value to casino operators and their players.


American Gaming Systems (AGS)
AGEM Representative: Vic Gallo, Vice President, Licensing and Compliance
Key Executives: Robert Miodunski, Chairman and Interim President and CEO
Paul Lofgren, Vice President, Sales and Business Development
Vic Gallo, Vice President, Licensing and Compliance
Norm LeDoux, Vice President, Operations
G2E Booth Number: 3239
G2E Theme/Key Messages: New Ownership, New Senior Management, New Player In The Game

G2E Overview
For its debut at G2E, American Gaming Systems (AGS) will focus on a wide variety of machines and games designed to match the company’s aggressive growth plans, notably in Indian country. Devil’s Hot 7s and Ms. Devil’s Hot 7s are fiery video games presented in a triple-LCD slimline cabinet. Other new or updated video games will come from a lineup that includes Lucky Larry the Leprechaun, Diamond Lotto, Spy Girls, Martini Girls, Magic Party, Drive-In Route 77, Surf & Splash, Hot Spins, Jester Party and American Celebration. Games will also be presented in double-LCD slimline cabinets, and Nuts or Money will mark AGS’ debut offering on a vertical 32-inch video display cabinet.

AGS’ booth at G2E will also have a special emphasis on product offerings for the video gaming expansions taking place in Illinois, including a striking bar-top configuration designed specifically for the locations unique to Illinois. G2E will mark the unveiling of AGS’ signature product line presented as the Illinois Jackpot Series, along with the Illinois Jackpot Players Club loyalty program.

“I’m extremely excited about our company and its potential,” said Chairman and Interim President and CEO Robert Miodunski. “We are aggressively pushing forward in all areas of our operation and I’m confident our customers nationwide will see a new American Gaming Systems delivering a higher level of service and entertaining new games.”

Casino Technology
AGEM Representative: Roy Student
Key Executives: Sonia Nikolova, Chairman of the Management Board
Ivan Tzankarski, Executive Director
Nevena Alexieva, Member of the Management Board
G2E Booth Number: 2757
G2E Theme/Key Messages: New concepts, New Features, New Stories for Your Perfect Slot Mix!

G2E Overview
The company is presenting the latest video-slot concepts, including more than 30 releases, developed in the innovative series: 3D POWERED, PRO and ABSOLUTE GAMES (multi-games). They are offered as game suites in themed groups, featuring common storylines, characters and jackpot themes—a new approach to floor layout, providing the most effective solutions for a successful slot mix.

They are complemented by attractive multi-level jackpot systems, featuring a smart math model and spectacular video streaming on original displays. Introduced are MOTORMANIA and FALCON HEROES game suites.

Attendees will obtain a fresh perspective on how the profitability of the smart math model in video slot gaming could be extended at max supported by the power of new technologies, resulting in more satisfied players staying longer on their seats. Sharing the fun could be one of the most powerful tools on the casino floor today, and Casino Technology new game lines use it in its full extent.

Attendees will also be able to check how the most successful titles of the company are performing at their first installation in California locations, as they are now certified and available for North American market and Indian casinos.

JCM Global
AGEM Representative: Tom Nieman
Key Executives: Aki Isoi, President
John Garner, CFO
Tom Nieman, VP of Marketing
Mark Henderson, VP of Sales
G2E Booth Number: 1883
G2E Theme/Key Messages: iVIZION is here, and it sees better, runs faster and thinks smarter!

G2E Overview
JCM Global leads the industry with peripherals that allow operators to quickly and safely accept wagers and pay out winnings at slot machines. These innovative components are vital to the industry’s revenue stream. Now JCM introduces two revolutionary new products: the award-winning iVIZION™ bill validator and the Sentry 2.0™ bezel—the better, faster, smarter solutions for the gaming industry.

iVIZION is the foundation of intelligent validation with CIS captures that 100 percent of the full front and back image of a banknote or ticket; 99 percent-plus acceptance rate; optical centering; a combined optical and patented mechanical anti-stringing device; RFID Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®); two processors; and sealed banknote path.

Sentry 2.0 brings player interactivity to a new level utilizing high resolution, high contrast, two color LCD that speaks to the player. The player-friendly interactive messaging communicates in up to four languages.

In addition to iVIZION and Sentry, JCM Global will also be showing an extensive line of award-winning currency transaction products.

AGEM Representative: Brian Wedderspoon
Key Executives: Mike Hayes, CEO
Tom Nugent, President Gaming & Retail
Eric Fisher, VP Gaming Americas
G2E Booth Number: 2431

G2E Overview
MEI will be introducing the new SC™ Advance at G2E, featuring benefits that will further raise the bar of performance expectations in the metrics that matter most—driving improvements in both the player experience and operator profitability. This is the next generation product of CASHFLOW® SC. Increased value created by SC Advance is highlighted by the following enhancements: an improved recognition system, faster bill-to-bill speed, expanded memory, comprehensive barcode recognition, and upgrade to USB 2.0.

Because the enhancements are localized to the acceptor head, SC Advance can work hand-in-hand with legacy CASHFLOW SC units already in the field. This capability is facilitated by intelligent support tools that will be able to sense the product version and provide the appropriate software.

SC Advance not only is compatible with previous versions, but also with product extensions that have expanded the reach of bill acceptors from the slot machine to the entire cash management process. EASITRAX Soft Count, as an example, has changed rapidly the expectations for what a bill acceptor can offer—building an installed base over 50,000 games in 18 months by improving efficiencies associated with the cash drop process.

This year, MEI produced its 1 millionth CASHFLOW SC. It leveraged the knowledge gained from producing over 1 million units and applied it to the development of SC Advance. Stop by the MEI booth to see it.

Multimedia Games
AGEM Representative: Patrick Ramsey
Key Executives: Patrick Ramsey, CEO
Mick Roemer, SVP Sales
G2E Booth Number: 1710

G2E Overview
Multimedia has a lot of exciting product lines that we will be unveiling at G2E this year. First is our proprietary slot tournament system called TournEvent™, which wowed the slot directors last year. To stay ahead of the competition, we’ve added several new features that will take the tournament experience to another level. The player now becomes more involved within the tournament game.

We’ve added more excitement to our 3-reel mechanicals games with two fun looking games, King Richer and Wild Wheel. Both will grab players’ attention with their unique top-boxes. We are showing an interesting game feature on our 5-reel mechanical game, Koi Pond, which we are branding as Power Stacks.

Maximum Lockdown is a new product line that becomes the bridge between a 3-reel and a 5-reel mechanical game. This hybrid product has three standard reels with two outside reels that act as bonus reels.

