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AGEM Representative: John F. Glaser
Key Representatives: Leonard Ainsworth, Executive Chairman
Danny Gladstone, CEO and Executive Director
Mark Ludski, Chief Financial Officer
Scott Clarebrough, Group General Manager—Strategy and Development
Mike Dreitzer, President, North America
G2E Booth Number: 1864

Ainsworth Game Technology brings “A Winning Play” to the 2014 G2E with the all new A560®SL. The A560 SL is a one-screen wonder specially designed and custom built for a unique, highly entertaining game range. Featuring a striking 32-inch high-definition display, 19-inch LCD Topper option for Jackpot promotion, unique attract lighting package stylized to the game, premium surround sound technology, sky high stacks and breathtaking animations, the new A560SL will provide more than a new attraction on the gaming floor.

The new A560 SL will premiere with a ground-breaking entertainment packed range of game brands including the standout performer—Rumble Rumble™, Whopper Reels™, Bonus Bonanza™, Rampaging Rhino™, Frontier™, 5 Star Jackpots™, Order of the Dragons™, Fire Wizard™, Ice Wizard™ and many more due for release during FY2014-2015. Reward players with the ultimate A560 experience.

Ainsworth President North America Mike Dreitzer comments, “This is a very exciting year for Ainsworth with the recent launch of the new A560 SL cabinet game range. We’ve pushed the boundaries of technology with our latest cabinet to ensure improved sound, graphics and a range of branded games like you’ve never seen before.”

At G2E 2014, visitors will be able to take a first glance at Ainsworth’s high-profile licensed products Showgirls™ and Sound of Music™.

Other new games Ainsworth will debut at G2E take full advantage of the company’s newest cabinet styles—namely the A560 Wideboy™. The super-sized A560 Wideboy brings features alive with the 32-inch landscape mode LCD top box and exciting game driven LED lighting. One of the new titles is The Magnificent 7 Reloaded™, a sequel based on the legendary classic film and top-performing licensed slot The Magnificent 7™.

The Magnificent 7 Reloaded includes the favorite movie characters Chico, Harry, Bernardo, Lee, Vin, Chris and Britt, plus exciting new features. Also to be released on the A560 Wideboy is Reels of Wheels Horsepower™, which incorporates the Mustang Money™ red-hot free game comprising the unique multi-wheel Reels of Wheels concept.

In the jackpot products segment, Ainsworth will be showcasing a range of new Asian-themed link progressives that include Lucky Treasure™, Treasure Storm® and Oriental Fortune™. Illuminated in the amazing Super A560 cabinet, Treasure Storm is packed with three levels of progressives, two standalone progressives and amazing free game features. With superior math models to choose from, 888 Blue Dragon™, 888 Red Dragon™ and 888 Yellow Dragon™, Treasure Storm is certain to become a player favorite on your casino floor. Treasure Storm is a 40- and 50-line product targeting penny play and is available in the A560® Dual Screen with a spectacular signage option.

Ainsworth will arrive at G2E with a new line up of themes for its core GamePlus™ library, Quad Shot®, Double Shot®, Triple Shot™, Play 100Lines/50Lines™, Wheel Winner® and High Denom™. And don’t miss out viewing Ainsworth’s latest Mystery products, Golden Goose Mystery™, Crazy Ways™ Legends Mystery and Ultimate Choice™.

Ainsworth’s Group General Manager Strategy and Development, Scott Clarebrough, notes, “This year’s G2E lineup is a combination of licensed brands, innovative game mechanics and hardware and exceptionally entertaining math models that will definitely provide the best player experiences and create the biggest excitement to any gaming floor.” He added, “We will be showcasing our strongest, most diverse product portfolio to date so show goers will walk away with a vision of the future. The new products on display will again demonstrate the creative and innovative edge Ainsworth brings to its product design and development. Ainsworth has been building for the future, and now we’re ready to further raise the performance bar with more leading edge brands and exceptional game titles. We are committed to delivering players with quality and unique entertainment experiences.”

In all, this year’s G2E is sizing up to be like no show before for Ainsworth Game Technology. Be sure to see the “A Winning Play” for yourself.

Key Executives: Rich Schneider, Chief Product Officer
Manjit Gombra-Singh, Chief Technology Officer
Dallas Orchard, Vice President of Gaming Operations
Matt Wilson, Vice President of Marketing
Kelly Shaw, Vice President of Systems Sales
G2E Booth Number: 1141

This is one of the most exciting times in Aristocrat’s 60-year history. At G2E 2014, Aristocrat is bringing a content-led strategy to life across its entire portfolio with the content to take our customers to the next level in games and systems. If it matters to the customers, it matters to Aristocrat. A series of targeted acquisitions, investments in cutting-edge hardware and technology, high-profile licenses and market-leading creative talent have positioned Aristocrat and its customers for success across multiple channels.

At G2E 2014, Aristocrat will showcase new developments in its Oasis 360™ systems division. Oasis 360 is the most widely used casino system in North America, and Aristocrat is executing a long-term strategy of investing in the product to deliver the best possible service to customers.

For example, the new Oasis HALo suite is the industry’s most advanced loyalty-building software, and the new OneLink technology brings property-wide bonusing and digital media to the next level. These products are available to casinos across North America, both to Oasis 360 customers and those using another system.

Aristocrat will also feature its award-winning Episodic Bonusing, which was recently named one of the year’s top new slot floor technologies in Casino Enterprise Management’s 2014 Slot Floor Technology Awards. Also on display is the new Elimination Bonusing, a floor-wide bonusing program played on the nCompass media window. Finally, Aristocrat’s new Clash of Coins floor-wide tournament brings interactivity to the next level where players use the casino’s mobile app to collect QR codes from the EGM game screen.

In addition to groundbreaking new systems technologies, Aristocrat will present nearly 200 new games at G2E 2014 along with several innovative new cabinets. Aristocrat’s investments in cutting-edge hardware and technology combined with proven content are sure to take the game and the player to a whole new level.

Aristocrat’s licensed titles and core game segments—E*SERIES™, J* SERIES™ and C* SERIES™—will combine to present a diversified games portfolio that is stronger than ever and will deliver excitement and performance across a diverse player range.

The company’s gaming operations division has a history of delivering proven performance. Buffalo Stampede™ was named one of the industry’s most profitable new games in Goldman Sachs’ 2014 Slot Manager Survey. The Walking Dead™ Slot Game and Batman™ Classic TV Series powered by Wonder Wheels™ also topped industry surveys, and were named among the most anticipated game releases of the year by slot managers.

