Table Games & Gear, September 2014

Bally Technologies—Match’em Hi-Lo
Match’em Hi-Lo is a new table game from Bally Technologies that is unlike any other game on your floor. This unique game is easy to learn and will appeal to every type of card player. In Match’em Hi-Lo, players try to predict if the point total of their three-card hand will be either higher or lower than the point total of the dealer’s three-card hand. Play begins when the dealer gives each player three cards, then gives himself five cards to be split into two hands—one high hand and one low hand, using a common card. Aces are worth one or 11 points, face cards equal zero and the other cards are worth face value. The dealer then reveals his cards and makes a high and low hand, with the highest point card of the three low cards being shared with the high cards. Players win all ties. Players can also make two optional side bets. They win the Match’em Bonus bet if their cards match at least two of the dealer’s cards. They win the poker bonus bet if their three-card hand is a pair or better. For more information, visit

Interblock—G5 StarBar
Interblock introduces the StarBar, an elegant solution designed for installation into a bar-top counter. It can be connected to all Interblock Mechanical Generators, the Hologram Gaming Lounge and our Live Tables. The G5 StarBar can also be a stand-alone gaming device with a built-in generator. The player controls the game through a touch-sensitive display. The display shows each player’s actions and the state of the game (placing of bets, winning number, progress of the game cycle, “Call attendant” messages and similar information). Players at the individual G5 StarBar may increment their credit by either bills or tickets and receive payouts in form of tickets or hand-pay when printing the ticket is not available. The G5 StarBar is built to accommodate a large, touch-sensitive LCD display together with a separate button-deck LCD display. A wide range of Interblock games will be available on the G5 StarBar. Those games include Interblock Roulette (Single Zero and Double Zero), Multi-Hand Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Pop’N Poker, Keno and Craps. Interblock side bets also will be available. For more information, visit

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