Table Games & Gear, June 2010

Racing Card Derby—Racing Card Derby™ Image Controller Unit (I.C.U.2)
A powerhouse of new technology and innovation, this product is set to change the gaming world. The Racing Card Derby™ I.C.U.2 software and hardware (Image Controller Unit) allows a computer to recognize any style of casino playing card—in fact, any card that has been previously shown to the unit. The recognition occurs in real time, and instructions and programs can run or be controlled within the PC environment from the image that is recognized. Each card is recognized according to the physical characteristics of the facial recognition of each card presented. The I.C.U.2 software allows 100 percent accurate card recognition that can be translated into a PC prior set of instructions. Racing Card Derby I.C.U.2 can be adapted to almost any PC environment. And it can be used by more than just gaming tables; hotel reception can use it to physically recall a drivers license picture and retrieve information from a booking or previous stay. All entered cards can be recorded and stored for later electronic, real-time comparison to the item presented. Once an item is validated, all data held can be retrieved. The possible uses for this technology are endless. For more information, visit

Shuffle Master—i-Deal
As the gaming industry’s first automatic card shuffler that includes card recognition as a standard feature, Shuffle Master’s i-Deal single deck specialty shuffler brings an unprecedented level of security to games like Three Card Poker with high odds and jackpot payouts. Featuring a low-profile design with flush-mounted load and unload ports, a programmable multigame function and the ability to shuffle cards approximately 40 percent faster than previous models, the i-Deal increases specialty table game revenue and improves win by increasing hands per hour and productivity. It also helps enhance game security by eliminating shuffle tracking and deck manipulation, and has the ability to reconstruct hands—enabling fast jackpot verification. Further, its mechanical shuffling process reduces card wear and tear, making cards last longer. With so many inherent features already built in, you might think that there’s nothing left to add, but you’d be wrong. The i-Deal will soon be available with the i-Verify, an LCD touch screen display that tells the dealer exactly how to set his hand according to the prescribed house procedure on games like Pai Gow Poker. For more information, visit

AccuLevel is a simple, yet incredibly well-engineered product that casino managers will wonder how they ever did without. AccuLevel is a quick and easy solution that easily attaches to any roulette wheel, enabling a single member of casino staff to quickly level and rotate the wheel on a regular basis without the need to adjust electronic winning number reading devices. The unique design of AccuLevel allows easy and accurate three point leveling, featuring a 360-degree wheel rotation plate with 15 indexed positions. AccuLevel reduces the potential risk of injury from lifting and leveling heavy roulette wheels at awkward angles. By using the optional tri-point level, specifically designed to sit in the ball track, casinos can quickly and accurately check and adjust the level of a wheel. This simple device also provides increased security and peace of mind to operators. By actively rotating wheels, casinos of all sizes can reduce the risk of operating with predictable drop zones as well as prolonging the life of the wheel. AccuLevel combats this unnecessary risk by making wheel leveling easy, fast and accurate, therefore eliminating any drop zone bias caused by poor wheel calibration and lack of preventative maintenance. For more information, visit

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