Aristocrat is building on that performance with a depth and diversity of product offerings and new hardware unlike anything customers have seen before. At G2E Aristocrat will premiere new titles including Sons of Anarchy™, a stunning new video slot that brings the intensity of the TV show to the slot floor for an experience that revs up casino excitement, and Britney Spears®, where players can immerse themselves in a heart-thumping gaming experience backed by everyone’s favorite chart-topping hits from the Princess of Pop.

Ted and Superman™ The Movie pave the future roadmap for the new Wonder Wheels product line, and the latest in the successful Superman franchise, Superman™ Man of Steel™, will also be unveiled at the show. In addition to these appealing licensed themes, Aristocrat will showcase some of its best Hyperlink content including Cashman Fever II, Good Fortune and Pixie Wishes, which combines the best E*SERIES games with the proven success of Hyperlink jackpots.

Aristocrat’s gaming sales division has clearly demonstrated a strong commitment to operators by understanding customers have different wants and needs, and the company delivers with its C*SERIES, E*SERIES and J*SERIES, attracting and retaining a diverse range of players who want different types of gaming experiences. The C*SERIES maintains commitment to classic Aristocrat style content that players love. The E*SERIES is designed by industry-leading talent and contains some of the most highly anticipated games of the year. And the J*SERIES features diversified product lines specifically created to target jackpot chasing players. Now Aristocrat is adding to its portfolio with new games that take the fun to the next level.

The C*SERIES is rolling out the fun with new titles including Super Wheel Blast™ and Monster Mash™. E*SERIES was named one of the most anticipated releases in the 2014 Goldman Sachs Slot Manager Survey, and Aristocrat is delivering with new titles The Romance of Rain and Fire™ and Mythos™.

J*SERIES, for jackpot series, is growing with Dynamite Cash ™ and with Wonder 4™ Jackpot, which brings the incredibly popular Wonder 4 series and adds a jackpot component.

One of the most popular games is better than ever in Wicked Winnings Legends™, with the classic game and an enhanced deluxe version—all in the same cabinet.

With a content-led strategy approaching full momentum, smart acquisitions, full systems solutions, new cabinets and the best portfolio of new game titles in the market, Aristocrat will take customers to the next level across the whole gamut from games to systems.
In addition to Aristocrat’s impressive line-up of games, hardware and systems, the company will have incredible photo-op ready exclusive pieces that reinforce its key brands. Stop by to find out what they are.

Aruze Gaming America
Key Executives: Takahiro Usui, Global CEO
Richard Pennington, President and CEO
Kelcey Allison, Chief Operating Officer
Rob Ziems, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Jamison Hill, VP of Sales, North America
G2E Booth Number: 1253

Aruze Gaming America, Inc. will be exhibiting its vastly growing library of highly successful Stepper and Video titles by debuting over 220 games in what is their largest booth ever, displaying new additions to all products lines, including Innovator™, I-Deluxe™, G-Series®, G-Deluxe®, G-Link® and G-Station® platforms. Founded in 1983 as Universal Distributing of Nevada, Aruze immediately established itself as an industry leader in innovation and performance. During the next 30-year period, Aruze opened offices and facilities throughout North America, Australia, South Africa, Macau, Japan and the Philippines. Now Aruze is one of the fastest growing suppliers in the gaming industry.

Aruze’s focus at G2E 2014 is on new titles that build on its record of success. The plethora of new titles that will be showcased at this years’ show add to existing platforms which have proven to be game changers in the industry throughout the last several years. The additions will be in both the G-Deluxe and G-Series video lines, the Ultra Stack™ series, both stepper lines of Innovator and I-Deluxe and its G-Station™ electronic table game line.

Aruze’s innovation will be on display with more than 50 additions to its G-Series line, including titles with newly created play mechanics, bonus features and appearances. These new video games also include several new additions to the ever popular Ultra Stack series of games. Both Innovator models that will be showcased at G2E feature Radiant Reels™—a revolutionary spin on stepper technology, designed with large reels, dynamically illuminated, multi-colored LED lights and variable spin speeds; all of which combine to build player anticipation for winning combinations. The Innovator Deluxe™ platform, with eye-catching top boxes, will introduce two brand new themes titled Spinning Stars™ and Hot Heart™, as well as continuing to display recently released themes. The standard Innovator series with five reels welcomes more than 15 new themes including another prize selection title in Ninja Warrior™ as well as a new series of linked progressive games titled Rapid Shot™.

A third generation of Aruze’s six station G-Link communal video game will be introduced during the show. As before, this G-Link game will focus on group player interaction while offering numerous features and bonus events. The G-Deluxe platform will also feature new additions which incorporate 5-reel video game play, mega top boxes and numerous events and anticipations.

Rounding out Aruze’s booth at G2E will be the award winning G-Station game Lucky Big Wheel™ which is an innovative electronic version of the popular table game. The spinning of the wheel is put into the hands of the player, impressing them with heightened levels of interaction. Shoot to Win Craps™ will also be on display in addition to a brand new innovative electronic table game which will virtually put a new twist on some of Aruze’s existing G-Station games.

Attendees who visit the Aruze booth for some freebies will walk away with the knowledge that Aruze continued to focus on building on its record of success by introducing a plethora of new and innovative titles for each and every one of their platforms.

Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH/Novomatic
AGEM Representative: David Orrick
Key Executive: Jens Halle, CEO, Novomatic Americas Sales, LLC and Managing Director, Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH
G2E Booth Number: 2653

Especially for the U.S. markets, the NOVOMATIC Americas booth area will stage the Action-Gaminator® that offers a sophisticated all-star mix of internationally proven NOVOMATIC hit games for the Illinois VGT market. These games are available in a variety of highly attractive upright as well as slant top cabinets.

NOVOMATIC will once again boast product highlights for the international gaming markets—among them Coolfire™ II and NOVO LINE™ Interactive games presentations that will display a huge selection of games, available as single games as well as in the ever popular Super-V+ Gaminator and Premium-V+ Gaminator and NOVO LINE Interactive multi-game mixes, respectively—with up to 28 games per mix and introducing a new POS concept of multi-game presentation for the international casino floors. The variety is extended even further by the latest mathematical concepts, gripping game play, innovative ways to win and maximum impact sound designs for this latest range of games with from five to up to 50 lines.

