Table Games and Gear, January 2010

Shuffle Master—Dealer Bluff™
Dealer Bluff™ Poker is a six-card poker game where each player and the dealer get six cards to make their best five-card poker hand. To begin, players make equal bets on the Ante and Blind. They may also make the Aces Up™ bonus bet that wins if they have a pair of Aces or better. The dealer will give each player and himself six cards. Dealer Bluff has a unique feature that gives the player an advantage against the house: the dealer bets first. The dealer then checks or bets 1, 2 or 3X the player’s Ante. The dealer’s betting is automated by an i-Deal shuffler that reads the dealer’s hand and announces the bet through an LED display. No other game gives the player this kind of insight. Once players see the dealer’s bet, they can fold and lose their Ante and Blind bets, call the dealer’s bet by matching it or re-raise the dealer by doubling it. If the dealer has less than a pair, he refunds the player’s Ante. All other bets receive action. If the player beats the dealer, his Play and Ante bets pay even money, and the Blind pays according to the paytable. If the dealer beats the player, the player’s Play, Ante and Blind bets lose. If the player and the dealer tie, the player’s Play, Ante and Blind bets push. For more information, visit

Shuffle Master—Blackjack Switch
Looking for a way to add some variety to your blackjack tables? An exciting and popular alternative to blackjack, Blackjack Switch allows players to “switch” the order of their cards to make their best possible blackjack hand. To begin, players make equal bets on two blackjack hand betting positions. The dealer will deal each player two separate blackjack hands, and once a player reviews his two hands, he can choose to keep the hands as they were dealt or “switch” the second card from each hand. Switching may only take place after the dealer has checked for a natural blackjack, and once each player has made his decision, the dealer will then follow house rules for blackjack. Blackjack Switch also includes a Super Match bonus bet that gives players the ability to earn multiple payouts. If a player makes a Super Match bonus wager and receives a pair or better from any of his initial four cards, he wins according to the posted paytable. Blackjack Switch is available for lease from Shuffle Master and is currently installed on more than 50 tables worldwide. For more information, visit

INAG—Alphabet Roulette
We all have our favorite name whether it is a pet, friend, parent, etc. Now you can take those names and gamble with your luck in the casinos on a new game called Alphabet Roulette from INAG. The game is played with a custom deck of cards used in conjunction with a random card selection apparatus. The layout is bright and colorful with all those lucky letters just waiting for you to try out your lucky combinations. The game can also be dealt with a custom roulette wheel. Dealers can learn this game much easier than a standard roulette game with fewer payout combinations. The payouts are as follows: Straight up 23 to 1, Splits 11 to 1, Top line 7 to 1, 4 ways and color bets pay 5 to 1, 6 ways 3 to 1, Little Wheel 3 to 1 and Dozens and Columns 1 to 1. We offer a progressive bonus as well if the casino desires. It’s time to think outside of the box and give your customers some new exciting games. For more information, contact Mark Jones at [email protected].

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