Side Action Games give players more for their money with two separate games being played on one spin.

This year will be showing more multi-level progressive games than ever before. We will have stand-alone and linked progressive games for our lottery, Class II and Class III markets.

We are introducing our first slant-top cabinet, and it will be shown with the stand-alone version of our popular Slot Car Speedway games. At the show, eight slant-tops will surround a luxury car, which hopefully spark slot directors to spice up their car give-a-ways with car themed slot machines.

We will hold hourly tournaments on our updated TournEvent tournament system, with iPods as the prize each hour. Our Austin, Texas-themed bar will serve homegrown Texas beers, Lone Star and Shiner Bock the last two hours of each show day.

Shuffle Master
AGEM Representative: Jim Jackson, Senior VP of Business Development
Key Executives: Phillip C. Peckman, Interim CEO
David Lopez, COO, EVP
Lin Fox, CFO, EVP
Roger Snow, EVP
G2E Booth Number: 2236
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Changing the Game

G2E Overview
First, we will highlight our latest i-Table innovation: i-Table Roulette. By combining automated betting made possible through individual touch screen player positions incorporated into a standard-size roulette table, i-Table Roulette makes it possible for casinos to dramatically increase the number of spins per hour. Additionally, because all wagering and bet resolution is entirely electronic, i-Table Roulette ensures that all pays and takes are 100 percent accurate.

We will also introduce a new model of our popular MD2 batch shuffler, the MD2-CR. Featuring a new touch screen user interface that is easier to use, the MD2-CR includes card recognition as a standard feature and delivers a faster shuffler time than prior models.

As for our proprietary table game line-up, this year we will highlight five relatively unknown titles that are poker-based and feature head-to-head play against the dealer as well as an optional bonus bet. These games will be:
– No Flop Pineapple Hold’em, Fortune San Lo Poker. This game utilizes Shuffle Master’s i-Verify device.
– High Five Poker, Dealer Bluff, Rabbit Hunter

Finally, we will feature several of our electronic gaming machine (video slot) titles designed specifically for certain markets including Latin America. Included in our EGM line-up will be several stand-alone progressive titles including iChing, Lakota and Gold Country.

We will be doing a promotion on our Dealer Bluff table where players who receive particular hands off of the paytable will receive a Dealer Bluff logo hat.

Suzo-Happ Group
Key Executives: Jim Norton, CEO
Jim Brendel, President, North America
Tom Happ, Executive Vice President
G2E Booth Number: 2431

Company Overview
Suzo-Happ Group is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of amusement and gaming parts and accessories. Suzo-Happ Group concentrates on a high-level of commitment to quality focused product development, world-class customer care and unrivaled distribution capabilities and reach.

Suzo-Happ Group has the ability to broaden its product lines, streamline its global distribution capabilities and create value-added solutions for its large customer base. On top of selling well-known brand names, Suzo-Happ Group develops its own products that are developed for the industry and manufactured under its own control. These include quality components, complex electronics, software and complete finish products.

With its extensive resources, Suzo-Happ Group provides superior service and quality products to customers worldwide.

Visit Suzo-Happ Group at booth 2431 during G2E 2010 in Las Vegas this year, and experience first-hand, five new highly anticipated and innovative products during its launch.

AGEM Representative: Roger Hawkins, Tracy Cohen
Key Executives: David Heap, Group Chief Executive
Roger Hawkins, CEO, Americas
Tristan Sjoberg, Managing Director Asia
Simon Witty, Managing Director Australia
John Whiskin, Managing Director Africa
Show Theme/Key Messages: Access All Areas VIP Event

G2E Overview
TCSJOHNHUXLEY will once again be holding the exclusive ACCESS ALL AREAS event at the Ghostbar in the Palms Hotel on Nov. 16 and 17. Some of the latest industry innovations being showcased include:

TouchTable MultiPLAYTM: 2010 has seen some powerful enhancements to the award-winning platform that is able to identify individual players and specific bets with its patent-pending Touch ID technology. TouchTable MultiPLAY now boasts fully automatic and cashless configurations in addition to live roulette, Sic Bo or craps.

Gaming Floor Live: A unique revenue optimization system for table games. It harvests data from the roulette wheel and the Chipper Champ 2 and allows operators to determine the optimum game speed, number of players, number of tables open and price of play.

Double Action™ Roulette: Based on TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s world-famous Mark VII Roulette Wheel, it offers a unique variation to the traditional game of roulette, delivering two winning numbers from a single spin.

This year, it’s all-out VIP! Our designs have taken on a Vegas ‘bling’ theme and customers will be pampered with exclusive treats—TCSJOHNHUXLEY signature cocktails, European candy store, memorabilia photos, massages and much more!

We will be extending our event hours until 8 p.m. on both Tuesday and Wednesday to allow customers to join us after show hours. TCSJOHNHUXLEY will also have a presence at G2E on our product partner’s booth, Novomatic.
AGEM Representative: Mike Fields
Key Executives: Ernie Moody, CEO
Mike Fields, EVP
Greg Brown, CMO
G2E Booth Number: 1147
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Use web traffic to drive casino traffic, player loyalty and market share

G2E Overview
This year we will be showcasing further enhancements to our ability to put free-for-play actual casino games on casino websites to encourage casino visits and loyalty to their websites. These tools enable casinos to better promote offers, brick and mortar gaming and collect meaningful data from players.

Our booth attendees will walk away knowing how using game content is a vital tool in creating player loyalty, incremental casino visits and gathering more meaningful marketing data.

We are the only company providing actual casino games for use in a free play environment to introduce, launch and create demand for new games.

We have two dozen casinos taking advantage of our video poker game content to drive player loyalty and revenues. The web is a tremendous tool with which to increase market share and income, and if you aren’t exploring how to do more than sell hotel rooms, you’re going to be left behind.

Good humor, positive attitude and the majority of services we provide are “marketing expenses” for us, therefore “free” to our casino clients.

Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp.
AGEM Representative: Wally Sa’d
Key Executives: Tony Spier, Chairman & CEO
James Brace, Executive VP & CFO
Wally Sa’d, Senior Vice President of Global Sales
David Silk, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Engineering
G2E Booth Number: 3125
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Customer Focused

G2E Overview
As communicated at the show last year, Wells-Gardner is actively working to develop a product portfolio based on 3-D display technology. In the process of maturing 3-D display technology, Wells-Gardner has been keenly focused on addressing the total cost of ownership as a means to optimally balance features and performance. At the show this year, Wells-Gardner will demonstrate a commercially viable 3-D display solution for use in the digital signage market. The American Gaming & Electronics subsidiary of Wells-Gardner will be highlighting new LED-based lighting replacement kits as part of a new green initiative as well as the latest offerings in LCD replacement kits, touch panel solutions, toppers and gaming parts.

