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Action Gaming/
AGEM Representative: Mike Fields
G2E Booth Number: 2636
G2E Theme/Key Messages: is everywhere. will now be available on any device. People can play all the most popular video poker games on their computer, their tablet or their phone. currently works with more than 40 casinos through its Add A Game Program where casinos can feature authentic, playable video poker games on their website. The casinos choose a game of their liking—usually a game that’s new to their casino floor—provide the game families and pay tables they’d like to feature, and does the rest. Within 48 hours, the company provides a simple code for the game that that can be placed anywhere on their website. The game is hosted by so there is minimal work for the casino. With’s mobile optimized games, casino partners can offer their customers a way to practice and play video poker for fun on their mobile devices—as well as on their computer. is a potential partner to help engage our players when their at home or away from the casino—regardless of what device they might be using.

American Gaming Systems (AGS)
AGEM Representative: Vic Gallo
G2E Booth Number: 4453

American Gaming Systems will be introducing four new products at G2E this year. Ripley’s Believe it or Not!® is the first game in AGS’s It Pays to Know™ series and has been on casino floors for a few months and boasts performance up to 3X house average. The truly special feature of this game is the skill-based trivia bonus feature, in which players can earn more credits by knowing the correct answers to questions. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader® is the second game in the It Pays to Know series and is based on the popular television game show, with questions pulled directly from the show. The first game to be housed in the attractive Skytower™ cabinet, this game is an attention grabber on any casino floor. Colossal Diamonds™ is a quiet classic; this larger-than-life game takes the space of three standard cabinets, but performs on par with about eight of them. The simple, classic game play and high denom configuration has been the top performing game at each of its locations across the country so far, in some cases, the top performer for years.

AGS is excited to enter the table games market with a product as strong as War Blackjack™. Named the 2013 Best Table Game of the Year by Casino Journal, War Blackjack is already in play at select casinos around the country, with more installations to come. Stop by and try a hand at the booth.

AGS is growing quickly, and with the recent acquisitions of Colossal Gaming and War Blackjack, Inc. the company has expanded its development team and is excited to present some unique games and play mechanics to casino operators. Its newest signature slot products are like nothing attendees have seen before. Colossal Diamonds will have the G2E floor buzzing and will make the AGS both a must-see. AGS will also feature some recent hits such as Ripley’s Believe it or Not!® that are quickly becoming staples on the slot floor. The company is also very proud and excited to offer War Blackjack, one of the hottest table games out there right now, with more to come in the near future. A new logo and look signal the beginning of new times at AGS. AGS invites current and future customers to come and see In A Whole New Light.

Casino Technology
G2E Booth Number: 4157

Casino Technology is a European manufacturer of quality gaming products and casino equipment. With products recognized in more than 50 countries and a global network of local subsidiaries and distributors, the Bulgaria-based company is renowned as a synonym for quality, reliability and top performance.

Confirming its image as a pioneer, Casino Technology, together with its U.S. partner Alto Gaming, will show at G2E Las Vegas a host of new concepts and developments. The unique multichannel gaming solution THE BIG 5™ will be displayed simultaneously on the neighboring booths of the two companies. Combining RHINO™ casino management system, LION™ money management system, BUFFALO™ jackpot server, ELEPHANT™ remote game server and LEOPARD™ online gaming system, THE BIG 5 suite provides a seamless synergy between land-based and fast developing online gaming industry.

The new AURORA™ upright cabinet featuring impressive design and increased player’s comfort will host the just-released Asian-themed progressive series PEACOCK&DRAGON™. With their eye-catching graphics and exciting storylines the games linked to the innovative 8 PEACOCKS™ jackpot bring to life mighty symbols of good luck and prosperity from ancient Chinese mythology. The WILD SUNRISE™ just released for the U.S. market will further expand game offerings featuring impressive visual presentation and attractive winnings. Another new development, the BINGOGATOR™ mix of bingo games will add even more adrenaline.

