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Abbiati Casino Equipment
AGEM Representative: Giorgio Abbiati
G2E Booth Number: 3826

Abbiati Casino Equipment is privately owned by the Abbiati family and is based in Turin, Italy. Abbiati has been in business since 1976 and offers a full turnkey solution for the casino industry. The company’s consistent growth and success stands as a witness of its continued commitment to deliver high quality, flawless products and services. Abbiati’s key products are security chips, plaques and jetons (including RFID 13,56 MHz PJM technology), American and European roulette wheels (GLI-25 certified, including patented laser technology), customized design tables, displays, chairs, wool and microfiber layouts, cards and all gaming accessories.

During the last years, Abbiati has invested a lot of resources and efforts in the enchantment of its casino currency products line. It concentrated on the research and development of new advanced security features to make Abbiati products strong against counterfeiting. The brand-new range of the casino currency products will be presented by the company during the G2E show in Las Vegas.

During the show, Abbiati will also display a number of tables that were designed and manufactured using new innovative materials, along with the high-precision American roulette wheels with laser technology, accomplished with a number of Winning Number displays.

AGEM Representative: Albert Radman
G2E Booth Number: 3639

Every year Alfastreet introduces new products at G2E Las Vegas, and this year will be the same. Alfastreet is proud to show its latest achievements, such as the Wiky terminal (soon to be ready for the market) that is its latest addition to single terminal pallet. It offers new technology and a futuristic and enormous screen (32 inches). Alfastreet will also show Roulette R4, which brings the possibility of using smaller space venues to casinos. Alfastreet products are recognizable by their distinct design, are made of high-quality materials and are also extremely technologically advanced. Alfastreet can easily adapt to the local environment necessities and are therefore present all over the world.

Alfastreet’s booth at G2E Las Vegas will carry the celebratory spirit of its 20th anniversary, and the company is looking forward to sharing that with visitors.

Amatic Industries GmbH
AGEM Representative: Andreas Hofer
G2E Booth Number: 4016

The Austrian company AMATIC Industries has been a leading player in the international casino and gambling market for more than 20 years. AMATIC designs and runs casinos worldwide, develops a wide range of games, manufactures high-tech casino cabinets, video lottery terminals and electronic roulette, creates individual jackpot and casino management systems and offers online gaming solutions. A global network of partners enables perfect market penetration and the ultimate in customer relations.

AMATIC will present its newest generation of gaming equipment, such as upright and slant top casino cabinets and video lottery terminals. Each machine is characterized by attractive design, premium workmanship, latest technology (e.g. TITO) and especially because of unbeatable gaming quality. As AMATIC is a master of the multigame, G2E attendees can expect a strong impression of recent in-house game developments. Another highlight will be the remarkable range of AMATIC’s fully automatic electronic roulette. The Roulette Grand Jeu is available in five, six, eight or even the unique double-wheeled 10 player configuration. Visitors can check out AMATIC’s new dynamic jackpot and casino management systems, which increase attractiveness as well as security during the whole gambling operation. Last but not least, AMATIC will point out its competence in the important online and mobile gaming market. At G2E, the company shows its latest solutions of online casino platforms and integrated game content.

Astro Corp.
AGEM Representative: Nick Chiu

Astro Corp. is focusing on providing the gaming industry and customers the newest technologies on table gaming, slot machines and video lottery terminals. With recently acquired GLI certification on the HotSpot enhanced SICBO table, Astro Corp. is looking forward to offering gaming industry the most stable technology in SICBO table, mainly focusing on Macau market. HotSpot SICBO creates mystery bonuses on each shake, randomly selected HotSpot could offer from the range of double, triple, quadruple and quintuple bonuses. Imagine a players’ excitement if they hit the hot spots that brought them five times their winning wager. Astro Corp. will also present a 46-inch multi-touch LCD with flashy animations for five players on each side, able to extend to two tables for 10 players total. The table manager system within HotSpot SICBO offers the casino operators security and accurate tracking stats of player hands. The system is also compatible with IGT and Bally software. TRONO DX offers the most comfortable playing space you could ever have. The VIP slot machine comes with a massage chair unit and 22-inch TFT dual touch screen for relaxation in your VIP lounge.