The games are presented in the Dominator®, with its cabinet design exclusively for the NOVO LINE platform, as well as in the Super-V+ Gaminator III and NOVOSTAR® SL cabinets. The NOVOSTAR V.I.P. will celebrate its U.S. premiere, introducing game play in panorama format with its large Crown V.I.P. chair and an extra 46-inch upper screen positioned at the perfect ergonomic distance for game play in top comfort.

The NOVOMATIC Reel Tournament™ is an exciting marketing tool for all sorts of casino promotion programs. It brings a competitive gaming thrill to any slot floor, allowing operators to offer their guests live tournaments in real time on an unlimited number of connected Super-V+ Gaminator machines featuring the Super-V+ Gaminator multi-game mixes T1 or T2.

The unique feature of the NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II system is the flexible interconnection of a great variety of electronic live games and slot games on a virtually unlimited number of individual player stations. This multi-game functionality allows the operator to link terminals to an unlimited number of different games such as roulette, baccarat, poker, black jack, sic bo and bingo as well as great slot games.

This product versatility is exemplified by a G2E show installation featuring a fully automated NOVO Multi-Roulette™ wheel with a group of NOVOSTAR SL slant tops, each with the entire flying (fully animated) multiplayer multi-game selection as well as Novo Multi-Roulette and the latest NOVO LINE Novo Unity II video slots multi-game mix.

The NOVOMATIC booth will also present various Mystery Progressive Jackpot themes for all platforms such as the Magic Joker Jackpot™ and the innovative hybrid jackpot JEWELS FACTORY™, a combination of a community and a progressive jackpot.

The Octavian team will also be presenting the modular and highly tuneable casino management system ACP (Accounting Control Progressives System). The ACP system can be adapted to the requirements of the operator and pertaining regulations. The system’s add-on functions include profit calculation, floor monitor, TITO, cashless and player loyalty and has proved an extremely attractive package solution for discerning operators.

The LOTUS Roulette™ is an automated six player island configuration, consisting of individual player stations and one automatic roulette wheel embedded in a magnificent veneered table. Each of the individual player stations is equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen monitor in 16:10 screen format and with automated cash handling facilities. The LOTUS Roulette is optionally available with the attention-grabbing illuminated Light Gate sign arch.

The NOVOMATIC booth in Las Vegas will stage an automated single player roulette that combines roulette entertainment with slot gaming in one unique and luxurious machine. This evolution of the original and hugely successful Pinball Roulette™ will be displayed in Las Vegas with the Panther Roulette and Panther Roulette II. The Panther Roulette comes with a new start button on the right hand side of the hand rest for increased player comfort. The Panther Roulette II additionally features a second 32-inch full HD screen on top of the machine with flip screen functionality. Both versions are available with a comprehensive multigame offering of 23 HD video slot games.

Greentube looks forward to exhibiting and networking at G2E Las Vegas. The NOVOMATIC Group subsidiary will present innovative online and mobile applications and content. The Greentube subsidiary and game design specialist iGaming2Go will also present their latest games portfolio.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet with the NOVOMATIC Americas team, headed by CEO Jens Halle and Vice President of Sales—North America Rick Meitzler, and to learn firsthand about the company’s new licenses and product approvals. A warm welcome to all is extended by the staff of NOVOMATIC Americas Sales, LLC, the worldwide leading gaming brand that is making its first appearance at G2E and already going live across key U.S. markets.

Bally Technologies Inc.
AGEM Representative: A.C. Ansani, Assistant General Counsel
Key Executives: Richard Haddrill, CEO
Neil Davidson, Chief Financial Officer
Katie Lever, Senior Vice President of Legal and Compliance
and General Counsel
Bryan Kelly, Senior Vice President of Technology
Derik Mooberry, Senior Vice President of SVP Games, Table Game Products and Interactive R&D
G2E Booth Number: 1126

Bally will unveil a wide range of innovations from its product portfolio at G2E this year. Following its merger with SHFL entertainment, Bally will be demonstrating games, table, systems and interactive solutions in a massive 25,756-square-foot booth—the show’s largest exhibit.

Bally will unveil several world-class branded games based on the TV shows Friends, Duck Dynasty and Wonder Woman. The Friends progressive video slot reunites players with the characters from the sitcom that TV Guide named one of the 50 greatest shows of all time. Players will experience the laughs and loves in a whole new way with features including clips from the show, bonuses inspired by the sitcom’s most hilarious moments and a wide-area progressive top award. Friends is presented on the ALPHA 2 Pro Series Theatre, a new cabinet configuration that features twin Pro Wave cabinets topped by a 55-inch horizontal video screen designed to envelop players in the entertainment experience.

The beards are huge and the bonuses are even bigger in the Duck Dynasty video slot game based on A&E’s number one original series. The Duck Dynasty video slot, also presented on the Pro Theatre, will have players hunting for more with a wheel feature jam-packed with six different bonuses.

Bally will unveil a pair of titles featuring the iconic Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman Wild and Wonder Woman Gold, which are presented on the trailblazing Pro Wave cabinet, include action scenes and music from the classic 1970s TV show starring Lynda Carter, along with three progressive jackpots available at any bet level, free games and popular play mechanics.

Also taking center stage will be Bally’s Take ‘n Play, a remarkable innovation that enables players to take their game on the go for the first time by playing a physical slot machine on the convenience of a tablet.

Also featured in the systems exhibit will be Power Progressive Strike and Power Paytable Progressive, two new Elite Bonusing Suite progressive jackpot applications; the Servizio suite of mobile service solutions; and the Bally Enterprise Progressive System, which enables casinos to replace their aging controllers and manage and audit their progressives from one location. Bally will also display the latest in tournament innovations, Tournaments Express. Tournaments Express is a stand-alone tournament system designed to offer exciting slot tournaments on more than 100 different cabinet types from various manufacturers.

Free Bet Blackjack will head a lineup of 12 proprietary table games that Bally will demonstrate at the show. The game, which lets players split and double down without risking additional money, is becoming a staple product in the industry. Bally will also exhibit Fortune 7 Baccarat, Blazing 7s Blackjack Progressive and DJ Wild Poker Progressive, among other games.

Bally’s utilities segment will be highlighted by Shuffle Flex, a pay-by-the-shuffle concept targeting part-time tables. Also on display will be the next-generation i-Deal, i-Deal Plus, and Safe Bacc, a new product that combines a shuffler and card reading shoe into one device to increase game speed and improve security on baccarat tables.