For today’s customers, value can mean any number of things, from convenience of purchase to after-sale serviceability and dependability. At the show, it will be clear that Wells-Gardner has renewed the commitment to relentlessly push to sustain customer intimacy as a core value discipline. All operations have been aligned in the continual pursuit to excel in customer attention and customer service.

In addition to the new technologies on display this year, Wells-Gardner and American Gaming & Electronics will showcase their successful lineup of open frame displays and replacement kits.

To communicate the renewed focus on growth through customer intimacy, there will be more senior leadership on hand to interact with attendees.

WG will provide booth visitors with the ever-popular wall calendar and purple pens.


AC Coin & Slot
AGEM Representative: Aimee Schultz, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
G2E Booth Number: 1776

G2E Overview
We Make Bonus Games That Earn—Attendees will see the next extension of AC Coin & Slot’s proven game line, with new configuration and merchandising options. Display games will include new releases featuring the company’s revenue-earning Quick Hit Math Model and Double Play Community Series platform. AC Coin & Slot now sells proprietary games, allowing customers to capitalize on their investment right away. There will also be a VIP Customer Lounge complete with inviting seating and refreshments.

Acres 4.0

Company Overview
Acres 4.0 has invented a new generation of server-based gaming—called A4™—that revolutionizes your casino floor. A4 combines player tracking, accounting, customer management, and Class III and Class II games, all within a single server.

A4 offers mobile Class III and Class II gaming through standard consumer electronic devices such as Apple’s iPad™ or Google’s Android. A4 also supports traditional loyalty awards (points, free play, jackpots and bonuses) on your traditional gaming machines. More importantly, A4 allows you to personalize the actual gaming experience according to the individual player’s personality and play history.

Cost of installation and ownership are considerably lower than traditional systems.

AGEM Representative: John Glaser
G2E Booth Number: 1282

G2E Overview
The all new widescreen A560™ is sure to provide your players with the ultimate gaming experience! It features a dual widescreen LCD platform, powerful Quadtronic™ processor and is downloadable ready with a range of exciting new options: dual widescreen, single screen with 19-inch LCD and the triple screen Super A560.

Ainsworth will showcase all-new link progressives; Rio Grande Rapids™, Jackpot Zone™, Rapid Strike™, Lights, Camera, Action™ and launch even more outstanding Double Shot®, Players Paradise® and Play 100Lines™/Play 50Lines™ games.

Astro Corp.
AGEM Representative: Simon Herbert
G2E Booth Number: 221

Company Overview
Astro Corp. is a company that has strong focus on casino machine and game development, marketing, maintenance and base of operation. With a strong and unshakable place in the world of games, Astro Corp. has been successfully publicly traded on the TAISDAQ since 2004. And it also holds the distinction as the first arcade and gaming game company whose shares are listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange among the relative industry.

Bingotimes Digital Technology

Company Overview
Bingotimes is well known for fairness, justice and transparency. The product line is diverse, including R (robotic), B (ball), T (table) and S (simple) series. The GSB system includes eight games and the S series has seven games. The newest product, R200 Automatic Robotic Arm-Dual Core, can operate two baccarat games at once. Bingotimes has nearly 20 years of experience in the Taiwan market. Its back-end software programming team, professional technicians, manufacturer department and customer service staff are proud to provide outstanding service.

Borden Technology
G2E Booth Number: 547

Company Overview
As a famous AWP game board designer and manufacturer in Taiwan, Borden Technology has been dedicated to developing stable hardware platform and innovative games with pure winning chance (RNG) for over 18 years. Based on the important track record of past successful selling experience, Borden’s professional R&D team has done an impressive job of meeting market demands and creating fun and profit. The company is proud of all its market-proven video slot games.

After taking a significant share at the local market successfully, Borden will expand its bounds of games all around the world by looking for a potential distributor from every country.

Cadillac Jack
AGEM Representative: Gina Lanphear, Director of Marketing
G2E Booth Number: 2457

G2E Overview
Cadillac Jack showcases an expansive portfolio at G2E that highlights feature-rich game content, new game engines, a new 100 Line game series and a new WAP/LAP multi-level progressive. The OdysseyTM attracts with graphics that integrate between dual screens on the Genesis cabinet. Cadillac CashTM features a new theme, Struck By LuckTM. Mega StrikeTM features four local area progressives and one top award WAP are integrated into a multi-level bonus game that features interactive picks, multipliers and free spins.

Cammegh Limited
G2E Booth Number: 2257

Company Overview
Cammegh believes the production of roulette wheels relies not only upon the finest engineering, but also a holistic approach based on the sensitivity of individual customer needs and the overall picture of the casino marketplace.

To achieve this, Cammegh invests in continual research and development, coupled with an awareness of the practical demands for the smooth running of casinos today. That’s why the company provides products of the highest quality and places great emphasis on genuine customer support. With this philosophy, Cammegh has acquired the enviable reputation of producing the world’s most accurate and reliable manual and automatic roulette wheels, with valued customers the world over.

A Division of Crane Payment Solutions
AGEM Representative: Sim Bielak
G2E Booth Number: 2230

G2E Overview
Crane Payment Solutions will be introducing a new standard for the gaming industry: the CashCode 800 Note Cashbox, with 33 percent more room and a nearly-full function. Crane wants its customers to know, “You asked. We listened.” With their input, the company has developed several value-added features as part of their offerings. Crane will have a North American side and an international side to its booth.

Diamond Game
AGEM Representative: Bill Breslo, VP
G2E Booth Number: 3139

Company Overview
Diamond Game was founded in 1994 on the spirit of innovation. Today, that spirit endures as the company continues to innovate in the design of its games and gaming systems for Class III, Class II bingo, Class II pull-tab and other specialized markets. Diamond Game’s product development process ensures that it is responsive to the needs of the operator and player, while innovating in all key areas. Most importantly, the company strives for individualized customer attention and support, to offer a level of service unavailable from bigger companies. Visit the company’s website to learn more about Diamond Game, “where innovation plays.”