AGEM Representative: Olivia Chiang

Bingotimes is a leading casino gaming machine manufacturer established in 1992. Bingotimes is best known for the Robotic Arm Series and the outstanding automatic shuffler. In 2014, the latest Entertainment Series and the dual rail bingo machine have aroused widespread attention on the market. New games are constantly released for player satisfaction, with the selection of all games in one terminal.

Bingotimes classic Robotic Series provide automatic dealing device that deals the card by the electronic robotic arm. Bingotimes’ R200 Automatic Robotic Arm Series is able to play many card games such as baccarat, blackjack, tequila poker and others such as sic bo and roulette. The machine, which was designed for poker games, is installed with two automatic shufflers. The individual shuffler is now GLI-29 approved with more durability and reliability. It is able to shuffle up to eight decks of cards at the same time. There are eight modes of shuffling to choose from. Players are able to see the fully transparent process.

The newly launched electric coin pusher of the Entertainment Series is designed for the Chinese market and amusement places for both parents and children. One computer is able to link up to four stations, therefore saving cost. The machine is small and easy to carry with three different sizes of monitors to fit different venue sizes.

Boss Gaming
AGEM Representative: Sandi Marinic

Boss Gaming is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of electromechanical roulettes and other gaming devices. GREATPLAN LTD is the parent company, and it has been based in England since 2004; its development and engineering are based in Slovenia, as well as sales offices in the United States, Mexico and Colombia. Boss Gaming products are sold in many countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Boss Gaming roulette games are the result of a fusion of the best European technology and its unique and modern design. All Boss Gaming products are approved by international laboratories to comply 100 percent with the standards of quality and safety as well as performance. The products are registered in every jurisdiction where Boss Gaming does business to comply with local regulations and offer to customers the best products in their markets.

Cadillac Jack
AGEM Representative: Gina Lanphear
G2E Booth Number: 2253

Cadillac Jack’s newest product portfolio is a powerhouse of ingenuity with lofty performance metrics and entertaining new game themes. Highlights include Goddess Treasures™, four Goddess series games that unite to electrify profits, and PowerXStream™, Cadillac Jack’s highest performing new series of 2014, which features a variety of new game mechanics.

PowerXStream is a collection of games electrifying casinos across the nation. Operators are experiencing real profits as this exciting series continues to perform at levels 52 percent above house average. Unique feature sets give each PowerXStream game their own Xfactor. Power Blocks™ feature oversized versions of the symbols which are three reels wide and four rows deep, allowing for wins of three, six, nine or 12 symbols. PowerXStream Turbo Boost™ boosts the base game’s potential with the addition of mystery progressives.

Discover Goddess Treasures, a stunningly beautiful series of games available as a linked progressive. Your players will harness the power of the goddesses in this mythical series. Four strong and beautiful Goddesses rule their unique base games but unite to electrify profits as part of the Goddess Treasures multi-level progressive link. Watch your revenues soar.

Cammegh Limited
G2E Booth Number: 4230

Cammegh Limited will show its world-leading roulette wheels, displays and its brand new Billboard Multiboard Mini feature, which displays the results of the other roulette tables on each roulette display. This innovative feature allows players to observe the games results on other tables, even those out of immediate view to the players. This will enable them to follow trends not only on the table they’re playing at, but also keep tabs on other roulette tables on the gaming floor.

Visitors to the Cammegh stand at G2E 2014 will appreciate the high quality of the roulette wheels and displays and will appreciate that the Billboard platform is suitable for all table games, be it roulette, baccarat, blackjack, three card poker, etc. The Billboard platform simplifies product management at the casino, as all games and game logic from multiple input devices can be stored on a single hardware platform. This means that casinos can adapt quickly as gaming demands vary during the year.

Cammegh also will be exhibiting its unique roulette side bets, in the form of Lucky Symbols and Double Shot. These games have proved to be extremely popular in casinos around the world, including South Africa and Australia, and have delivered new business at high house edge to roulette tables.

CG Technology

CG Technology is a preeminent technology company providing innovative technological products for gaming-related industries including casinos, integrated resorts, cruise lines and lottery companies. It provides private networks, systems, operations, management services, system licensing and hardware and software design and development.

