Table Games & Gear, August 2010

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Elektroncek—Organic Live
Elektroncek has introduced a new wave of inspiring multi-player gaming solutions to be sold under the Interblock trademark. Interblock’s fourth generation of gaming machines is introducing for the first time the multi-game principle. This means that players on each play terminal can chose a game from any G4 Organic gaming machine in the venue that supports the multi-game principle. Organic Live is a multi-player gaming machine, designed as a semi-automatic version of the roulette game. It employs a real roulette wheel by Cammegh and Organic play terminals, situated around the wheel, where players place their bets through a touch screen. Organic Live requires a croupier to operate. The croupier follows the game progress on his own display, where he confirms the result after it has been detected by the sensors or enters it manually as a fail-safe precaution. Organic Live allows the operators to choose from different possibilities of play station placing and colors, while the multi-game option allows the operator to place additionally manual or automated cylinders to be connected to the same play station. For more information, visit

Racing Card Derby™—ICU2
The ICU2 is the latest in card recognition devices and has many features and applications. This low-cost device (less than 25 percent of the cost of other devices) uses a truly unique biometric approach to achieve 100 percent accurate playing card recognition. The ICU2 allows a casino operator to recognize any style of playing card, using any style of cardshoe. This sleek box-like unit (15cm X 15cm) with low voltage LED lighting can flush-mount to any gaming table. Once a card is scanned over the light diffusing glass cover, the playing card is instantly recognized by the miniature hi-definition video camera and software. It is quiet, reliable and extremely fast. This truly unique technology is a result of more than 20 years of research in neuroscience and originates from biology exploration, which is inspired by human vision strategies, instead of originating from computer vision with classic image analysis algorithms. The visual pattern recognition engine derives from cognitive science and is capable of learning any new pattern. This is based on a novel approach for neuron networks and allows a small footprint with groundbreaking performance from a standard PC. For more information, visit

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s e-FX™ range is now available with a choice of both ultra-bright, high-impact 29-inch and new 21-inch LCD models. e-FX Insignia effectively displays eye-catching gaming results, game history and winning streaks for roulette. Highlighting key betting periods/messages and winning numbers during active game play, these high impact animations are bound to attract and retain player attention in any venue. Available in single or double sided configurations, the displays come supplied with a range of default screen layout templates. Using cutting-edge graphics and multimedia to present an extensive range of data including results, history and winning streaks, the system has been designed as a blank canvas for operator customization. In addition to TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s standard black, silver or gold finishes, cases can also be supplied in virtually any color to reflect existing gaming floor décor; additional/replacement trim kits are available as an optional extra. Single sided models also boast a unique light box feature enabling venues to feature highly visible promotions or advertising. For more information, visit

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