Table Games and Gear, October 2011

DigiDeal—Pik-It Poker™
In Pik-It Poker™, play three- or five-card poker—you get to decide! Pik-It Poker is a house-banked poker game where the player gets to choose to play three- or five-card poker against the dealer hand after reviewing their five-card hand. Hands are dealt face-down from a standard 52-card deck to the players. Players who wager the 3 Card Bonus bet get to choose their first three cards to turn over and make a three-card hand. If they get a pair or better, they win the 3 Card Bonus bet. After that bonus is resolved, all cards are turned over and an additional 5 Card Bonus bet pays if the five-card hand is two pair or better. Once the players review their five cards, they can play their best three-card hand, their entire five-card hand or fold. Depending on what each player chooses, the hands are compared and resolved using standard three- or five-card poker rankings. For more information, visit

Operators need to check out the X-Pod™, DigiDeal’s new (play on-demand) wagering terminals that will be highlighted at the much anticipated G2E this year. X-Pod is the ultimate play-on-demand wagering terminal. With its versatile range of game content as well as plug-and-play operation, the X-Pod is sure to be a huge hit with operators. The X-Pod gives operators an easy and affordable way to expand any game to just the right number of seats. Each X-Pod terminal has its own bill acceptor and ticket printer and offers full player tracking with SAS compatibility. Connect to the X-Table to expand your total positions or create a stand-alone game area using a large flat-screen display and custom stadium seating arrangement. Choose from a wide assortment of popular DigiDeal table games, new slot themes, exciting racing derby style games or accept live feed video from a centralized live game. The possibilities are endless with the X-Pod, play-on-demand wagering terminals. Experience it today! For more information, visit

Gaming Partners International—Dual Level Chip Tray
The new Dual Level Chip Tray enables secure protection of casino currency at the gaming table while delivering real-time chip counting and movement details. As with the Single Level Chip Tray and the Roulette Float Reader, use of the Dual Level Chip Tray allows operators to automate and perfect chip-counting procedures, enabling staff and pit supervisors to focus on other tasks, enhancing casino efficiency and improving game play by reducing delays caused by manual chip counting procedures. This RFID application provides operators with an unprecedented level of chip security, as it continuously tracks all chip tray activities and includes dual locks for increased float security. The Dual Chip Tray also provides instant access to the float balance and reduces the need for float fills, thus increasing the number of rounds possible per hour. What’s more, GPI’s Dual Chip Tray can also integrate with a casino’s management system via GPI’s Chip Inventory System. The seamless and reliable design works with most card-based table games and fits most table sizes. For more information, visit

Gaming Partners International—RFID Poker Table
GPI’s RFID Poker Table system combines a chip tray, an attractive touchscreen display and a reader installed under the table that can read and validate up to 25 chips per second. The fast pot scanning can increase game speed by up to 30 percent and reduces down time so that casinos can enjoy increased revenue by allowing more rounds per hour at their poker tables. The RFID Poker system eliminates dealer errors by instantly calculating rakes and more, protecting assets from human error while identifying counterfeit chips. Moreover, by automatically counting all chips, the RFID Poker Table gives dealers more time to focus on their players and providing better customer service. Finally, the RFID technology within the RFID Poker Table can provide reports and statistics giving operators the information necessary to maximize casino efficiency, such as identifying the most profitable hours of play. The data can also be sent in the form of daily reports to external gaming authorities as well, if required. For more information, visit

Interblock—G4 Organic Virtual™
Organic Virtual™ is the most attractive video table product on the market with two basic versions available for playing with card games or roulette wheels. Virtual generators are totally independent and automated as they do not require any human assistance when simulating traditional table games. The advantage of Organic generators, in connection with play stations, also lies in the fact that the Organic Virtual range features multi-player generators, as the outcome of each individual game is identical on all connected play stations and not separate—different for every play station. A maximum of six to seven players play at a time, namely based on the philosophy and rules of this game. The difference when playing the blackjack game is that each player gets their own cards, which are divided in a sequence of already shuffled cards. Two players cannot be given the same cards. The advantage for the player is to decide how he or she wants to play the game and his decision affects the next player. For more information, visit

Interblock—G4 Organic Virtual™
Being the origin of the company’s first line of gaming machines, the electronic roulette has evolved into the fourth generation. Interblock’s Organic Roulette™ is a fully automated version of the roulette game. It is a proven performer in every market as players enjoy playing this high-security product and the lifelike feel it provides. Organic Roulette provides players with every wager available on a live game but with a much faster pace and immediate payouts. Layout of the roulette with 10 player stations in football shape and PID (Player Information Display) gives an imposing look on the floor and offers players on one side of the machine to see what’s happening with the game on the other side, as well as each player screen housing a live video feed of the game in play. Interblock is happy to announce that this popular and exciting game Organic Roulette with 10 play stations in football shape with PID will be displayed at G2E 2011 in Las Vegas. For more information, visit

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