Table Games and Gear, November 2011

Gaming Partners International—eReady® Gaming Table
As the gaming floor becomes increasingly sophisticated in the areas of efficiency and security, gaming tables have become inundated with electronic equipment such as shufflers, display monitors and table management system computers. All of this electronic equipment in one small space has the potential to create issues such as equipment overheating and cable entanglement. As a practical response to this issue, GPI has designed and built the eReady® gaming table designed especially to accommodate the electronic equipment that is increasingly required on gaming tables today. Drawing upon its extensive experience in manufacturing high-end gaming furniture, GPI has developed an innovative and unique design that allows the electronic equipment to perform at its fullest potential, while maintaining the beauty and function of a traditional table. Distinctive features include specially built areas for shufflers and table management system computers to be securely and ergonomically placed for dealer convenience and comfort; ventilation openings for optimal cooling of the electronic equipment; and a unique internal piping and conduit system designed to separate and insulate electrical and network cables. For more information, visit

Interblock—G4 Organic Twins™ 12 with Player Information Display
Interblock is a worldwide recognized brand of high-quality multi-player gaming machines. Electromechanical and electronic gaming solutions by Interblock provide casinos, arcades and gambling halls worldwide superior product performance and their guests a gaming experience to be remembered. One of the company’s latest innovations is the G4 Organic Multicenter, designed for 12 players. Organic Twins™ is an impressive-looking machine, with utilization of available terminals being the key behind its creation. Operators have the option to offer both dice games and roulette at the same time on the same terminals. This multi-game, multi-denominational offering allows players to flip between games as they desire, with the objective of increasing play on each individual station through giving players what they want, when they want it. This Organic Multicenter product consists of a fully automated generator for the roulette game and a fully automated G4 Organic Dice generator. This gives the casino operators an option to optimize the floor layout and maximize their turnover. The roulette generator is able to produce between 60 and 80 results per hour. For more information, visit

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