Table Games & Gear, May 2012

Interblock—G4 Organic Twins™ 12 Football Shape with PID
G4 Organic Twins™ belongs to a wide range of products from the Multicenter family, which can be designed in different shapes with 12, 14 and 16 play stations in a trendy football-shape design with individual Player Information Displays (PIDs). This multi-game, multi-denomination, multi-player platform offers the casino the ability to select any combination of available games: roulette (single zero or double zero), dice (craps or Sic Bo) and video games. The G4 Organic Twins gives the casino operators an option to optimize the floor layout and maximize their turnover. Operators have the option to offer both dice games and roulette at the same time, on the same terminals. Twins allows players to flip between games as they desire, with the objective of increasing play on each individual station through giving players what they want, when they want it. Twins certainly looks imposing on the floor and is sure to grab the attention of anyone on the gaming floor. For more information, visit

National Table Games—Flop Poker – 3 Ways to Play
Since 2003, National Table Games has brought one of the most popular games to your casino floor, Flop Poker. They have now expanded Flop Poker to offer your players 3 Ways to Play. Make an “Ante” and “Pot” bet to receive three cards. Make a “Flop” bet to play for the 5-card paytable. The best 5-card hand wins the “Pot.” Play Flop Poker and play for a 5-card paytable along with a high hand “Pot” bet. Play Flop Poker Bonus and play a 3-card Bonus bet to increase your winning, along with a 5-card paytable and high hand “Pot” bet. Play Progre$$ive Flop Poker, where the excitement just keeps building. A new state-of-the-art progressive system adds continued excitement for players to win big. If players are not playing Flop Poker on your casino floor, they should be! National Table Games is very happy to be one of the top suppliers for your gaming needs. For more information, visit

Shuffle Master—Fortune San Lo Poker®
Fortune San Lo Poker® is a strategy game based on Chinese Poker and similar to Pai Gow poker. The player and the dealer each get six cards to make three poker hands: one-card, two-card and three-card hands (Low, Middle, High). The dealer must always set his three hands according to specific house rules, but the player may set their hands however they like as long as the High is better than the Middle, and Middle is better than the Low. To win, two or more of the player’s hands must be higher than the dealer’s. If two or more of their hands are lower than the dealer’s, the player loses. A tie hand (L, M, or H) is treated as a loss. There is one joker in the deck and it can be used as an ace or to complete a straight or a flush. There is no commission on winning bets. Fortune BonusSM and TrifectaSM are two side bets in the game. For more information, visit

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