The top performing GAMOPOLIS™ multi-game series is to be presented in its color-coded MULTISKIN™ 23 and 24 versions featuring 25 games in a set. The unique concept enables operators to compile their own mixes offering customized game selection in a stand-alone machine. The popular SENSA PLUS™ and GEMINI PLUS™ upright cabinets and TANGRA II™ slant top complement the product selection featuring high tech characteristics and proven performance at many markets worldwide.

Crane Payment Innovations
AGEM Representative: Brian Wedderspoon
G2E Booth Number: 4747

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will be highlighting a range of products that improve operator profitability through greater performance, reliability and newfound cash management efficiencies. The new MEI SCR will be among the products on display.

The SCR is a two-denomination note recycler that combines the performance and reliability of MEI SC Advance technology with the benefits of note recycling as part of a total cash management solution. As a single closed-loop system, the SCR accepts, accounts for and stores cash from one player to give as change to the next. This allows operators to pay out winnings completely and securely without worrying about hopper starvation. And by holding up to 60 notes on each of its two recycling drums, the SCR provides the capacity required for longer uptime, less cash float on site and, ultimately, lower operating costs.

What makes the SCR unique among note recyclers are its security features, including a removable anti-stringing mechanism and an inventory management system that accurately tracks how many notes go into and out of the machine. It even provides complete note accountability when powered down. And access to system components when needed for maintenance can be done without providing access to secured notes. The SCR soon enters beta test in the German AWP market with the goal of being available for sale by end of year.

Crane Co. completed its acquisition of MEI in 2013, consolidating the note and coin products provided by MEI and Conlux, as well as Crane Payment Solutions’ CashCode, Money Controls, NRI and Telequip brands. As a result, CPI offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cash management solutions in the industry, and attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to simplify their sourcing strategy and achieve complete solutions that will positively impact the bottom line.

Gaming Partners International
AGEM Representative: Kirsten Clark
G2E Booth Number: 4040

At this year’s G2E, Gaming Partners International will showcase the depth of its table game product range and will introduce several new products developed to meet the needs of its global customers. GPI will also highlight its well-known Gemaco® playing cards and layouts as well as its numerous RFID products and solutions. Product demonstrations will be available at the booth.

As the gaming industry’s leading casino currency manufacturer, the Paulson, Bud Jones and Bourgogne et Grasset currency products are well respected for their extensive design options and unprecedented selection of security features, and at G2E GPI will debut several additions to the Paulson and B&G product lines. Renowned for their distinctive look and feel, Paulson chips are North America’s most popular casino currency brand, and GPI will introduce several product enhancements including new standard Paulson chip designs, colors and aesthetic features. The company will also showcase several chip security features that can help Paulson customers better protect their casino currency from counterfeiting and other threats.

Expanding its B&G injected chip portfolio is the new V-Series chip, an extensive range of standard chip designs that offer an unprecedented variety of configurations and features a new chip material formula that is stronger and more durable. Additionally, GPI has increased the value of this new product by including ChipShield as a standard feature. An anti-microbial substance that helps inhibit the growth of stain-causing mildew, ChipShield leaves a cleaner and more sanitary chip surface. Best of all, all V-Series four-shot chips come standard with an infra-red security feature exclusive to GPI.

New to GPI’s currency security features portfolio, 3-in-1 UV is a taggant that remains invisible under standard UV wavelengths. Because it can be added to injection-molded chip materials, it is easy to validate chips when they are in stacks or racks. It also offers three levels of authentication, including a forensic verification using Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Finally, GPI will also introduce SecuriFilm, a decal security film with a semi-transparent hologram-like effect that enables quick dealer authentication. SecuriFilm can be easily authenticated at the table and includes a covert security feature enabling a higher level of validation.

After visiting the booth, G2E attendees will better appreciate GPI’s commitment to innovation and expanding our product features and benefits to meet the needs of our customers.