CG Technology operates eight race and sports books in Las Vegas, including M Resort Spa Casino, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, the New Tropicana Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, The Palazzo Lagasse’s Stadium, The Venetian Las Vegas, Palms Casino Resort and Silverton Casino. International partners include Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Celebrity Cruises and Logrand Group in Mexico.

CG Technology is a leader in providing mobile gaming technology for casino-style games, and mobile sports wagering technology in the state of Nevada and internationally, via Android™ and Apple® compatible applications. In August 2014, CG Technology launched CG Sports, its updated mobile sports wagering app for Apple® and Android™ devices. CG Sports offers users an even broader selection of wagering options including futures bets, proposition bets and parlays and a user-friendly way to place bets, view active and past bets, as well as efficiently manage their wallet. These features are supported by a redesigned user interface that offers enhanced functionality and a more intuitive experience.

Cole Kepro International
AGEM Representative: Chris Colwell
G2E Booth Number: 4953

For more than 20 years, Cole Kepro has been an innovative partner to the gaming industry—from the small startup desiring personal engineering services with turnkey capabilities to the major manufacturer who needs high volume cabinet fabrication and assembly while providing great service. At this year’s G2E CKI will be introducing the Evolver-X, an advanced cosmetic layout of a proven product customers have demanded across the country. Evolver-X continues the positioning of CKI products as reliable, ergonomic and cost effective to all size customer partners. Evolver-X starts with interchangeable curved accent lighting on the main door cheeks, which provides the marketing benefit of visual appeal, and inside it provides the technician the benefit of a highly efficient interior electrical design. Its button panel can be completely customized to meet the jurisdictional or game play requirements. Through the efforts of CKI engineers, your company can select a cabinet with an integrated CPU logic box harness design that is plug-and-play. The company calls it FastTrack ™ and Evolver-X provides that capability. Come see the Evolver-X this year and make your next cabinet selection easier.

Euro Games Technology
G2E Booth Number: 4046

EGT is a well-established company with a worldwide reputation of being a reliable partner providing quality branded products. EGT has headquarters in Bulgaria and offices spread around Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The attendees of G2E will witness EGT’s growth and the company’s new products that put EGT among the top manufacturers with a wide range of gaming products. The company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of slot games, gaming machines, jackpot systems, electronic roulettes, blackjack tables and mobile play stations.

Galaxy Gaming Inc.
AGEM Representative: Ken Dickinson
G2E Booth Number: 4447

Feel the rush with Galaxy Gaming’s line-up of exciting new games unveiling at G2E 2014.

2014 is going to be Galaxy Gaming’s biggest year ever, and the company can’t wait for you to feel the rush at G2E. Experiencing monumental growth, combined with the development of several outstanding new table games, Galaxy Gaming has increased its ability to create the excitement you expect for your casino floor. Some of these games will be introduced exclusively at G2E, and of course the world-renowned products that established Galaxy Gaming as an industry leader will also be present.

Feel the rush players will feel and play a hand at everything from Texas Hold’em variation, WPT Heads-Up Hold’em, Commission Free-Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow Poker and award-winning favorites, High Card Flush, 21+3 Blackjack and more. Additionally, the electronically enhanced table game platform, Bonus Jackpot System and the improved TableMAX e-table and popular Bonus Craps side bet will be available for attendees to explore.

Be sure to stop by the booth for your personal introduction to the hottest new games and to talk about what the future holds for Galaxy Gaming and its innovative products.

Gamblit Gaming
AGEM Representative: Marcus Yoder
G2E Booth Number: 4423

Gamblit Gaming will be introducing a real money gaming technology platform that enables mobile and online game developers to add real money gaming elements to their game. Through the platform, developers are able to offer a brand new wagering and entertainment experience without having to worry about the regulated gaming required aspects or compliance issues. Gamblit handles the licensing and regulation elements, the “gamblification” of the entertainment game, KYC, fraud management, e-wallet and any gaming related customer service so that the game developer can concentrate solely on creating great games. In addition, Gamblit will also be providing demos of its games that show how wagering is integrated seamlessly into the entertainment game.

Digital natives, mobile-centric, surrounded with entertainment options, always seeking new experiences, easily bored and with one thing in common: they are all gamers. The number one thing the 21- to 45-year-old audience is doing is playing games. There is a huge opportunity for operators by providing gaming experiences they recognize and want. Gamblit technology can interest a new audience (21-45 years old) by bridging the gap between mobile games and the gaming industry.