Digital Display Group
Key Executives: Lance Hutchinson, Vice President, Digital Display Group
Mike Cannon, Director of Operations, Digital Display Group
G2E Booth Number: 2146

G2E Overview
Digital Display Group will be demonstrating the latest version of CastNET digital signage for gaming. The interactive touchscreen wayfinding solutions will also be showcased as part of CastNET’s complete, enterprise-level approach to casino digital signage. Attendees will learn how digital signage can be integrated into a variety of gaming systems and applications on their casino property. Attendees will see examples of gaming content and learn the importance of how it can be used as part of an overall ROI strategy, as well as the benefits of working with an experienced audio visual integrator.

Euro Games Technology
AGEM Representative: Ivelina Mihaleva
G2E Booth Number: 1185

G2E Overview
The highlight at G2E 2010 will be the elegant, sophisticated and widescreen Vega Vision®+ series upright and slant-top cabinets, together with the well-suited multi-game solutions Vega Vision+ Multi-1 and Multi-2 as well as the premiere of the latest video slots like 50 Horses®, Blue Heart®, Great Adventure® and Wild Savanna®, all featuring multi-denomination, multi-language options, great choice of high/low line games (5 to 100 lines selectable), based on the technologically advanced gaming platform EXCITER®, a guarantee for high system stability, high game interactivity, exclusive graphics quality and perfect stereo sound.

GameTech International
AGEM Representative: Timothy Minard
G2E Booth Number: 2691

G2E Overview
New this year, GameTech will present the B3 – Big Bad Bingo™ 24-speed bingo game suite on the wireless hand-held Explorer™. Also, the EDGE™ Bingo System is a comprehensive bingo hall management system complete with new features including Virtual Flash Board interface, Vivid View Fixed Base player station, the new wireless hand held Explorer player unit, and the introduction of the new Lucky Break Bingo. Attendees will learn about GameTech’s newest, innovative electronic bingo products, available in operators’ halls within a very short time. GameTech will unveil its new branded session bingo game designed to capture a new bingo audience and generate excitement and buzz in traditional bingo markets.

Gaming Partners International
G2E Booth Number: 2731

G2E Overview
Gaming Partners International (GPI) will be showcasing the latest advancements in security technology for its table game products. GPI will also be presenting the latest developments in RFID applications. To augment its existing line of RFID products, GPI recently acquired the ability to develop, manufacture and distribute additional high-frequency RFID products and systems worldwide. GPI’s new Chip Inventory System (CIS) utilizes RFID technology to track the location and status of all RFID chips throughout the casino from the cage to the gaming floor. Along with its popular core products, such as gaming tables, casino currency, precision dice, playing cards, table layouts and accessories, GPI will also display the latest in RFIDPoker, Progressive Poker, eReady™ Tables, roulette and baccarat reader displays and themed casino products.

Gaming Support
AGEM Representative: Don Baugh
G2E Booth Number: 2146

G2E Overview
Gaming Support, a supplier to a large range of properties and all of Holland Casino’s venues, will be demonstrating new features and upgrades to several product lines. JackpotJunction has been upgraded with the Multi Protocol Converter interface for Ethernet floors, CMS Gateway software and a Wayfinder application. BaseSys Navigator supports mystery jackpots as well as standard single and multi-level progressives. Gaming Support will be showing SlotTimer as a solution to reduce the power consumption of slot machines when not in use, saving operators money.

Incredible Technologies
AGEM Representative: Richard Ditton, Executive VP
G2E Booth Number: 2941

G2E Overview
At this year’s G2E, IT will unveil 15 new game titles and a complete new line of three Breeze® gaming cabinets. In addition, the company will be showcasing the Magic Touch catalog, which now includes deep collections in the Innovation, Traditional, Keno, Poker and Illinois VGT categories. The company will debut a revolutionary Hold’ ‘Em-based concept in their Innovation category—the company’s first title to include an element of skill-based gaming. Adding to the Keno collection, new Quad Keno and Winfinity Keno games will be showcased for the very first time. With a year’s worth of earnings data from aggressive testing in various jurisdictions, IT is positioning sales efforts around its well-rounded new catalog.

Interblock USA
Key Executives: Thomas Zvipelj, President, Thomas O’Brien, VP of Sales
Timothy Richards, VP of Product Management
G2E Booth Number: 811
G2E Theme/Key Messages: “Imagine What’s Next—Luxury Gaming Products by Interblock”

G2E Overview
At G2E, Interblock will unveil its latest generation of Organic products. Organic is the most advanced multi-player platform on the market, offering unparalleled flexibility with multi-language support, multi-game capability and player selectable denominations. The platform also offers easily customizable cabinets along with large touch-sensitive displays. For the first time at G2E, Interblock will introduce Craps Organic Dice game with real dice; Organic Live, a version of the roulette using a live wheel; the Organic Virtual platform demonstrating roulette; and a customizable, multi-game environment Organic Island.

Jumbo Technology Co. Ltd.
AGEM Representative: Jasbir Hsu,
Simon Lai
Simon Liu
Phoebe Hung
Paul Wu

Company Overview
Jumbo Technology is based in Taiwan, and is a gaming machine supplier supported many casinos and club operators in Asian countries such as Macau, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Taiwan. The company’s product lines include Sic Bo, roulette, baccarat, slots and bingo, which have been installed in the above-mentioned regions for a long time. The company is delighted to be a part of AGEM and ready to work with well-known gaming manufacturers and operators.

KGM Gaming
AGEM Representative: Jason Cohen
G2E Booth Number: 1282

Company Overview
KGM Gaming is the Northeast distributor for Ainsworth Game Technologies. KGM distributes a myriad of gaming equipment to different gaming jurisdictions. The company manufactures and supplies its own line of casino seating slot bases as well as casino and exterior signage.

King Cabinet Solutions LLC
AGEM Representative: Wayne Shiah
G2E Booth Number: 2283

G2E Overview
King Cabinets Solutions LLC is proud to present its newest upright cabinet line called the UniVersa; this cabinet is the company’s best looking and most cost-effective cabinet yet. Inside the cabinet is a logic box that enables users to have a “plug-in-play” function, reducing cabinet integration time and downtime during repairs. Attendees will learn how King Cabinets Solutions is a premier cabinet designer/fabricator that has done its homework to bring customers what they want and adapt to their needs.

Lightning Gaming
G2E Booth Number: 1273

Company Overview
Founded in 2004, Lightning Gaming designs, develops and markets gaming equipment to the casino industry under the division of Lightning Poker and Lightning Slots. Lightning Gaming Inc. is a holding company for Lightning Poker and Lightning Slots. The company holds several licenses throughout the gaming industry.