Several e-table innovations will be on display, including Fusion Hybrid, TableMaster Fusion and Fusion Virtual Multigame. The Fusion Hybrid features a live dealer and 22-inch widescreen electronic betting terminals. Players may switch between and concurrently play baccarat, roulette and sic bo from the same terminal. TableMaster Fusion features a high-definition, 72-inch LCD display with virtual dealers, 22-inch widescreen player terminals with touchscreen betting, enhanced graphics and multiple side bets. At G2E, TableMaster Fusion will feature blackjack and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Fusion Virtual Multigame allows players to switch between roulette, sic bo and baccarat from the same terminal, increasing play with four different game options in one seat.

Bally’s interactive exhibit will demonstrate the company’s latest enhancements to its iGaming Platform and cloud-based Bally Mobile Concierge Platform that deliver a deeper level of integration with core casino systems. Bally’s iGaming platform offers play-for-free and wager-based mobile and online titles that have already proven successful in land-based casinos, including Cash Spin, Quick Hit Platinum, Hot Shot Blazing 7s, Vegas Hits, Wild Huskies, Cash Wizard, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Mississippi Stud and Crazy 4 Poker, among others.

Attendees will see that with the broadest product portfolio in the industry, Bally is uniquely positioned to connect the gaming world like never before. Visitors will also see that Bally continues to lead gaming innovation with solutions that provide a single view of the player whether they are in the casino, at home or on the go.

This year Bally’s wide range of products will be on display in the largest booth at G2E. For the first time at G2E, Bally will showcase solutions for the entire gaming floor, from games and table products to systems and interactive.

Global Cash Access Inc. (GCA)
Key Executives: Ram Chary, CEO and President
Wendy Colosi, EVP of Sales and Marketing
David Lucchese, EVP of Client Operations
Rob Myhre, CIO
G2E Booth Number: 4440

Global Cash Access, Inc. is the leading provider of fully integrated cash access solutions and related services to the gaming industry. GCA offers a full suite of integrated cash access solutions and services from ATMs to interactive payment processing. When selecting a traditional cash access solution like ATMs, credit card cash access transactions, POS debit card transactions and check warranty services, or if you prefer a more modern approach for cash access using products such as slot machine ticket redemption and jackpot kiosks, GCA has solutions to fit every need.

CashClub is the next generation of GCA’s QCP platform and is built using stronger and more stable technology to reduce transaction time and overhead. Using an intuitive interface, CashClub will facilitate common cash access tasks such as PIN debit cash advance, credit card cash advance and check warranty services. Through feature enhancements to receipt printing and electronic storage of customer signatures and receipts, CashClub will reduce the records retention burden usually placed on casino staff.

CXC 4.0 Multi-function Kiosk is a new, sleek and modern designed multi-function kiosk incorporating GCA’s cash access services and the latest cash handling. Combined with powerful marketing peripherals and high capacity components, the CXC 4.0 delivers maximum velocity, unparalleled uptime and patron interaction.

CXC 2.0 Multi-function Kiosk is the newest addition to the CXC Multi-function Kiosk lineup and offers the same key services at a smaller footprint and attractive price point without sacrificing quality.

GCA’s core cash access solutions are enriched when implemented with our complementary services to improve credit decision making, automate cashier operations and enhance patron marketing. Additionally, GCA also offers industry leading AML and efficiency software to supplement every transaction through the company’s recent acquisition of NEWave.

NEWave Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software is field-proven to be the superior AML software to protect casino operations. The NEWave line of anti-money laundering software streamlines operations, eliminates waste and guarantees compliance. NEWave anti-money laundering modules include Title 31, TINCheck, Walk with Chips Log, Watch List, eLearning and eFiling. NEWave Check Prove enables immediate comparison of checks against business rules, check-cashing history, visual check and customer ID comparisons to known good images, helping reduce fraud and protect your casino.

Central Credit is the leading gaming patron credit bureau in the world and makes decades of gaming credit history and transaction data on millions of casino patrons available for the casinos consideration in extending credit for marker play. Through a private data network, you can obtain SSN verification, credit reports and real-time updates on marker activity for enhanced decision making when issuing casino credit.

GCA also offers a robust line of products to support the emerging interactive space, from payment processing to loyalty programs.

Everi Payments, a simple and sophisticated payment wall built specifically for gaming, consolidates numerous payment options into one simple to integrate payment wall. Everi Digital Wallet, a robust and streamlined account management tool for your players, bridges your disparate game and loyalty systems while providing you with a unique marketing opportunity to extend your brand across the gaming experience.

Everi Stored Value Card is GCA’s gift card program that will align with your current marketing and loyalty programs while also delivering rapid integration across various point-of-sale devices, revenue capture for enrolled point-of-sale locations, incremental revenue from the card itself and rapid issuance of cards for special events. Using the GCA Stored Value Card Sales Kiosk for distribution of your stored value cards will complement your over-the-counter sales at business centers or PC-enabled retail locations.

AGEM Representative: Claudia Baskerville, Marketing Manager
Key Executives: Jaymin Patel, CEO GTECH Americas
Walter Bugno, CEO GTECH International
Renato Ascoli, President, GTECH Products & Services
Matteo Monteverdi, Senior Vice President, Americas Interactive, and SVP, iGaming
Victor Duarte, Senior Vice President, North America Commercial Casino and SVP, Gaming & Content
G2E Booth Number: 1264
G2E Theme/Key Messages: All Together GTECH

GTECH will show an array of games, cabinets, systems and interactive solutions, including an expanded library of True 3D™ titles.

For the North American casino market, GTECH will be following up on the groundbreaking launch of SPHINX 3D™ by introducing a number of exciting additions to the True 3D game library specifically designed to appeal to different player segments. Titles include Bejeweled 3D™, Dragon’s Temple 3D™, Dreams of Asia 3D™ and Aladdin’s Fortune 3D™.

As well, GTECH will be launching new community games from its licensed PopCap® brand library. Fans of Zuma™ and Bejeweled™ will be thrilled with the latest in the community product line, Bejeweled Community and Zuma Adventures, both available in a three game configuration. Bejeweled Community features two entertaining base games as well as a variety of randomly triggered Bejeweled Bonuses. Zuma Adventures offers two unique base games, market-proven community bonus eligibility and three innovative community bonuses.

GTECH’s line-up also includes yet another internationally-recognized licensed title from GTECH, the exciting DEAL OR NO DEAL franchise, with the newest version in the series, DEAL OR NO DEAL™ Las Vegas!. Using the MaXVusion™ cabinet and featuring Howie Mandel and the DEAL OR NO DEAL ladies, this brand-new title is set against a glamorous Las Vegas backdrop and offers two base games that share a unique middle reel that only contains wilds and bonus triggers. The bonus is played during and intermittently throughout the base game—a feature that is sure to engage players.