JCM Global
G2E Booth Number: 3633

JCM Global is the world’s leading transaction technologies supplier for the gaming industry, and beyond gaming, JCM’s better, smarter and faster products have also helped to evolve operations in the banking, retail and kiosk industries.

JCM has been an AGEM member since 2002, and is proud to work alongside AGEM and the AGA in producing the annual AGEM/AGA Golf Classic, which supports the research done by the National Center for Responsible Gaming. To date, the event has raised more than $1.3 million for the NCRG.

With unsurpassed service and support, JCM is trusted by operators, manufacturers and integrators on six continents. The company’s extensive line of award-winning products set global standards with ground-breaking products like the iVIZION®, Universal Bill Acceptor (UBA®) and Vega-RC™ bill validators; Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®); and PayCheck 4™ thermal printer.

Today, the award-winning iVIZION is the company’s flagship product in jurisdictions all over the world. iVIZION is the foundation for intelligent validation, and is the better, faster, smarter solution for the gaming industry.

One advanced technology that makes iVIZION truly unique is its Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology that captures the full image of a note or ticket, and its 99 percent acceptance rate is unrivaled.

iVIZION has the most diligent counterfeit protection, an RFID ICB cashbox with encrypted and web-enabled data, 64 megabit FLASH memory, a self-calibrating sensor package, modular component design, ability to read barcodes horizontally and vertically, two high-speed processors, sealed 85 mm banknote path, patented and proven removable stacker mechanism, “Blind Mate” and “Hot Swap” design and complete compatibility with all gaming protocols.

iVIZION is far and away JCM’s best-selling product around the world. Since JCM first launched the product in 2009, it has been an instant success, winning more than 80 percent of every RFP it has competed for and has been named the preferred product by OEMs and operators.

In the past few months, iVIZION has continued to gain momentum, with JCM being named the preferred bill validator supplier for casinos in North America, Latin America and Europe, and true to JCM’s diversification of its business lines, iVIZION is also widely used in industries outside of gaming, such as petrol and parking.

Merkur Gaming GmbH
AGEM Representative: Ralf Markmann
G2E Booth Number: 2464

Merkur Gaming will show three new cabinets at G2E this year. The Evolution SL is the HD version of the approved Evolution slant top. It is still fitted with the elegant and high-class chrome-covered frames for a premium casino atmosphere. The Avantgarde SLT stands out by exceptional design and perfect gaming experience in HD. The modern look and feel are captivating and alongside the ergonomical details, these all assure player comfort. An eye-catcher at its best is the new cabinet Ozone that offers a completely different gaming experience. The player sits comfortably inside a kind of cocoon and can immerse oneself into the game. The sound experience is also really special—players cannot only hear but also feel the sound due to subwoofer below the seat.

In addition, there will be a large variety of new games on display at G2E 2014, offering the right choice for every player. In Merkur Gaming’s huge games content portfolio customers will find exciting themes, including traditional fruit and poker games, fascinating features, amazing graphics and thrilling win-line concepts to capture the imagination of players of all ages.

The cash recycler Merkur Dispenser rounds off the portfolio of Merkur Gaming and perfectly reflects the technological competence of the Gauselmann Group. At the booth, the improved version, the Merkur Dispenser Gold, will be presented.

Besides the knowledge about the company’s attractive products, the attendees will be able to get to know more about Merkur Gaming and its parent company. The Gauselmann Group counts right now more than 8000 staff and the total business volume of the varying company segments amounted to Euro 1.876 billion in 2012. The Eastern Westphalian family-run company with headquarters in Espelkamp/Lübbecke offers innovative, fascinating, emotional and enjoyable leisure activities from modern AWPs right up to state-of-the-art-multi-game slot machines, infotainment terminals with internet connection and money changing and processing systems. The laughing Merkur sun is Germany’s most popular symbol for gaming and luck and is also considered internationally as a trade mark for modern entertainment.