Lightning Gaming strives to be a leading software game developer for casinos and entertainment venues. The company plans, designs and creates innovative games using state of the art technology. It ensures that its games are fun and exciting for players and profitable for casinos. Lightning Gaming endeavors to provide outstanding customer satisfaction by delivering and servicing its products through a first-class distribution and customer
service network.

Matsui America Inc.
G2E Booth Number: 2651

G2E Overview
This year Matsui will be introducing its RFID System, Double Chip Tray, Baccarat Display Board and LCD Table Limit Sign, but its main product will be high-quality gaming chips. The Matsui team strives to make each year special, especially when it comes down to the booth. This year, to make it easier for all customers to view one of our latest products—the RFID System—there will be a TV monitor rather than a table as a display.

The company announces a new sales manager in the Las Vegas office, Katsuhiro Mizutani, who moved from Japan in January 2010. He will be a great addition to the Matsui team.

MCA Processing, LLC
G2E Booth Number: 2871

Company Overview
Founded in 2000, MCA Processing was created with the goal of providing reliable, secure and cutting-edge technology solutions for the gaming industry. MCA provides banking industry standard hardware and software to its gaming customers so that they may rest easy knowing their “mission critical” systems are reliable and secure. MCA provides gaming customers with cash access services, ATM, multi-function redemption kiosks, cage cash, credit card, cash advance and check cashing services.

Modern Gaming Inc.
AGEM Representative: Lynne Cochran

Company Overview
Incorporated in 1992, Modern Gaming, a licensed gaming manufacturer and distributor in multiple jurisdictions, provides new and refurbished gaming devices in addition to sales and service support of bill acceptors, printers, monitors, ticket redemption kiosks, barcode reconciliation, casino seating, furnishings, electronic parts, table games and accessories.

Rocket Gaming Systems

Show Overview
Rocket Gaming Systems has put together new products that it will unveil at show time. First up is Rocket’s new Blazing Wheels™ line of 5-reel, 20-line video titles. Players will love the wheel in the top-box as it spins in a blaze of fire to unveil bonus credits. These hot commodities will be available in three new titles. Rocket’s successful Gold Series® now includes three new 3-reel, 1-line mechanical steppers. Players will experience the same top-mounted bonus wheel they’ve come to love in the Gold Series video games and compete for a top progressive prize of over $1 million. Don’t forget about Rocket’s new 5-reel Winner’s Edge® stepper titles, all equipped with top-box video and exhilarating bonus rounds.


Company Overview
THT d.o.o. is a recently formed Slovenian company. At present, the company’s leading product is an electronic poker table, which comes in variations for 10, five or two players. THT’s primary efforts have been to focus on its core market of Italy, where all of its products have been well received. After a successful first year of market participation, new projects have gone underway, and the company has the intention to enter other markets with innovative gaming machines. With the creation of its most anticipated product, Fairplay™ Baccarat Table, a new era of gaming is about to begin.

Winning Asia Technology Ltd.

Company Overview
WinningAsia specializes in R&D, participation and sales of EGM and systems, focusing on the Asian casino markets. Aimed to provide casinos with most completed line of diverse gaming products and solutions, including multi-terminal games, video slots, casino management systems, patented games, online gaming platforms and wireless solutions for i-gaming, the company’s in-depth market excellence with innovation product development enables it to deliver cutting-edge and competitive products, enhancing casinos’ gaming experience, profit and security.


3M Touch Systems
G2E Booth Number: 2076
G2E Theme/Key Messages: 3M. Changing the Way Games are Played.

G2E Overview
3M Touch Systems will feature advanced 3M Projected Capacitive Touch Technology (3M PCT), designed to exceed the requirements of next-generation player interfaces. 3M PCT is designed to support multi-touch/multi-player applications. 3M is showcasing a wide range of multi-touch products from a 15 square foot interactive gaming surface to standard 22-inch slot machine products.

With fast and responsive multi-touch, 3M PCT provides players with a natural, immersive and intuitive experience that is driving the multi-touch gaming revolution.

AxesNetwork Solutions
G2E Booth Number: 2120

G2E Overview
AxesNetwork will announce its integration and support for xSeries, which complements our support for SAS, serial and pulse machines. AxesNetwork will also announce its new wide-area jackpot offering, customized reports and trigger/alert functionality.

Bullivant Houser Bailey PC

Company Overview
Bullivant Houser Bailey PC is a leading business and complex litigation law firm of more than 140 attorneys. Founded in 1938, the firm maintains six offices on the West Coast. The firm has extensive experience in the highly regulated and competitive gaming and gambling industry, and advises industry clients in a range of areas, including but not limited to: business formation, structuring and on-going corporate governance; regulatory compliance; advertising, promotion and endorsements; employment and labor matters; distribution, marketing, intellectual property licensing, leasing, sales, merchandising and other business-related agreements.

Casino Enterprise Management
G2E Booth Number: 2657

G2E Overview
Casino Enterprise Management, the premier trade journal for the gaming industry, is excited to have a larger booth at this year’s G2E. We will have on display our most recent issue of the magazine for visitors to stop by and read or take with them. CEM has the content that matters, with articles for operators, suppliers, regulators, lawmakers, tribal gaming and more. We will have videos playing on two screens at our booth so visitors can see some of our most exciting video production work. Please stop by and visit with us!

CMYK Creative

Company Overview
CMYK Creative is a strategic design and marketing firm based in Las Vegas. We provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions including identity and brand creation, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral, and trade show and event management. We forge partnerships that go far beyond the typical client/agency relationship. Working closely with our clients, we develop strategies and materials that are not only effective, but are truly representative of the company’s standards and goals.

Codespace Gaming
G2E Booth Number: 659

G2E Overview
We will show our video gaming platform and external progressive system. We will also show some of our manufacturer licensee video slot games.

The Codespace Gaming platform allows manufacturers to sidestep the costly and time-consuming platform development cycle and certification process in order to significantly reduce the cost and time to market for video gaming devices. The Codespace platform is GLI-11 certified and is completely hardware independent and uses an open architecture model.

Cole Kepro International
G2E Booth Number: 2110

Company Overview
Cole Kepro International is an industry leader and global supplier of designed and manufactured turnkey gaming cabinets and related products that are the foundation for Class II and Class III electronic gaming machines. Cole Kepro manufactures many cabinet designs, all of which can be customized to meet customer’s requirements and specifications as well as contract manufacturing turnkey cabinets, custom design cabinets, harnesses and mechanical and electronic components.

CyberTEC Gaming Systems Inc.

G2E Overview
At the Global Gaming Expo this year, CyberTEC will be displaying our retrofit kits for many tube-style machines to flat screen at a low cost. We’ll also show some pull tab and RNG limited edition machines as well as many new game releases for 2011.