The Money Drop™, offering two base games and highly interactive players’ choice bonuses, completes GTECH’s licensed product offering. Rounding out the North American casino product line-up will be a diverse portfolio of core themes with a balanced mix evolving previous successes, as well as new and innovative concepts and games specifically designed for high denom play.

Customers planning to step into the interactive arena or searching for the next-generation solution will find a complete portfolio of games, systems and services designed to work individually or together. GTECH’s market-leading interactive products include solutions for poker, casino, bingo, sports betting and lottery markets. It provides open architecture systems to allow fast integration of third-party products to easily create a successful online solution tailored to customer needs. In addition to many new slot game titles, the spotlight will be on the launch of the exciting new betting platform WagerWise™, a must-see poker app for tablet and Poker Network Solution and GTECH’s exciting Play for Fun and Virtual Currency solutions.

International customers will be excited about the linked products such as ACTION JACKPOTS™, a unique novelty product offering four different progressive links tied into one single gaming machine. Specifically for the Latin American market, GTECH will be showcasing PERUVIAN RICHES™, a mystery jackpot that can be run with nearly any core game from GTECH’s extensive core game library. Brand-new game suites will be on display for the successful diversity™ multigame, as well as a selection of new core games.

The comprehensive range of GALAXIS™ modules for all areas of casino management will be showcased at G2E as well. In addition, the casino systems team will demonstrate JP2go™, a standalone, turnkey jackpot system developed to boost machine play. SYSTEM2go™, the all-inclusive, packaged slot system with accounting, remote monitoring, a jackpot system and advanced cashless and player tracking features, will also be exhibited.

The public gaming team will showcase new game releases now live in Louisiana and West Virginia, as well as the latest new game releases for Illinois, Montana and South Dakota operator markets. On the systems side, as part of the INTELLIGEN™ Central System, several key components of the player services manager application will be highlighted: cashless, responsible gaming and the new progressive jewel heist. As well, player loyalty and rewards (PLR) will show earning benefits and rewards, spending reward points, viewing account activity and two-way communication between the player and the PLR solution.

This year’s G2E booth will feature a social area called the orange lounge, where GTECH’s customers can connect with their favorite social networks. GTECH will also be giving customers and fans outside of Las Vegas up-to-the-minute updates through its social media lounge and blog. Be sure to come by and check out daily special activities and promotions.

GTECH offers customers sound expertise across all gaming segments and channels, which makes it a reliable partner now and into the future. This breadth and depth of experience gained over several decades makes it leaders in cross-channel convergence, offering a one-stop-shop for customers, no matter what their gaming needs are.

Key Executives: Patti Hart, IGT CEO
John Vandemore, IGT CFO
Eric Tom, IGT EVP Global Sales
Eric Berg, IGT COO
Joe Sigrist, IGT VP Game Development and Global Product Management
G2E Booth Number: 2139

When the gaming world converges in Las Vegas for G2E 2014, gaming entertainment giant IGT will be poised to continue the company’s rich history of leading and transforming the industry through meaningful innovation and thrilling gaming entertainment. From the fan-favorite MegaJackpots category to captivating core games, industry-leading video poker to savvy systems solutions, IGT will launch a smart, well-rounded product portfolio.

IGT will place a reinvigorated emphasis on the time-tested, player-approved theme, Wheel of Fortune, by truly reinventing the wheel with Wheel of Fortune® Jackpot Paradise™. This all-new MegaJackpots® game from out of the blue, sweeps players away to a tropical oasis where graphics are pristine and payouts are plentiful. Housed on the dazzling CrystalCore cabinet, Jackpot Paradise features a touch-screen interface and interactive bonus rounds. The 5-reel game introduces a playful symbol set including kiwis, coconuts, beaches, bananas and more. Players will take note of increased player communications and the scale-with-play progressives, in addition to the WAP top award. Unique to this game, the WAP is awarded from one of the game’s bonuses, the Jackpot Pick Bonus. IGT will further expand its MegaJackpots portfolio with exciting new games such as the third game in the highly-successful game series, James Cameron’s AVATAR™ Project Duo Wheel, the high-octane gaming ride that is Harley-Davidson® Open Road Video Slots, along with high-volatility gaming experiences Azure Dragon and Gold & Dragon.

IGT will also spotlight the company’s systems prowess with an elaborate, interactive systems area. Shining a light on the revenue-driving and excitement-building components of IGT’s rich systems portfolio, the company will feature the latest versions of several industry-leading systems including sbX 4.4, Advantage 9.2, Casinolink and a series of applications that complement both Advantage and Casinolink.

Building upon the company’s leadership in compelling core content, IGT will broaden its offerings in this category by introducing a diverse line-up of themes and play mechanics. IGT is ready to heat up the showroom with several new game series including Hot Roulette, Mega Free Games, Dynasty Edition and King Reels. Hot Roulette puts a new spin on IGT classics as it couples player-favorite themes Wolf Run and Enchanted Unicorn with bonus content that allow players to engage in a touchscreen roulette game in the top box. Mega Free Games will launch as a high-volatility, four-theme family that allows players to win up to a staggering 450 free games and choose their fortune by picking between mystery credits and free games in bonus play. IGT will also unveil the Dynasty Edition series—a revamped, refined and re-launched collection of several of the company’s top-performing titles including Wolf Run, Siberian Story and Treasure of Troy. The Dynasty Edition series merges original game features and math with enhanced characteristics, such as enhanced bonus content, pace and visuals.

When visiting IGT’s booth, visitors will be reminded why IGT remains a gaming entertainment leader. The company’s portfolio represents a smart breadth of products that meet the demands of today’s diverse player population and answers the many challenges of the operator community. IGT’s best-in-class product portfolio will transcend the company’s focus on the demands of today and will communicate an eye on the opportunities of tomorrow. Further, attendees will get a front row seat to see how IGT innovates with purpose and with vision.

Building off the momentum of last year’s new brand launch, IGT will boast a big, bold and blue booth that is packed end-to-end with exciting gaming innovation. Perfectly positioned in the heart of the convention floor, IGT’s booth is a must-see.

IGT will encourage show-goers to queue the line and fasten their belts when the company brings back the award-winning booth ride that was first introduced last year. The interactive, multimedia experience will explore IGT’s ongoing, ever-building millionaire-making legacy. The ride will bring to life the importance of the jackpot in the mind of the player and how it can be used as a tool to drive the industry.