Ortiz Gaming
G2E Booth Number: 3264

G2E 2014 is the perfect stage to launch Ortiz Gaming’s newest and most innovative technologies to the world. In addition to amazing new products and technologies, Ortiz Gaming will also feature a variety of cabinets, all of which have the SKY PAPER feature available. SKY PAPER gives a whole new meaning to community gaming. The feature generates excitement at the machine by announcing a jackpot winner with a shower of multicolored paper.

In addition to excellent platforms with astonishing features, Ortiz Gaming delivers the Ortiz standard through games with math that re-conceptualizes how a machine should perform. All of the Ortiz games allow for four or more games to be played at once, in addition to the extra bonus ball function which allows players to increase their bet during the bonus. All of these features allow for maximum coin-in beyond the basic reel game. Game themes which will be featured at G2E 2014 are the bingo style Class II and Class III games, ranging from Ortiz Gaming’s world famous Triple Bonus to its exciting new soccer-themed game Goal Mania.

Ortiz Gaming will also feature its newest lottery style game, Better Touch, allowing players to play up to four cards at once, and if a player draws a green or purple lottery ball, the win may be multiplied up to three times.

When attendees visit the Ortiz Gaming booth they will see the Ortiz standard is an evolution of games and of the very thinking of revenue metrics. The methodology of the games radically increases the expectations of performance. The Ortiz standard increases win per unit and redefines the expectation of game average performance. The Ortiz standard allows operators to rethink slot floor metrics. Ortiz Gaming machines surpass floor average and represent the highest income for the casino. The secret is the Ortiz standard that raises the performance of every single operator who adopts it.

Suzo-Happ Group
AGEM Representative: Marriell Martinez
G2E Booth Number: 4233

Suzo-Happ will be re-launching the highly anticipated InteractivePro™ Table at this year’s G2E. The new InteractivePro Table offers a unique 10-point multi-touch experience suitable for a wide range of applications, excellent for television, video and interactive entertainment in bars, casino floors, hotel suites, restaurants and lounges. This product is designed with interactive entertainment in mind. The company is also displaying other Suzo-Happ manufactured products such as toppers, LED lighting and signage. Suzo-Happ operates in the global gaming, amusement, vending, industrial, transportation and retail markets by serving entertainment venue operators and original equipment manufacturers. Suzo-Happ supplies a wide variety of components, consumables and hardware products and provides marketing, engineering, design and technical repair services. Its product line includes coin- and currency-handling equipment, display solutions, control devices, game operation components, environmental products and consumables. Suzo-Happ has manufacturing, engineering, distribution and service capabilities in 13 countries globally.

AGEM Representative: Todd Cravens, CEO for The Americas
G2E Booth Number: 4433

G2E 2014 will be an important showcase for TCSJOHNHUXLEY with the launch of the new Gaming Floor Live platform and related products. More than 18 months in development, this new platform underpins the company’s strategy to supply products, solutions and support that drive and grow customers’ businesses through enabling technology innovations.

Group CEO Cath Burns said, “We are very excited about the launch of Gaming Floor Live and the impact it will make to our customer’s businesses. This is the first time it’s possible for table game products to communicate with one system to provide vital information such as reporting, analytics, optimization and accountability. With Gaming Floor Live we can collect all this data through our TIB (Table Interface Board) and feed it into the operators system for analysis. What’s more, it’s an open platform so it’s possible to connect not just our own products, but other vendor’s products too.”

With more than 900 tables installed in Macau, Gaming Floor Live is already maximizing efficiencies on the floor and improving dealer speed to increase revenue. By having visibility of enough data and knowledge to refine and optimize processes even a tiny amount, operators are able to save and make more money. Even a slight optimization on table revenues adds up to a significant and positive change to profitability.

Although the emphasis has been on developing and launching the new platform, TCSJOHNHUXLEY has not diverted its focus from the existing product range. In fact, much of the established portfolio such as the benchmark Chipper Champ 2, Saturn Roulette wheel and e-FX display products are now technology enabled to connect to the new platform.

