Table Games & Gear, December 2012

Interblock—G4 Organic Roulette™ with Additional Side Bet
Organic Roulette™ is the most popular game among the players, which provides a wide range among the roulette products and with many different shapes gives imposing look on the floor and gives the casino operator an option to optimize the floor layout and maximize their turnover. It’s a fully automated stand-alone generator, available in two versions as double or single zero roulette. The innovative G4 Organic Roulette provides players with every wager available on a live game, action that occurs at a lightning-quick pace and the benefit of immediate payouts. Touchdown Roulette is an exciting new side bet for Interblock roulette that is certain to improve the hold on existing roulette games. The side bet is themed around the popular game of American football, and does not interfere with basic roulette play. Players can follow all the Football action with stunning animation and sound on a separate LCD. The goal of Touchdown Roulette™ is to score a touchdown. The closer a team gets to scoring a touchdown, the more the player wins, with a touchdown paying 1000:1. For more information, visit

SHFL entertainment—House Money Baccarat
House Money is an optional side bet for baccarat. You win if either the banker hand or the player hand—or both—have a pair in the first two cards. If you win, you will have the option to collect the proceeds or place them on the standard wager for banker or player, giving you the chance to gamble with the casino’s money. To get started you must make a standard baccarat wager. You may also make the House Money wager for any amount within the posted limits. The dealer will then reveal the two starting cards for the banker and player hands. The House Money bet wins if the banker and/or player hands have a pair in their first two cards. Payouts are as follows: Banker and Player Pair, 15 to 1; and Banker or Player Pair, 3 to 1. There’s always a little Risk and Reward. If your House Money bet wins, you may either collect the total winnings, request the dealer place all or a portion of on the banker bet or request the dealer place all or a portion on the player bet. The game then resumes. For more information, visit

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