The Gamblit technology platform provides all regulated gaming required features in a manner that insulates the entertainment portion of a game from the wagering aspects. The platform also allows users to seamlessly transition from virtual credit gameplay to real money wagering via multi-modal operations that handle virtual currency gaming, real money gaming, in-application purchases and other virtual item management tasks.

Gaming Support
AGEM Representative: Don Baugh
G2E Booth Number: 2911

The Gaming Support booth is focused on exhibiting products that bring excitement to the casino floor. With the onset of cashless gaming, it is important to celebrate winners and bring the luck in winning back to the players. Gaming Support’s products are designed with that purpose in mind.

The company will show how the award-winning media systems products provide shared celebrations for increased excitement. People love to see winners, and Gaming Support’s products make that happen. Video screens and environmental effects come alive during a jackpot. Designed for both enterprise-wide solutions and bank-level solutions, there is a size that can be tailored for every application.

Its newest scalable Jackpot Controller product will be presented, along with a secured wireless application running on an iPad. See how easy it is to manage the progressive and mystery jackpot links across an entire operation from the palm of your hands.

Casino operators will see how the BonusBox increases time on device and average win while bringing excitement to their slot banks. The BonusBox generates new interest in your average-earning machines by adding more ways to win. The BonusBox has already proven itself successful to a large list of operators in North America, Europe and Asia.

Glory Global Solutions
G2E Booth Number: 5235

Glory Global Solutions has a solution for all areas of a casino. The company is the global manufacturer of cash management equipment and cash management software for all casino sectors: cage automation, casino floor kiosk solutions, cages, count room processing, employee bank processing solutions, accounting reconciliation and non-gaming enterprises such as food and beverages.

Grand Vision Gaming
G2E Booth Number: 2623

Grand Vision Gaming is showcasing its new comfort-oriented, entertainment-driven, XVR Slant with 23-inch cinematic upper and lower touch screens and a slim 28-inch-wide footprint. The XVR will be loaded with the latest software from Nevada, Montana, Louisiana and South Dakota markets. This comprehensive collection consists of exciting bonus and standard pokers, math and theme driven slots and industry changing, multi-bonusing keno content. Attendees will walk away with a revolutionized view of what modern kenos can offer beyond the unimaginative, traditional models of the past.

Grand Vision Gaming (GVG) LLC is a designer and manufacturer of Class III Video Gaming Machines. Established in 2008, GVG boasts a development team responsible for creating revolutionary gaming products that employ state of the art technology, highly interactive and imaginative game themes and proprietary cabinetry. The four principals of GVG have a combined industry experience of nearly 100 years, with extensive experience in the manufacture and operation of gaming devices throughout the Montana market, as well as the licensed jurisdictions of Nevada, South Dakota and Louisiana. GVG has recently partnered with Ruby Seven Studios, an industry leader in social and casual gaming, to bring some of GVG’s casino based games to the social gaming world.

Incredible Technologies
AGEM Representative: Richard Ditton
G2E Booth Number: 4459

Incredible Technologies (IT) will be debuting its groundbreaking new gaming platform and upright cabinet, Infinity® U23, at G2E this year. Infinity represents what IT is calling the foundation for its future with its radical lighting effects, powerful system capabilities and sleek new shape. Additionally, IT will showcase dozens of new games and a revamped product strategy featuring its new E-Play™, V-Pro™ and I-Series™ family of games.

2014 has been a year of focus, determination and growth for IT as the Infinity U23 sees its national debut at G2E only after topping performance charts in its six-month beta test period. The company has made a pledge that it will only show the most proven products and titles in its tradeshow program and is proud to point to its successful 2014 track record. Initial Infinity buyers at the G2E show will receive one-time rollout pricing for orders placed on or before the show.

IT President and CEO Elaine Hodgson said IT is using G2E as a time to show to the world that the Chicago-based game manufacturer is here to stay. “After years of hard work and persistence, we now have a solid catalog of game titles that are earning their share at over 150 casino floors worldwide. Combine that momentum with the overwhelming buzz of our new Infinity U23 cabinet and G2E 2014 has the making of being a meaningful turning point for our future.”

