Table Games & Gear, April 2015

Shuffle Master—Shuffle Flex
The industry’s first solution that offers pay-per-shuffle billing is now available for more of your table games. The award-winning Shuffle Flex from Shuffle Master gives operators the billing flexibility to simply pay per shuffle. No longer do limited hours or not enough consistent high-volume play stop casinos from benefitting from the efficiency of an automatic shuffler. This groundbreaking payment method means every casino—no matter the type or size—can afford the luxury of an automatic shuffler with flexible pricing. Shuffle Flex first brought the speed and profits of the DeckMate 2 to poker tables with a flexible payment plan. Now it’s also available on the MD3 for multi-deck tables like blackjack. Shuffle Flex gives operators the ability to place shufflers at every table to help maximize potential table revenue during peak times. Operators pay only when it is used, and there are no maintenance fees. For more information, visit

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