Diamond Casino Products
G2E Booth Number: 2245

Company Overview
At Diamond Casino Products, our goal is to make our customers happy by providing world-class products and service. Diamond Casino Products is based in Sammamish, Wash., but services all parts of the world. Our cleaning solutions not only clean and sanitize your chips, plastic playing cards, and table tops, but also apply an invisible anti-static layer that keeps the surface cleaner longer by repelling dirt and germs. Our chip cleaning and card cleaning machines do the work of up to 11 employees.

DynaGraphic Printing

Company Overview
Understanding that authenticity, security and ROI are extremely important to the casino industry, DynaGraphic Printing is viewed as an important partner and the direct marketer of choice for many. They drive profits and loyalty with proven and measurable techniques and modern technologies. Print remains a very important method of communication in driving all other marketing efforts. As a result, DynaGraphic innovates and updates continuously with the newest tools available.

Elite Casino Products Inc.
G2E Booth Number: 2684

G2E Overview
Elite Casino Products will introduce its newest additions to their slot cabinet product line at this year’s G2E—the new NITRO slot cabinet and the next generation VelocityII slot cabinet. The NITRO dual-screen cabinet will suit the premium Class II and III gaming markets well because it has a luxurious design, comfortable, ergonomic styling and slim depth. The next generation VelocityII cabinet is perfect for touch-intensive games, featuring an ergonomically angled LCD (22 or 26 inches) to ease reach distances and provide comfortable accessibility to the player interface area.

Esterline – Advanced Input Systems
G2E Booth Number: 1276A
G2E Theme/Key Messages: New and Improved OLED Programmable Button Panel

G2E and Company Overview
Advanced Input Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and application-specific input devices for OEMs worldwide. We produce standard and custom designed products for specific customer applications with any user input technology
and any display technology. We will be showing our new and improved OLED programmable button panel “splash” that is impact and liquid resistant and has a custom user interface.

FutureLogic Inc.
G2E Booth Number: 2431b

G2E Overview
This year, FutureLogic’s highlights will include: the introduction of FutureLogic’s GEN3 Evolution® printer, featuring even larger paper capacity in a standard footprint and faster printing and presenting speed; the PromoNet® couponing solution, a template-based solution that helps casinos design and manage a wide range of promotional campaigns; the EclipseTM universal ticket and receipt printer, designed for VLTs and unattended kiosks; and the TableXchange® printer/scanner that connects table games to the casino’s existing network by scanning and printing TITO vouchers.

Gaming Capital Group
G2E Booth Number: 1171

Company Overview
In the midst of the worst financial crisis of our generation, Gaming Capital Group is still providing capital for companies across the industry. We can provide the capital to restructure your debt, complete an expansion, and finance new gaming equipment or to build your new project. Our capabilities include equity, debt or hybrid structures designed to meet your needs now. Our team is comprised of experienced gaming executives with a wide range of casino operations, machine manufacturing, and route operations experience. We provide capital with the perspective that only gaming industry executives can.

Gary Platt Manufacturing
G2E Booth Number: 571

G2E Overview
Gary Platt Manufacturing is pleased to announce the development of three new custom chairs. The Vue, Empire and the Regal are designer-driven chairs. They bring an edgy, sleek look to the casino floor. The Ohio Royale has been upgraded to be included in the X-Tended Play line. X-Tended Play chairs are designed to maximize time on device through features including molded high-density foam, ergonomic lumbar support, waterfall seat design and steel spring back support.

Global Cash Access
G2E Booth Number: 2221

Company Overview
GCA’s products and services provide gaming patrons access to cash through a variety of methods, including ATM cash withdrawals, point-of-sale debit card transactions, credit card cash advances, check verification and warranty services, an

d Western Union money transfers. GCA provides products and services that improve credit decision-making, automate cashier operations and enhance patron marketing activities for gaming establishments. GCA is recognized for successfully developing and deploying technological innovations that increase client profitability, operational efficiency and customer loyalty.

Global Gaming Group

Company Overview
Global Gaming Group (G3) is a worldwide leader and innovator in the supply of gaming content to the gaming industry. We offer customized and integrated solutions for the unique requirements of our customers. Our content is delivered in the form of a rapidly growing multilingual game library. Our commitment is to develop gaming content of unparalleled quality, customized to fit your needs at a value unmatched anywhere else. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Grand Products Inc.
G2E Booth Number: 2643
G2E Theme/Key Messages: The Next Generation In Slots

G2E Overview
The Lucky Winner is an interactive ticket in/out video slot machine that includes a coin pachinko playfield and a coin pusher as standard features. In this, one machine that only takes up the floor space of a standard slant top, your customers’ will get to play all three exciting features for only one coin. GP Nevada offers surface mount and through hole printed circuit board assembly. GP is a full-service licensed gaming manufacturer.


Company Overview
Heber has been supplying, supporting and designing for the global gaming industry for 26 years. We have sold more than 2.8 million electronic control systems. Our controls are selected as the very heart of many gaming machines, used and trusted by manufacturers all over the world both large and small. Along with our off-the-shelf range of electronic gaming controls, we have a full range of custom and tailored design services for software, security and hardware system design. We can assist with training, approvals, regulations and deployment in any region.
And watch for our new website going live in November.

Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC

Company Overview
Over the last two decades, businesses both in the U.S. and internationally have relied upon Howard & Howard’s team of experienced gaming attorneys to assist them in the varied legal matters involved in the industry. In addition to providing counsel on typical business issues, our team offers a number of services that take advantage of our specialized experience in gaming-related intellectual property and regulatory matters.

IDX Inc.

Company Overview
IDX manufactures the most secure coin and token acceptors. Models X10 and X50 available in the industry have proven to foil the counterfeiters. When the site specifies high security X-Mark tokens and are used with the correct IDX Xeptor, the casino is no longer accepting tokens from other properties with no-cross play due to the unique electronic and optical signatures designed into every X-Mark high security token. We also have currency handling equipment, chips & coded tokens, magnetic cards and readers, and card scanners and systems.

Intel Corp.
G2E Booth Number: 1895
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Connected Casino & Hospitality with Intel® Architecture

G2E Overview
Intel will be demonstrating embedded solutions based on Intel® architecture for the casino and hospitality environment such as electronic gaming machines, digital signage with video analytics, interactive fitness equipment and a self-check-in

kiosk. Advances in technology, such as Intel® vPro™ Technology, will enhance the immersive interactive guest experience and increase casino ROI.