Inspired Gaming Group
AGEM Representative: Harmen Brenninkmeijer
G2E Booth Number: 2016

Inspired Gaming Group (Inspired) is the leading EU supplier of next generation SBG Video Lottery technology and the leading supplier worldwide of Virtual Sports for lottery and sports betting across 30,000 venues and more than 200 websites in 33 countries.

As one of the first suppliers to launch new games simultaneously across all channels in the U.K., Inspired will be exhibiting its latest innovations in cross-channel entertainment at G2E. Inspired will be presenting its new mobile HTML5 games White Knight and Goddess of the Amazon, its 10th Virtual Sport ‘Virtual Basketball,’ and its Multi-Screen Virtual Football product—currently live in China.

Inspired will be demonstrating its Virtual Sports Bet Management System (BMS), BetBOX™ and attendees will learn why Inspired’s high frequency Virtual Sports and Numbers Games are proven to add 10-15 percent to sportsbook revenues.

Inspired will also be showcasing new slot games for its major Video Lottery (VLT) markets, offering demonstrations of its G2S compliant SBG VLT technology for private or government lottery operators, including its Core CDW—Centrally Determined Wins—system. There will also be opportunity to learn about Inspired’s new HTML5 games and its flexible Remote Game Server (RGS), Virgo™.

Inspired will be running a daily Virtual Sports Betting Competition on its booth—come and place a bet for the chance to win an iPad Mini.

AGEM Representative: Lauren O’Brien
G2E Booth Number: 1439

Interblock will introduce the StarBar, a beautiful solution designed for installation into a bar top counter. It can be connected to all Interblock Mechanical Generators, the Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge and the Interblock Live Tables. The G5 StarBar can also be a stand-alone gaming device with a built in generator. The player controls the game through a touch-sensitive display. The display shows each player’s actions and the state of the game (placing of bets, winning number, progress of the game cycle, “Call attendant” messages). Players at the individual G5 StarBar may increment their credit by either bills or tickets and receive payouts in form of tickets or hand-pay when printing the ticket is not available. The G5 StarBar is built to accommodate a large, touch-sensitive LCD display with a separate button-deck LCD display. A wide range of Interblock games will be available on the G5 StarBar, including Interblock roulette (Single Zero and Double Zero), multi-hand blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, Pop’N poker, keno and craps. Interblock side bets also will be available. Interblock also will show new configurations of the hit from last year, the MiniStar Roulette in a five-, eight- and 10-seat configuration with all-new sign packages.

Just like in the previous years, attendees can expect to walk away from the Interblock booth feeling as if Interblock is ahead of the technological curve by creating modern, sleek and advanced gaming solutions for every casino floor.

International Gold Club
AGEM Representative: Eduardo Ramirez

Gold Club is a growing, ambitious company which, through employee synergy, creates innovative products. The company established itself in almost all the world markets early in its history, shortly thereafter becoming one of the largest global producers of gaming devices. Currently, Gold Club is present in 100 countries on all continents of the world. It has subsidiaries in numerous countries with a wide net of distributors, agents and after sales centers providing care for smooth operations and uninterrupted service for customers.

Gold Club is not merely gaming devices; Gold Club consists of people who care for their customers’ satisfaction through technical support, adaptability and customer relations management. Gold Club can boast of an internationally developed network of after sales service providers of qualified technicians for the installation and maintenance of roulette machines and are present in a large number of countries. Gold Club’s after-sales service also comprises 24-hour support, ensuring the correct operation of its products and rapid and effective solutions of technical issues.

The strength of its company lies in teamwork and synergy of all areas that constitute order to achieve goals, to maintain an interesting offer to the players and to satisfy our direct customers.

Intervision Gaming
AGEM Representative: Israel Castillo Napurí

With years of high-tech experience and state-of-the-art design, Intervision produces and develops world-class revolutionary gaming products for markets worldwide. Intervision is successfully becoming the leaders in the industry. Intervision offers stimulating game play with rich graphics and is continuously striving for the ultimate player experience.

Intervision creates and produces a variety of technologically advanced gaming products and systems. Over an extensive period of time, Intervision is gaining its footprint in the electronic gaming world due to the high-tech key technology assets. Intervision is proud to have grown through its proven track record and has employees in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, South Africa, South America and the United States.

