Table Games and Gear, November 2010

Amatic Industries—Grand Jeu 22ws™
The Grand Jeu 22ws™ offers a greater player experience with widescreen 22-inch monitors. It incorporates all the features and benefits players appreciate in the original Grand Jeu™ and Grand Jeu Prestige™ electronic roulettes from Amatic. The Grand Jeu 22ws has been conceived in a modular format, allowing operators to expand its size without having to invest in a completely new electronic roulette. Speed is the essence in roulette and so Amatic has built in the latest computer technology in the market to further quicken the number setting recognition. The drag´n´drop feature allows players to simply choose a number or set of numbers by dragging this number set on to the required field. The graphics options have been further widened for players to quickly and simply see a wide range of statistics. The in-depth help menu explains each and every detail precisely. Furthermore, Amatic takes into account the fundamental fact that players can be either left or right handed, and has designed the software to reflect the hand position for both. Naturally, player tracking is integrated into the system. The Grand Jeu 22ws conforms to the latest SAS standard. For more information, visit

Interblock—Organic Dice Craps
The fully automated new craps game from Interblock offers advantages over live games such as significantly faster game speed and tremendous reductions in overhead, while providing the players the excitement of real dice. Organic Craps offers players an enjoyable and fast-paced game with the familiar game rules of live game play. The electro-mechanical Organic Dice center unit works on a principle of vibrating table and real dice equipped with unique RFID chips on each side. The vibration table assures a perfect outcome with dice landing flat on the table after each roll. Intelligent RFID dice provides security along with 100 percent accurate readings. Both of the Organic Dice games—Sic Bo and Craps—can be offered on the same player station. Players place their bets on large touch-sensitive 19-inch displays. The intuitive user interface allows players to quickly learn either game and provides a comfortable environment for less experienced players. The Organic Dice games are available in any configuration, including six, eight or 10 play stations, and can be combined with other units or Organic Island. For more information, visit

Rye Park Gaming—2011 Stock Layout Collection
New York’s Fashion Week has nothing on the amazing new Stock Layout Design Collection from Rye Park Gaming. The 2011 collection features 12 new professionally created, impeccable designs, including holiday, sporting events, party pit and daily use designs. The stock design collection is the perfect way for a casino to refresh the casino floor without the expense involved in commissioning a custom design. The entire 2011 stock layout collection can be configured for any table game, enabling a casino to create a complete look across the casino or to theme certain areas. Although the 2011 collection is stock design, operators can reflect their individual style and unique casino brand by selecting the layout colors and customizing the look with a logo. And because the collection is stock, production turnaround is extremely fast and cost-effective. Top-quality synthetic materials (widths up to 74 inches) are used for their non-stretch, fire retardant, stain-resistant and ultimate wear-resistant characteristics. Deep ink penetration ensures a long-lasting product. For more information, visit

TCSJOHNHUXLEY—Chip Brite® System
TCSJOHNHUXLEY is pleased to announce it has recently signed a global agreement for the sales and service of the patent pending Chip Brite® Ultrasonic Chip Cleaning System and complementary Solution Chemistries. Utilizing ultrasonic technology, the Chip Brite System enables quick, consistent and thorough cleaning that impacts all chip surfaces, ensuring contaminants are gently removed even from small recesses and blind holes. Bulk loads of chips are cleaned, rinsed and coated with an anti-slip solution and ready to go back to the tables in less than 30 minutes, allowing casinos to keep their chips in pristine condition without impacting operations. A rotary basket enables ultrasonic cleaning action to impact both chip surfaces and recesses without damaging the chips. Aside from the matter of general hygiene, the possibility of disease transmission is a consideration. With the rising incidence of diseases such as the Norovirus on cruise ships, frequent cleaning and sanitization regimes are rigorously enforced. Color muted, dirty chips reflect badly on the casino, making this a must-have product. For more information, visit

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