Keeping with tradition, IGT will host a lively booth with on-going activity. Conveniently located in the center of the showroom floor, the booth invites attendees to stop by for tours, giveaways, roaming entertainment, swag and more.

AGEM Representative: Theodossios Engelis
Key Executives: Constantinos Antonopoulos, Group CEO
Socrates S. Kokkalis, Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ioannis Pantoleon, Group Chief Operating Officer
George Zenzefilis, Group Chief Products & Services Officer
Tom Little, President and CEO of INTRALOT Inc
Nikos Nikolakopoulos, President, Latin America, Western Europe & Africa
G2E Booth Number: 4419

At G2E Las Vegas, INTRALOT Interactive will showcase the latest in the Mobile Framework with emphasis in the patent-pending Mobile Lottery Application suite, a complete range of systems that support the management of players and VLT devices across wide area networks, the unique iGaming Platform of the company that seamlessly manages all player transactions under one wallet and unifies player experience across multiple channels, and the new series of gaming content under the TAPP IT! Family and Instant Win games that are delivered to players through multiple channels, including the group’s self service terminals and mobile devices.

INTRALOT Interactive is the trusted partner for those organizations that want to compete in a regulated interactive competitive environment, offering a unified player experience to their players. The company’s customers take advantage of the most robust, efficient and versatile gaming platform in the industry that seamlessly combines the retail, mobile and home users, connecting innovative gaming verticals and offering an unparalleled business support to the organization for optimal customer experience.

Members of the INTRALOT Group of companies capitalize on the company’s global footprint and the extensive and renowned customer base, to collect and advance best practices that provide the cornerstone of continued success with product and services design always at the industry forefront.

INTRALOT’s platforms’ open architecture and the build-by-design features allow for the best gaming content to be integrated in a seamless manner, provide significant benefits to its customers, who also wish to include their favorite third partner games. INTRALOT’s partner community program allows for the best content instantly available and fully-embedded solutions.

The company’s customers benefit from its partnership models that are designed to advance their operations, always centered around efficiency and customer centricity. INTRALOT believes that systems and human capital combined with the proven business models are the key success factors to compete and excel in the challenging and changing regulatory landscape ahead.

Konami Gaming Inc.
AGEM Representative: Annabelle Lee
Key Executives: Satoshi Sakamoto, President/CEO/Chairman
Steve Sutherland, CEO/Executive Vice President
Ryoichi Kimura, Chief Administrative Officer/Senior Vice President
Thomas A. Jingoli, Chief Compliance Officer/Senior Vice President
G2E Booth Number: 1154

This year at G2E, Konami will be presenting more new game themes than any other show to date, providing maximum flexibility and diversity of product for operators appealing to a wide range of markets. While Konami’s cabinets and platforms are known for their robust stability, it’s the quality of themes across its cabinet line-up that ranks Konami as top in the industry for game performance and revenue. The company’s latest video platform, KP3® is available in three main cabinets: classic Podium® upright or slant, extra-large Podium Goliath® and the tall-top Podium Monument™. Each of these cabinets leverage Konami’s vast library of high-performing games with unique, cabinet-specific extended features to enhance the base theme’s play experience and create variety on any casino floor.

For example, Gigantic Wheel of Winning™ will be unveiled at G2E and makes the most of Konami’s Goliath cabinet by combining players’ favorite KP3 themes with an oversized mystery wheel bonus. Conversely, guests at G2E will also see new standalone progressives such as Engine Ablaze™ and Pick Strike Quad™ on Podium Monument that use the 32-inch vertical top box to launch high-energy mystery games. Of course, many of Konami’s base game themes can be placed on the classic Podium cabinet with standalone progressives like Fiery Sun Burst™ or linked progressives like Rapid Blitz Riches™—both of which will be revealed this September.

And it doesn’t end with traditional slot themes and progressives. Konami’s SYNKROS® casino management system boasts a number of new features and tools for system-delivered community gaming, via tournaments and bonusing applications that bring yet another element of delight and surprise to casino patrons. Visitors at G2E will experience the full potential of SYNKROS’ True-Time Windowing™ technology, which allows operators to launch unique True-Time Tournament™ games on any video-based EGM. This functionality makes way for products like Konami’s new SynkStart™ real-time group tournaments—to complement its existing player-on-demand offering—and Battle Bonus™ interactive elimination-style community bonusing games.

With the flexibility to supply compelling games themes on multiple form factors, with interchangeable bonus progressives and even floor-wide community gaming through SYNKROS™, Konami gives operators the games they need to appeal to their customer base, diversify their floor and compete with an edge in their markets.

More than ever, casino operators are seeking new opportunities to impact an ever-expanding spectrum of audiences with gaming experiences that keep them coming back. Casinos across the nation are tapping into previously explored realms of marketing, communications, operations and systems technology that require a high level of flexibility and trust from gaming product manufacturers. This is why Konami customers recognize—and G2E attendees will discover—that Konami empowers them to get more from their floor. More than 100 different Konami game themes are in the line-up for G2E, allowing guests to experience the versatility of design, tone and feel that Konami accomplishes in each product. Far more than sheer volume of output, the company delivers an assurance of quality and performance that gaming executives and professionals know will produce strong returns.

Across the packed expanse encountered each year on the G2E show floor, Konami’s booth stands out as one that is always relaxed and inviting. With an abundance of new titles and a fantastic international selection available, guests are able to comfortably explore Konami’s 2014 line-up in a friendly, low-pressure environment. And being Konami, it’s always looking to infuse excitement and fun, so attendees should definitely plan to stop by.

Another high-profile G2E release that gaming professionals won’t want to miss is the new Slot Dispatching on the SYNKROS Konetic Mobile Employee App™. This iOS and Android-compatible mobile application harnesses the advantage of SYNKROS’ real-time data capabilities to empower casino personnel to discover and respond to customer needs in moments for optimal service and efficiency. The all-new Slot Dispatching specifically equips slot attendants and technicians with EGM alerts and service requisitions from anywhere on the property through their mobile device, further expanding Konetic Mobile’s powerful suite of on-site tools and notifications.

Konami’s Dungeons & Dragons® themed slot machines will also be making its G2E debut in the measure of grandeur and fanfare that would be expected for a fantasy franchise of decades-long worldwide acclaim. This recent KP3 Xtra Reward® title on Podium Monument will receive its own showcase display at Konami’s booth—complete with D&D logo premium chairs, custom glowing runes bezel, attention grabbing hand-painted 3D dragon toppers and rotating sign. Both available game themes, Conquests & Treasures™ and Enchanted Riches™, will be featured for adventurers at heart to explore.