Intervision is committed to the design and development of cutting-edge gaming products for markets worldwide and has been able to successfully adapt to different markets with varied demands. The company’s vision is to achieve recognition as a world-class supplier of the highest quality products with service and reliability to match. Its mission is to provide products that are innovative and entertaining to the player and most importantly result in revenue growth for customers.

Intervision is committed to expanding its product throughout the gaming world by creating and maintaining new market opportunities. World-class innovations, together with people that have a passion for the industry, deliver everything that is needed for a stable gaming floor.

AGEM Representative: Lina Agudelo
G2E Booth Number: 3430

With the completion of the 65,000-square-foot Miami facility, iSMS welcomes people to see the latest slot machines, many of which are not available to other resellers. Being authorized by major manufacturers enables iSMS to give customers a worry-free machine.

iSMS is well-known for only carrying a stock of registered machines by manufacturers’ standards. Its refurbishment experts are raising the bar by applying new techniques that not only assures top-performing product, but also make iSMS a manufacturer-authorized slot machine refurbishing establishment. At the time of sale, customers will have the certainty that the machines bring the iSMS seal of approval and the manufacturer-necessary licenses to have top-operating machines.

Iverson Gaming Systems
AGEM Representative: Matthew Brown
G2E Booth Number: 2609

Iverson Gaming’s latest solution takes player tracking mobile, breaking the paradigm of tethering a player to a fixed location, where the player can only see personalized offers and rewards via the display closest to the card reader. With its patent-pending technology, casinos liberate the guest from the player’s card but still track their play and connect in more places with more personalized exchanges.

After visiting Iverson’s booth, attendees will walk away with knowledge about business “intelligence.” It’s not really intelligent to make meaningful decisions based on data when entire portions of those data are missing. That is, player tracking inferences might be relevant when only considering the players who are actually tracked, but casinos are not tracking every guest.

Iverson Gaming Systems’ core technology was cultivated in a unique environment where every guest is known. In the cruise ship industry, every single passenger is accounted for with a full profile—from their age and gender to their nationality and language preference—whether they game or not. The lessons that can be learned in this environment are astonishing, and they apply equally well to land-based properties.

Iverson Gaming Systems is taking these unique cruise industry lessons and bringing them shore-side. The company is currently evaluating land-based beta sites that are excited about pioneering mobile technology.

Jumbo Technology Co. LTD
G2E Booth Number: 323

Jumbo has launched a new brand this year in 2014—The Alphabet brand is born. Gaming has a new face—Alphabet is proud to present its products ranging from sic bo, roulette and baccarat to slot machines. With arcade-like gaming stations that have high-definition graphics, embedded sounds and atmospheric lighting combined with master control programs, Alphabet provides a one-of-a-kind gaming extravaganza. Alphabet is a technical marvel and a design masterpiece that transports the player into a world of adventure that challenges the senses, stimulates curiosity and awakens gladiatorial instincts.

Gama Technology, Jumbo’s strategic partner, offers a brand-new system that can be web-based and, on top of all, extremely user-friendly. The system is the heart of a casino; it links all machines together. The new GAMA II system provides a visual casino that is color-coded for the status for both machines and members. It also provides analyzed reports and easy cashier handling process. 2014 is an exciting and challenging year for Jumbo.

Jumbo aims to provide a whole package for its clients, providing the total solution, which includes gaming machines, to casino management systems. Jumbo’s products are user-friendly, multi-functional and have a high-fashion, edgy appearance. Attendees will leave the booth with an adventurous experience with Jumbo products and also feel the positive and amazing energy that Jumbo brings.

Matsui America Inc.
AGEM Representative: Katsuhiro Mizutani
G2E Booth Number: 2835

Matsui America is excited to present the Alaska terminal, which provides remote game on real roulette wheels with live video stream. Also featured will be a new RFID system that has the ability to validate and authenticate high-value gaming chips; with counterfeit chips on the rise using this system will help in combating this problem.

The number one priority for the Matsui team is to always provide great customer service and also provide enough information about its products, so the customer knows what benefits the Matsui products can offer.

Design your own chip is an application the customer can use to create their own chips by selecting the mould and adding the colors; there are 43 colors to select from. This application makes it easy for the customer to see how the final product will turn out.

