Table Games & Gear, March 2015

Cammegh Limited—Spread Bet
Cammegh launched its new roulette side bet, Spread-Bet Roulette, at ICE 2015 in London. Filling the roulette side bet void, Spread-Bet builds on the traditional roulette game delivering an increased house edge and a winning side bet outcome each game. Customized pay-outs ranging from even money to the mini-jackpot sized 1,200/1 allow the operator to tailor the game to suit their clientele. To lengthen the odds, Cammegh has introduced two concentric roulette number rings spinning in opposing directions on the Billboard Display. At No More Bets, the rings stop dead, randomly aligning the two sets of numbers. The game then continues as usual until the winning number is determined, which is then paired with its aligning number on the Billboard Display. The sum of these paired numbers determines the Spread-Bet result, which is displayed via Billboard together with the traditional roulette result. Spread Bet buy-ins are printed on the layout; any bets covering the range of numbers in which the Spread-Bet result falls are then paid out at the specified odds. For more information, visit

Interblock—The Ministar Roulette
The MiniStar Roulette is the smallest and most highly performing product available on the market from Interblock’s newly launched family of gaming products. The MiniStar Roulette is built to accommodate any casino floor with a much smaller footprint. The product incorporates all of the same features of the Diamond Roulette. In addition, the MiniStar Roulette features color-adjustable illuminated armrests, a Progressive Jackpot system (Golden Chip), faster result detection, additional side bets, excellent Wheel visibility and an ergonomically designed surface. Pay systems include all well-known bill acceptors, bill dispenser and ticket printers, and the MiniStar Roulette also has a coin handling system. MiniStar Roulette consists of a fully automated roulette generator, which is surrounded by five, eight or 10 MiniStar Play Stations, enabling between 80 and 150 results per hour. Games available on Ministar Roulette are Roulette Single Zero and Roulette Double Zero, with available side bets Touchdown Roulette, Goal! Roulette and Big Poker Roulette. For more information, visit

Shuffle Master—Fusion Virtual Multigame
Give your players more gaming options while maximizing your floor space with Fusion Virtual Multigame from Shuffle Master. This fully electronic table system allows players to switch among baccarat, roulette and sic bo from the same terminal, increasing play with four different game options in one seat. The Fusion Virtual platform comes in a standard five-seat configuration and can be assembled back-to-back with Tablemaster™ Fusion and Fusion Auto Roulette. For larger environments, the modular terminals can be arranged in a number of seating layouts. Remote terminals can also be connected to the main game anywhere on the casino floor. With so many floor layout options, along with betting timers that are configurable for each game, Fusion Virtual provides a truly customizable experience. Players use the elegant and modern 22-inch touch screen to choose a game, with tabs allowing them to quickly switch between games. Each game is displayed on one of four 37-inch LCD screens that also feature several attractive dealer options. For more information, visit

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