G2E Booth Number: 670
G2E Theme/Key Messages: New Image/New Finishes

Company Overview
IPS is an ISO Certified B2B metal finisher offering plating, coating (powder coat and PVD) and assembly services. We offer plating on metal (brass, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, steel) and plastic with finishes including chrome, black chrome, nickel, ti-gold, brass and pearl on smooth and sanded surfaces. We are proud to serve leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers of the gaming industry.

James Industries Inc.
G2E Booths: 3M: 2076, Advanced Input Systems: 1276A, Grand Products: 2643, Innocore: 1732, Money Controls: 1877, Nanoptix: 2029

Company Overview
For over 35 years, James Industries has been the undisputed leader in bringing new technology to the worldwide gaming markets through the companies we represent. Our current focus is new technology for server-based games for the gaming market. James Industries will again be represented at G2E by 3M, Advanced Input Systems/Esterline Corp., Grand Products, Innocore, Money Controls and Nanoptix.

G2E Booth Number: 738

Company Overview
West Coast Corporation manufactures professional grade, made in the USA safety and security products worldwide. We are committed to serving our customers to the highest standards. To ensure we are meeting our customer’s needs, all of our KEY-BAK® products are covered by our “Lifetime Service Plan.”

Kreller Group

Company Overview
As a leading provider of Due Diligence Investigations since 1988, Kreller Group Inc. has performed investigations in more than 180 countries. Serving a global client base, including Fortune 500 companies, Kreller’s team is comprised of investigators and analysts with experience in federal, state and local law enforcement. Kreller has spent years developing a vast network of trustworthy, highly vetted resources around the world. With firsthand knowledge of the language, law, regulations, political and economic climates and data availability in each country, Kreller provides reliable, compliant and accurate information around the world.

Lewis and Roca LLP

Company Overview
Lewis and Roca can help your gaming business prepare for Internet gambling legalization in the U.S. and take advantage of the new opportunities. Lewis and Roca’s gaming practice group supports casino operators, suppliers, state and local governments, communities, businesses, non-profit organizations, tribal governments and others in addressing gaming law. As co-producer of the iGaming Congress, Lewis and Roca will provide an expanded iGaming track at G2E, focusing on emerging North American considerations of this important industry issue.

Lincoln Industries

Company Overview
Lincoln Industries is the nation’s leading supplier of products requiring high-performance metal finishing. We have achieved this position by focusing first on our customers’ challenges including wear, corrosion, aesthetics, heat and lubricity. We then apply our unmatched expertise and over 55 years experience to create the optimum solution. Many companies make similar claims, but we back it up as a long-term supplier for some of the most admired companies and brands in the world.

Masterpiece Advertising
G2E Booth Number: 1135

Company Overview
2010 has been a year of unprecedented growth for Masterpiece Advertising Design, with the agency adding major clients in the leisure, health care and financial industries, while increasing its investment and expertise in several fields, including branding and positioning, television production, e-marketing, web design, database marketing and segmentation and more. These new or enhanced services are in addition to the award-winning advertising creative/production, collateral design/production, and special/sporting events that Masterpiece has provided its clients for over 15 years.


Company Overview
For 11 years, MC2 has served the needs of many exhibitors at G2E. MC2 knows the special needs of gaming clients—it can theme your exhibit; provide a mix of custom and rental elements using EcoFlex™, its ecofriendly exhibit system; address the unique standards gaming exhibitors require; and provide reliable onsite service from its regional headquarters in Las Vegas. MC2 has an 11-location network nationwide and a long history designing, fabricating and installing highly technical and themed exhibits for the gaming industry.

Money Controls
G2E Booth Number: 1877
G2E Theme/Key Messages: First and only field proven imaging bill validator.

G2E Overview
Money Controls will be showing the Ardac Elite, the first and only field proven imaging bill validator. Unlike traditional bill validators, the Ardac Elite takes a high-resolution image of the whole bill. Money Controls will also be showing a range of integrated cash handling solutions.
Cash handling experts, Money Controls’ products combine reliability, performance and versatility, and are used in more than 50 casinos across America.

G2E Booth Number: 2029
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Nanoptix – Ingenuity Inside

G2E Overview
Nanoptix is proud to launch the High Speed Video Lottery (HSVL) Printer “The Transformer” at G2E 2010. The Transformer has the option to be mounted in many different ways within the cabinet and has a patent pending anti-pull bezel for increased security and reliability. This printer has superior technology, outstanding ticket processing and unbelievable print speed. With the best print head life in the industry, Nanoptix HSVL Transformer is the most reliable printer.

Outpost Creative
G2E Theme/Key Messages: We’re not an ad agency … and we don’t want to be.

Company Overview
Some people may refer to us as an ad agency, but that category is rife with impressions of important work filtering down to inexperienced copywriters and art directors. Jeff Farrell and Ben Feiler are hands-on in every respect. We have experience in both casino marketing and gaming technology, but have worked on every kind of branding assignment in all media. We do work for casinos, gaming technology companies, AGEM and other clients who demand the best. Outpost is where the left and right brain become one.

Phelps Dunbar LLP

Company Overview
Phelps Dunbar, LLP is a leading law firm providing global licensing and legal services to gaming equipment manufacturers and operators. We specialize in coordinating regulatory, licensing and compliance work for manufacturers. We can provide targeted and cost effective legal services across the Gulf South and can coordinate compliance and application services around the world. For more information, contact Jeff Barbin at (225) 376-0243.


Company Overview
Proforma GPS is a marketing solutions provider specializing in promotional merchandise and multimedia services. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we partner with our clients in the development of strategically sound, attention-getting, thought-provoking, memorable promotional campaigns that clearly communicate brand image while producing measurable results. We have extensive experience in enhancing brand recognition in the gaming, hospitality, convention and trade show markets. Contact your Proforma GPS consultant to open the door to an international network of infinite resources.

G2E Booth Number: 2035
G2E Theme/Key Messages: The ultimate gaming boards

G2E Overview
Quixant will be showing its latest range of gaming controllers including the QX-30, which is the only gaming platform currently available that can simultaneously drive four monitors seamlessly using one video driver. As well as advanced hardware, Quixant also offers a suite of
casino protocols and drivers, including SAS 6.02, which are royalty free with any Quixant product.

Regulatory Management Counselors P.C.

Company Overview
RMC is a professional corporation made up of legal, business and governmental relations professionals able to service the diverse needs of businesses working in the casino gaming industry. Our experts have more than 35 years of combined professional experience, servicing the legal and regulatory needs of casino operators and gaming and non-gaming suppliers, as well as financial institutions on a multijurisdictional basis. RMC works with a network of local legal and regulatory advisors to build a compliance model that is cost sensitive and effective. RMC works with integrity and always strives to meet client needs efficiently and effectively.