AGEM Representative: Adolfo de los Rios

Electronic Bingo Spain, SA, is part of the group of companies METRONIA, which has dedicated its activity to the gaming sector (Bingo and Gaming Machines) since 1985.

The experience of the group of companies forms one of the largest in the world market. In 20 years, Metronia Group has installed about 5,000 machines in gaming halls worldwide, consolidating its leadership position in the gaming industry and expanding the range of entertainment, mainly through the amusement and gaming machines.

Recently, these companies have been devoting much effort to the development and implementation of alternative bingo games, designed for installation and operation as amusement and gaming machines, including electronic bingo.

Electronic Bingo Spain, SA’s headquarters and factory are located in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, where the group has more than 3,500 square meters of premises, provided with the necessary industrial facilities for the proper development of manufacturing, R&D, technical, commercial, administrative and management service. In addition to local companies, Metronia has premises in other territories where it operates to meet its business needs and techniques.

Modern Gaming Inc.
AGEM Representative: Lynne Cochran
G2E Booth Number: 4018

For more than 22 years, Modern Gaming, a licensed gaming manufacturer and distributor, has provided a full range of products and services to the regulated casino industry. Modern’s products include sales and service support of new and refurbished gaming machines, bill acceptors, printers, monitors, ticket redemption kiosks, barcode reconciliation, casino seating, furnishings, electronic parts, table games and accessories.

Modern’s experienced technical service includes a broad range support, including on-site technical support for casino openings; on-site skilled technical labor for the installation of machines, machine PM’s, player tracking upgrades, carpet moves, game moves or any other onsite technical project that requires support exceeding current staffing levels; and a full-service repair center with a highly trained and experienced board level repair technical staff, accommodating in-warranty or out-of-warranty repairs for most electronic components, including board level troubleshooting and repair, peripheral repair and refurbishment, LCD diagnosis and repair, power supply repair and more.

NYX Gaming Group
G2E Booth Number: 4023

NYX is proud to announce the NYX Digital Gaming System at G2E this year. The NYX DGS is an enterprise gaming system built specifically for brick-and-mortar casinos looking to extend their brand beyond the walls of their casino while leveraging the available regulated mobile and iGaming options in their local jurisdiction. Whether it’s play-for-fun, social casino (with virtual currency revenue and brick-and-mortar rewards), on-property mobile gaming or real money iGaming, the NYX DGS is the most open and manufacturer-agnostic platform available. This year at G2E NYX also will unveil 26 new slot titles allowing the American public its first glimpse of NYX’s European road tested and highly performing games.

Attendees will walk away with the knowledge that Europe’s leading and award-winning casino software supplier of 2013 has arrived in America with iGaming, social casino and content solutions specifically designed for the U.S. casino market. NYX has not simply converted its European products. NYX engineers have spent the last two years building new systems tailored specifically for the U.S. market. Attendees will also see how the large suite of modern games work across all digital formats.

Patriot Gaming & Electronics Inc.
AGEM Representative: Mark Komorowski
G2E Booth Number: 3450

Patriot Gaming is continually adding product based on customer needs and is proud to announce new distributorships with Gary Platt chairs and Aromasys casino products. Patriot Gaming will introduce and hold demonstrations for the BetCasher Ticket Redemption Kiosk. There also will be detailed information for new LED facility lighting products, as well as large-format LCDs. Attendees will be shown a great representation of its vast selection of products, services and, most importantly, the friendly and dedicated sales staff. Patriot Gaming is focused on providing the gaming industry with a wide variety of products, alternatives, low-cost solutions and unprecedented service. The company’s expanded inventory has more than 15,000 different, new and used gaming parts. Paired with the company’s ability to buy and sell used gaming devices and parts, Patriot has everything you need when you need it.

Quixant USA Inc.
AGEM Representative: Amit Sharma
G2E Booth Number: 2430

Quixant will be showcasing the new QXi-50 at G2E 2014. The QXi-50 is based around the new AMD Embedded R-Series Bald Eagle with integrated AMD RadeonTM HD 9000 Series graphics. This is paired with an on-board AMD Radeon E8860 discrete GPU with 2GB GDDR5 frame buffer memory. The QX-50 supports up to 10 screens and is Ultra HD 4K compatible. The QX-50 will be the first gaming platform available to offer exhilarating features included on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, such as Graphics Core Next (GCN), HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture), hUMA (Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Architecture) and AMD Mantle API. Quixant’s PCI Express® based gaming I/O and NVRAM is integrated, while Quixant’s comprehensive software libraries and drivers accelerate the process of interfacing with a wide range of peripherals and accessories. Quixant’s technology is designed to meet the requirements of gaming regulations in all major global markets.