Lastly, this year’s G2E attendees will be the first to see an exciting new set of games based on classic Konami amusement IP—a landmark announcement that will have people talking for years to come.

Multimedia Games
Key Executives: Pat Ramsey, CEO
Adam Chibib, CFO and President
Mick Roemer, Senior Vice President of Sales
G2E Booth Number: 1164

Taking center stage at this year’s booth will be the sheer volume of original titles from the Austin-based manufacturer. With 100 unique themes being shown from Multimedia Games’ vast library of games, it’s clear Multimedia means business when it comes to providing their customers and players with a constant stream of fresh content and experiences. From the entertainment-style games such as Kitty Riches™, Dachshund Dash™ and Goldilocks™, to the gambler-heavy themes like Power Elements™, Black Diamonds™ and Panda™, Multimedia is bringing a little something for everybody.

The high-limit room will be a highlight of the booth, showing a variety of mechanical and high denomination video titles, such as Crystal Jackpots® Smokin’ 777®, Warrior Legacy™ and Smokin’ Hot Gems™, as well as new titles for the premium Skyline™ mechanical reel series, Glitter Gulch™ and Double Jackpot Gems™. A popular theme amongst players nationwide is the vintage-inspired Starry Night® which is now being offered as high-denom video. Another title guaranteed to light casino floors on fire is Crystal Jackpots Smokin’ 777, a 3-reel, 9-line mechanical game featuring a 3-tier progressive and the Crystal Jackpots free spin bonus, which makes its first-ever appearance on mechanical reels.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and Multimedia is proving that adage true with the launch of The Texan HDX™, an oversized cabinet that can showcase any of the standard video themes from Multimedia’s game library. Being seen on the big screen for the first time will be the perennial favorites Mega Meltdown® and Starry Night HD, along with Night Hunters™. Standing at nearly eight feet tall, with two video screens measuring 42-inches, this giant of a cabinet will have players thinking bigger is better.

The Apex V™ Topper will make its debut at G2E this year as well, showcased on a bank of Must-Hit Jackpots™ themes, such as Star Dragon™, El Toro™ and Fast Money™. This new topper will attract players to these Must-Hit progressive banks, as players will be entertained watching animations move from screen to screen via the unique dual 15- inch video screen setup on each cabinet.

The High Rise Games® series continues to stand tall, as four new themes are exhibited, Queen of Diamonds™, Pirates Skull & Bones™, The Money Man Big Cash Spin™ and Smokin’ Hot Diamonds™. Players will be living like royalty with Queen of Diamonds, a 9-reel, 32-line theme featuring the never-before-seen Jackpot Jump™, where players pick from one of four cards to find a diamond-suited Jackpot Jump card or Queen of Diamonds card which will jump the progressive prize by one or two tiers. Two other High Rise Games, The Money Man Big Cash Spin and Super Jackpot Wheel, will have players taking their winnings for a spin through the innovative use of jackpot wheels in the bonuses. Players will be Enjoying the View™, as they chase supersized wins with the High Rise Games series.

Back and better than ever is the award-winning TournEvent® slot tournament system, complete with a wireless tablet option, the latest out-of-revenue game and new signage. With the wireless tablet option, casino operators will now be able to sign up players for tournaments remotely. This latest update will allow for a more efficient tournament registration and an overall better tournament experience for the casinos and players alike. Cash Boom Bang with 4 Reel Frenzy™ will take slot tournaments to the next level, as player screens will explode into four sets of reels once a bomb appears. Multimedia’s popular Jump to First™ and Pop-n-Win™ may occur during this time as well, resulting in a frenzy of thrills and bonus points for players.

Multimedia Games will continue to bring their own brand of Austin flair this year to G2E, showing 100 unique themes from their extensive game library, the latest titles for the premium cabinet Platinum MPX™, The Texan HDX, a new premium Texas-sized cabinet standing eight feet tall, the never-before-seen Apex V Topper featuring dual video monitors, and Cash Boom Bang®, the latest out-of-revenue game for the award-winning TournEvent system.

In addition to the new themes and high-limit room, the fully approved, award-winning Platinum MPX cabinet will be at G2E with six themes guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with players. The line-up includes last year’s newcomers, the award-winning Thundering Herd™ and Invasion 2: The Return™, along with two visually stunning games The Valkyries™ and Cabinet of Curiosities™. The final two games, Dracula™ and Haunted House® 2, feature such spooky artwork that Multimedia is giving G2E-goers an early Halloween treat in the form of a game-themed haunted house right in the booth to show them off.

Multimedia Games’ came to play this year with their expansive game library, the latest additions to their Player Cabinet Series, an Austintatious haunted house, and the wildly popular t-shirt bar. So come by the booth and Play Louder®. It’s just more fun.

In the midst of showing new titles, new cabinets and new signage, Multimedia will also be hosting the Championship of their 2014 National TournEvent of Champions tour. Come Oct. 1, 2014, at the Wynn’s XS Nightclub, the country will find out who’s taking home the crown and the title of the Nation’s Best Slot Tournament Player. Consisting of 123 players from 100 casinos, this epic fight to the finish will award $500,000 in cash prizes, with $200,000 going to first place alone. Multimedia is also offering live coverage of the event through their YouTube channel. That night will also kick off the countdown to the Million Dollar Event in 2015, where National TournEvent of Champions will award $1 Million to its National Champion on Sept. 30, 2015.

Video Gaming Technologies Inc.
AGEM Representative: James Starr, Executive Vice President of Sales
Key Executives: Jon Yarbrough, Founder & CEO
Pat Kellick, Chief Financial Officer
James Starr, Executive Vice President, Sales
Rodney Ratcliff, Executive Vice President, Operations
Doug Edwards, Chief Administrative Officer
G2E Booth Number: 3353
G2E Theme/Key Messages: At VGT, We Create Winners!®

VGT is proud to introduce a new library of video and stepper games on the XSpin® platform at G2E 2014. Visitors will learn about the platform’s versatility and how it’s revolutionizing Class II gaming with an immersive player experience complete with feature-rich titles, superior visual appeal, enhanced sound and more. New game titles in the spotlight include Cats in Action™, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot™, Charmed Destiny™, Roswell Diner™, Steel and Robby Justice No Relation™, Nosferatu™, Frankenstein® and Lizards on the Loose®.

