TCSJOHNHUXLEY and the World Cup Craze in South Africa

This summer in South Africa, the streets are lined with fans, the cars are lined with flags and the table games are covered with customized layouts. It is all in the name of soccer—or football, as fans from outside of the U.S. call it. South Africa is hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which runs through July 11.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been preparing for the games since January, in the form of a marketing campaign featuring customized layouts and commemorative chips. The design team worked closely with various casinos’ marketing departments to create unique designs for each casino.

John Whiskin, managing director at TCSJOHNHUXLEY Africa, says this campaign is unlike any other in the company’s past because of its success, scope and preparation work. “We had to work with very strict guidelines from FIFA … so you have to be very clever in the way you design it.”

The end result is soccer-themed layouts for table games that cover a unique range of bespoke designs. TCSJOHNHUXLEY also created souvenir chips for Emperors Palace Casino in Johannesburg. Whiskin says casinos are using the products to play off of the excitement surrounding the games. “It just brings that grand eupohoria and excitement while the World Cup is here in South Africa.”

Operators are loving the layouts. Selepo Kute, tables manager at Silverstar Casino says, “The layouts are of the usual high standard and quality, and are very noticeable on our floor due to the fresh colors representing the World Cup. Most importantly they reflect Silverstar’s commitment and support of the 2010 World Cup Soccer event.”

The tables manager at Gold Reef City Casino, Leslie Thoumi, adds: “The World Cup layouts are spectacular. The players have commented on how good the layouts look and that they are happy that we are getting into the swing of things early for 2010.”

Whiskin says its been great to see the entire continent gear up for the big event. South Africa has never hosted the soccer World Cup and it is being noted as an important benchmark in the country’s political history, as well as a major privelege in the world of sports. Just 20 years ago, South Africa was an apartheid nation. The whole world—expecially sporting events—boycotted the country. Now it is hosting the finals of arguably the most popular sport in the world.

Whiskin’s manufacturing department ramped up production as excitement for the games grew. In the spring, the company’s layout department usually creates about 250 layouts a month. “The overwhelming response to our marketing drive has seen our production increase to well over 700 pieces per month. What an achievement—over 300 percent increase!” Given another opportunity like this, Whiskin says his company would gladly do a similar campaign.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY employees are even getting in on the World Cup fun, thanks to an optional adjusted work schedule during the games. Whiskin and his staff have also decorated parts of their office and building. They’ve invited clients to watch the game with them at their newly soccer-themed bar and hope to enjoy this rare experience.

Whiskin is cheering for South Africa. However, since he is from England, he’s really hoping his “home country” team will rise to the top or at least beat the United States. In all honestly though, he says, “Hopefully the best team will win, and hopefully it’s a good tournament.”

TCSJOHNHUXLEY is a turnkey solutions provider. It offers a range of products and services from quality, hand-crafted furniture to cutting edge technical equipment that enhance gaming experience, profits and security. The company has strategically based offices all over the world to provide personal service, after-sales service and technical support.

This is one sporting event—and one company to watch.

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