As part of the Gaming Floor Live platform, visitors to the show will also see GFL Bonusing Solutions, the powerful Floor Wide Event and Mystery Progressive platform that can adapt to almost any table game and GFL Media, featuring e-FX table displays—the most comprehensive range of display solutions available for live gaming with the ability to drive results from the game as well as media and event content.

For the first time in the table game sector, Gaming Floor Live provides operators with a powerful single source tool that collects real-time data from all table devices and delivers opportunities to increase revenues as well as highlighting non-optimal game play and dealer inefficiency.

Wells-Gardner Electronics
AGEM Representative: Michael Burke
G2E Booth Number: 3416

Wells-Gardner will have on display various LED LCD monitors. FHD and UHD monitors will feature the new more vivid image technology being offered. 42 inch and 55 inch monitors will be shown in portrait mode for the ever expanding bigger screen gaming experience. Wells-Gardner will also feature curved displays to help game designers differentiate their games experience. Button Deck displays incorporating LCD monitors will also be featured as an enhancement to the traditional mechanical button deck displays. Wells will be showing a new double-sided 55 inch display. Perfect for OEM customers looking to feature digital signage and enhance their turnkey total floor offering. Wells-Gardner will also be introducing a new wireless charging concept for game machines. This feature will help keep players’ cell phones charged without the need to look for an electrical outlet all while sitting at a game. Various touch systems integrated into WG monitors will also be on display.

After visiting the booth, attendees should have a better understanding of Wells-Gardner’s total offering and capabilities beyond other standard integration partners. Wells is focusing on the up front game design with its partners exploring ways to reduce cost, time to market while still helping OEM’s create the best player experience in the market. Wells-Gardner can help customers look for alternatives while providing the necessary technical support for legacy and new protocols.

Wells-Gardner looks forward to meeting attendees at G2E. Visit the booth to see and learn about all the company’s products and capabilities. Let Wells-Gardner help early in the pre-design stage all the way through production and beyond. The team is there to answer any questions. Stop by to pick up the always popular WG purple pen.

AGEM Representative: Sam Basile, CEO, Zitro USA
G2E Booth Number: 3853

Zitro, the multinational leader in video bingo games, is reinventing itself and revolutionizing the world video bingo market, launching the biggest number and variety of new features in its history. Together they form “Zitro Revolution 2014.”

At G2E, Zitro will present Zitro Revolution 2014 with all of its new features, including new community games, new functionalities and, of course, new games.

Zitro’s new Air Cash features four prizes of different amounts. With these four prizes in the draw, players’ chances of winning one of them are considerably increased. The new Air Cash also includes an innovative on-screen presentation, which is much more flexible, more dynamic and more interactive to bring greater excitement and entertainment to the player and the room.

Treasure Box is Zitro’s new pirate-themed community game. When Treasure Box is activated, the slots appear automatically on screen and start to turn to offer one of the three possible winning combinations. The possibility of having up to three prize lines active at the same time will increase the chances of winning a prize and also the size of the prize.

Splash is Zitro’s most team-spirited game. When a player achieves the bonus, it is automatically splashed to all of his or her neighbors to play the bonus. This bonus offers many and varied winning combinations that will allow all the lucky participants in Splash to accumulate numerous prizes.

Zitro has developed a new system to enter the draws for the new Air Cash, Treasure Box and Splash games that doesn’t require you to accumulate points. All you have to do is play, and the cash bonus activates on the game screen to give direct access to the draws. This new way of accessing Zitro’s community games means that participation in them will increase significantly, providing more excitement and more chances for players to win a prize.

All these innovations are the result of the company’s efforts in R&D to ensure that its products are the most entertaining, the most dynamic, the most exciting and the most profitable in the electronic video bingo market. Zitro offers players a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

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