Table Games & Gear, October 2010

INAG—Mystery Card Bonanza
Mystery Card Bonanza, from the unique gaming provider INAG, offers casinos the opportunity to offer a Big Six style game in a card version format. The company’s card selection apparatus will single out one card from a 54-card mix. The card is drawn from the shuffler at the 3 o’clock position and displayed for all to see. Using cards, clever operators can add the suit bets, as well as color bets to INAG’s game, which will lower the huge edge Big Six has and increase time on game. The lights around the game apparatus head are programmable, so that they constantly change when the spinning apparatus is moving. All game leases include both the apparatus and the game table. This table game is very easy to deal, and as soon as customers see how fun it is to play as well, your floor will be full of players wanting to take a crack at it. For more information on INAG or one of their great gaming products, simply visit

Racing Card Derby—Racing Card Derby™ Electronic Table Game
Racing Card Derby™ is an exciting game in which one deck of cards determines the results and players bet on the outcome of an animated horse race. There are 42 bets available with odds from 2-1 to 10-1. RCD is fast, exciting, easy to deal and easy to play for up to 10 seated players. One card is one move and the first suit to show four cards wins. Bet on Red/Black, Exact Quinella or Multi-Pay Trifecta. This hybrid horse racing card game is now available as a Class II or Class III gaming device, depending on your location. A proprietary auto card recognition unit called ICU2 is included, allowing instant recognition of any style of playing card using any card-shoe. The simple API allows the ICU2 to work on a multitude of card games, allowing traditional card games like baccarat to become electronic table games for minimal expense. If you are looking to keep up with the latest casino games, in need of a new draw card to bring in more players, or just trying to generate additional revenue in these tough economic times, this is the solution that you have been looking for. For more information, visit

Shuffle Master—Three Card Poker® Progressive
A progressive spin on the most popular specialty table game of all time, Three Card Poker® Progressive adds even more excitement to this popular game with an optional $1 progressive side bet. Featuring head-to-head play against the dealer, a lucrative Pair Plus bonus bet and the chance to win an Ante Bonus, Three Card Poker players may bet against the dealer, bet on the value of their own three card hand, or bet both. To play, players make their standard Three Card Poker wagers and the $1 progressive wager. The dealer then follows house procedures for Three Card Poker. If a player’s hand qualifies for payouts, he or she wins according to the posted paytable. The optional $1 progressive bet wins if a player has a straight or better, and the full jackpot prize is awarded when a player receives an Ace-King-Queen of spades. Additionally, the top two hands trigger Envy Bonuses. Players win if any other player gets AKQ suited or AKQ of spades. Players can win multiple Envy Bonuses in a round, but cannot receive Envy Bonuses for their own hand or the dealer’s hand. For more information, visit

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