Rye Park Gaming
G2E Booth Number: 3083

G2E Overview
Our G2E­­­ theme is: Table game layouts—now more beautiful, durable, valuable than ever. Rye Park Gaming is recognized worldwide as the source for custom digital layouts, casino gaming tables and equipment. We are not a distributor—we manufacture each piece in-house. Our famous custom digital layouts (74 inches wide) are long lasting, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. At G2E, we will showcase our layouts with 2011 stock design collection, beverage carts, ergonomically designed table hardware, pit stands and custom chips. We’ll have exciting promos and a free custom-design layout package grand prize.


Company Overview
Sanmina-SCI is confident we can provide value to gaming industry across the full spectrum of end-to-end manufacturing solutions by offering a competitive source solution for North America, Europe, Brazil and Asia to support G2E members’ growth strategy & product development; providing design and engineering collaboration to take cost out of product development and manufacturing; offering lower-cost locations; and leveraging Sanmina-SCI’s vertical integration model to consolidate the gaming industry’s supply base.

SCA Gaming
G2E Booth Number: 1116
G2E Theme/Key Messages: SCA Gaming to arrive @ G2E with a non-stop technology blitz.

G2E Overview
SCA, the innovator in promotion technology, will unveil their newest high-tech, high-impact games exclusively at G2E 2010. Attendees can expect to be dazzled by the revenue generating multi-platform, multi-function interactive promotion technology. Attendees will have the chance to win up to $1 million during the show! Game shows run daily at 1:30 p.m. Contestants must register at the booth one hour before game time. Guaranteed cash prizes will be awarded!

G2E Booth Number: 910 (IGT)

G2E Overview
Strategy9’s Slot Tournament Management System™ (STMS) is a centralized web-based application that streamlines slot tournaments using a flexible tournament administration interface. This application will be showcased this year at G2E by Strategy9 in partnership with IGT. Multiple tournament formats, automated registration, score validation and reporting improve the tournament experience for management, staff and players. IGT is the exclusive licensed distributor of this system under the product name of IGT Tournament Manager™. Strategy9’s exclusive
technology is U.S. patent pending.

StylGame USA
G2E Booth Number: 665

G2E Overview
At this year’s G2E, StylGame will be showcasing its new seating technology and material. StylGame is the absolute first in the world to define and resolve the ergonomic issues in reference to the use of the playing station on automatic machines, by conducting a specific ergonomic study assigned to “GISERG,” the Interdisciplinary Ergonomic Study Group and subsequently obtaining the validation from the University of Udine that has scientifically ratified the results. Our products define the ergonomic issues concerning the use of the playing station on automatic machines. Our seat design guarantees maximum comfort that allows for ease of movement.

Talent Associates

Company Overview
Talent Associates provides quality models and talent tailored to meet the specific needs of G2E exhibitors. We can provide models, hostesses/hosts, beverage servers, demonstrators, dealers, showgirls, celebrity look-a-likes, specialty acts and entertainers. Your products + our services = a winning combination! As a Preferred AGEM Vendor, we offer a 20 percent discount to AGEM members. Call or e-mail us today at 702-361-0231 or [email protected].

The Bright Group
G2E Booth Number: 1287

G2E Overview
The Bright Group is a dynamic multi-national group of contract manufacturing and distribution companies. At this year’s G2E show, we would like to introduce our ELP (Edge-Lit Panel) for custom lighting and replacement applications. TBG continues to be the best source for value-add solutions, leveraging value from our global supply chain. Our products and services include cable harness, PCB manufacture & population, sub-assemblies, plastic moldings and sheet metal fabrication.

T1 Gaming
A Tournament One Company
Key Message: Drive Play!

Company Overview
T1 Gaming, a Tournament One company, is a full service, “one-stop” content provider for gaming, entertainment, marketing, advertising and multimedia production. At T1 Gaming, content is our business and technology provides the tools. Our creative teams deliver the games and content that lottery, casinos and regulated online gaming sites require when attracting new customers. Our patented technologies and intellectual property enable us to deliver any game or graphic to any site on any platform.

Trade Show Fabrications

Company Overview
Trade Show Fabrications is a branded marketing environment designer and builder for trade shows, events and permanent facilities such as showrooms and executive briefing centers. With over 200,000 square feet of design, fabrication, graphics production and storage we serve customers from two strategic locations in both Las Vegas and New York. We also provide our own professional and efficient installation and dismantling labor throughout the country. We deliver these services at a value price point with the highest quality level.

TransAct Technologies
G2E Booth Number: 1593

G2E Overview
TransAct Technologies is widely regarded as the world’s leading company for transaction printers. This extensive experience has helped TransAct expand their gaming industry presence through the development of the acclaimed Epic 950®, a thermal printer for casino gaming machines. In addition, the introduction of ServerPortTM exemplifies TransAct’s dedication to understanding customer needs. ServerPort­­­ upgrades the Epic 950® and provides a clear upgrade path to the delivery of promotions and coupons to the game.

Veridocs Inc.
G2E Booth Number: 541
G2E Theme/Key Messages: Transact with Confidence

G2E Overview
Veridocs will introduce new enhanced features to its Electronic Casino Compliance Manager (ECCM), a single solution for a multitude of regulatory compliance requirements. Two of the new solutions to be showcased are the Security Podium solution that provides casinos, nightclubs and bars the ability to quickly and accurately screen for underage and unsuitable patrons; and its BSA, Title 31 solutions that tracks both known and unknown patrons efficiently and automates the reporting and filling process and streamlines operations.

Wrex Products

Company Overview
Wrex Products Inc. offers die cast and injection molded products to the gaming industry. Our products range from industrial plastic and die cast parts to highly cosmetic plated plastic. We have been in business for over 45 years in Chico, Calif., and have an outstanding reputation for quality and on-time delivery. Our customer base includes companies such as G.E, Tyco, Snap-on Tools, IGT, Bally Technologies and many other household names. We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 compliant. We can be reached at 800-828-3112 ext 25 or [email protected].

G2E Booth Number: 333

Company Overview
YESCO’s products and services are unique due to many factors, though one of the most important being that YESCO brings a full-service level of capability to the project. From environmental graphic design through engineering, fabrication, LED manufacturing, entitlement processes, installation, creative programming and service. With over 90 years in business, YESCO brings an extremely high level of experience and know-how to achieve our clients’ goals.

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