The XSpin platform raises the bar with more game variety and wow factor compared to other Class II games, delivering on VGT’s promise to add competitive Class II video to its market-leading mechanical reel product lineup. In addition to the world-class, film-quality animation, the new game titles bring a level of edginess to gaming for players looking for something unique. Robust features to enhance interaction create an immersive player experience that rivals Class III gaming while retaining all of the operator benefits of Class II.

VGT’s new games include the hallmark Red Screen Free Spins®, one of the unique features that create intense player loyalty to VGT products.

Along with ensuring the best gaming experience for players, the XSpin® platform is designed with operators in mind. The platform utilizes the latest in solid state drive technology, decreasing load times and increasing reliability. The cabinet also is built with ease of access and serviceability in mind.

For more than 20 years, VGT has been one of the leading manufacturers of Class II games for tribal and emerging markets. VGT has created an unbeatable formula for success: We know our markets, we support our gaming partners and we constantly refine our games. This winning combination has ensured a stronghold for VGT in the competitive gaming market. VGT prides itself on creating exciting products. The result? Intense patron loyalty. Through the use of compelling graphics, innovative space-saving cabinet designs and hit ratios that keep players playing, VGT continues to create an experience in gaming that is on the cutting edge.

WMS A Scientific Games Company
AGEM Representative: Orrin Edidin
Key Executives: Gavin Isaacs, President and Chief Executive Officer of Scientific Games
Scott Schweinfurth, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Scientific Games
William J. Huntley, Executive Vice President and Group Chief Executive of Gaming
Orrin J. Edidin, Group Chief Executive of Interactive and Executive Vice President of WMS Industries Inc.
Sebastian Salat, President, International Gaming
Deron Hunsberger, Senior Vice President Northern Sales
G2E Booth Number: 1116
G2E Theme/Key Messages: WMS Gaming Inc.—Keeping Players in the Game™

At the 2014 Global Gaming Expo, WMS Gaming, a Scientific Games company, will showcase its commitment to helping customers attract players by combining groundbreaking technologies and exciting game content to create products designed to provide returns on casino operators’ investments by engaging players and attracting newcomers.

WMS is dedicated to providing value to casino operators by offering a wide range of gaming solutions and cabinet configurations. Leading the company’s cabinet offerings at G2E 2014 will be the Blade™ cabinet, currently among the industry’s strongest performing platforms thanks to superior graphics and increased player engagement enabled by its next-generation CPU-NXT3 operating platform. WMS plans to demonstrate the expansion of its extensive Blade cabinet content library with several new and groundbreaking for-sale games, including the Cool Jewels™, Double Buffalo Spirit™, Snow Leopard™ and Sweet Nothings™ themes. Two new Blade cabinet themes developed in follow-up to the player-popular OMG! Kittens™ game—the OMG! Puppies™ and OMG! Kittens Safari™ themes—will also make their G2E debut.

WMS will also showcase its Blade Stepper cabinet that represents a natural evolution of the proven-performing Blade platform. Specifically designed with the mechanical player in mind, the Blade Stepper cabinet brings the classic mechanical experience to the contemporary slot floor. Inspired by WMS’ best mechanical games, the Blade Stepper platform has the character and features stepper players seek—including vibrant mechanical reels that combine seamlessly with HD touch screens as well as beautiful glass artwork—while offering a refreshing elegance currently unseen in the stepper category. Among the new themes available for the Blade Stepper cabinet at G2E 2014 will be the The Best Things in Life, Hearts & Dreams™ and High Speed™ themes.

Also on display at G2E 2014 and available for the Blade Stepper cabinet will be the MONOPOLY™ Luxury Diamonds theme. Available as a 5- or 9-line game in wide area progressive and standalone progressive configurations, this product pairs the classic MONOPOLY board game with the jackpots players love. And for the first time on the Blade Stepper cabinet, the MONOPOLY Luxury Diamonds theme includes a mechanical wheel, features iconic boardgame properties.

A highlight of WMS’ appearance will be the debut of the Blade™ s23 cabinet, a next-generation slant cabinet that brings together dual 23-inch HD displays with the key player-favorite features of the upright Blade cabinet and the latest, high-performing Blade cabinet content. The versatile processor at the heart of the Blade s23 cabinet enables intensely fast boot times, superior graphic capabilities and advanced hybrid lighting packages with game-specific effects. Innovative design and fresh aesthetics leverage halo effect lighting to fully immerse players in the game for an engaging and exciting new Blade cabinet experience. The ergonomic slant is optimized for extended game play, and the minimized distance between the two 23-inch HD screens offers smooth reel animations across an array of custom content to further drive player engagement. Featured Blade s23 cabinet themes will include Double Buffalo Spirit™, Eagle Maiden™ and Exotic Butterfly™ themes.

The Blade xD 32 cabinet will debut at G2E, featuring dual 32 inch full HD displays with an ergonomically angled button panel tablet, and a projected capacitive touch screen for better gameplay integration. This new cabinet will launch with Hot Hot 8™ and Dragons over Nanjing™.

Beyond its class-leading gaming cabinets, WMS remains focused on expanding its strong library of branded content. Top-performing brands such as The Wizard of Oz™, Monopoly, Battleship, Powerball™, The Lord of the Rings™ and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory™ themes will be joined by several exciting new brands, including The Flintstones™, Mad Men™, Gremlins™, Elton John™, Elvis™ and Austin Powers™ themes. WMS is a leader in industry-changing gaming innovations to timeless brands along with differentiated hardware, allowing its customers to leverage loyalty with unique game play and player interaction.

Finally, with an eye toward international markets, WMS has upped its global support and brand presence through a stronger focus on local preferences, multigame solutions, increased LAP offerings and a new direct-to-market approach. In Australia and Peru, WMS increased its investment and focus by going direct-to-market, expanding our customer-facing sales team and dedicating a local product development studio to the Australian market. WMS has also expanded its international teams, most notably by combining WMS’ and Scientific Games’ efforts in Mexico, Australia, Peru and Europe. WMS’ display of globally targeted products, at G2E 2014, will demonstrate the results of these efforts.

WMS has built its position as an industry leader by launching some of the highest performing and most innovative products for casino floors. WMS remains a clear industry thought leader, thanks to its efforts to understand the player. The company invites G2E attendees to an event at which Vice President and Design Chief Allon Englman will present findings on how casino operators and gaming suppliers can work together to offer an entertainment experience that attracts newcomers, keeps core players happy, and provides financial gains for the casinos.

At G2E 2014, through its treasury of world-class products across multiple gaming platforms, a deep commitment to customer service and a clear vision of the future, WMS stands ready to help its customers attract players and keep them engaged.

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