Quixant is focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of all-in-one computing platforms for the pay-to-play gaming industry. Visitors to Quixant’s stand will meet the team who would be delighted to explain how Quixant can enable customers to utilize the latest technology, maximize product lifetimes and accelerate time to market with market-leading games.

Reel Games, Inc.
AGEM Representative: Sean Smith
G2E Booth Number: 4046

Reel Games, Inc. (RGI) is a leading distributor for several well-known manufacturers, including Euro Game Technology (EGT), Inspired Gaming Group, Franco, Amatic and Zuum for North America and the Caribbean. RGI will demonstrate a host of new gaming products from these manufacturers at G2E 2014. New products will include multigame video slots with new pay tables, multiple platform choices, both video and stepper products and an exciting new multiplayer roulette system.

Attendees who visit the Reel Games booth will walk away with the confidence that Reel Games can deliver multiple quality products focused on the demographics for any casino. Reel Games provides slot machines, multiplayer systems, progressive jackpot systems and signage to North American and Caribbean casino customers.

The licensing agreements RGI finalized over the last six months will provide customers with a host of new and unique products previously unavailable to the U.S. market.

Table Trac, Inc.
AGEM Representative: Glenn J. Goulet
G2E Booth Number: 2735

Table Trac will unveil its real-time patron management alerting system, which provides casino marketers and casino hosts with the information they need to reward, excite and motivate players right on the gaming floor. With real-time alerts—delivered via smartphones and tablet devices—casino marketers can tap into the birthdays, anniversaries and other special events for key players right on the gaming floor. Most important, the real-time patron management alerting system identifies when players reach certain milestones. For instance, a real-time alert when a player crosses into a new player club level (i.e. going from a gold- to diamond-level player). The system also allows marketers to design promotions on-the-fly, on-the-floor using their smartphone and tablet devices.

Attendees will know Table Trac casino management systems work upon leaving the booth. Table Trac casino management and table games systems are now in more than 50 casinos worldwide, including 17 international properties in the Caribbean, Latin and South America. Its systems have been reviewed, tested and certified by independent testing labs such as GLI and BMM Compliance. The systems are reliable, scalable, customizable—and, most importantly, affordable.

U1 Gaming
AGEM Representative: Michael Eide

U1 Gaming designs and manufacturers unique multi-game video gaming machines for placement on a participation basis in Nevada and Montana. In addition to high-resolution graphics and animation and a variety of novel player features, the large library of keno, poker and reel games offer what is termed “Fair Pay.” With Fair Pay, the theoretical payback percentage is displayed to the player, and payback percentage increases with each higher bet. Games no longer need to be offered in multiple denominations; a player can bet in penny, nickel or quarter increments or $1, $5 or even $20 increments within each game.

In Montana, U1 Gaming machines out-earn all other manufacturers on a per-machine basis and have done so for the last 28 consecutive quarters. In Nevada, U1 machines have developed an avid following of primarily local players, and can be found in all Dotty’s locations statewide, certain Gambler’s Bonus locations in the Las Vegas area, and a number of other casinos across the state.

Win Systems
AGEM Representative: Eric Benchimol

With more than 20 years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry, Win Systems’ main motivation continues to be making management easy: convenient, reliable and secure for each client. Win Systems’ approach is H2H (human 2 human) because the company excels in creating a unique solution for each client. Not all customers’ needs are equal, and solutions are designed to facilitate the management of each casino with a tailor-made solution.

Among Win Systems’ flagship products is WIGOS, its casino management system. Robustness, reliability and security are the attributes that best define the WIGOS system, combined with a user-friendly interface. WIGOS interconnects thousands of electronic gaming machines in more than 160 casinos worldwide.

WASS, Win Systems’ Slot Accounting System, offers a connectivity solution for all route-based machines. WASS manages the interconnection of all types of gaming machines for optimum control and monitoring.

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