Table Games and Gear, December 2011

Interblock—G4 Organic Roulette™ 12 Football Shape with PID
G4 Organic Roulette™, the ultra-popular and exciting game, can be designed in three different versions, with six, eight, 10 and 12 play stations in a comfortable football shape with individual Player Information Displays (PIDs). This is the greatest advancement of the fourth generation products from Interblock. The innovative G4 Organic Roulette provides players with every wager available on a live game, action that occurs at a lightning-quick pace and the benefit of immediate payouts. This new design presents an imposing yet enticing look on the floor and allows players on one side of the machine to see the action taking place on the other side of the table. In addition, each player screen houses a live video feed of the game in play. This gives the casino operators an option to optimize the floor layout and maximize their turnover. Check out the G4 Organic Roulette 12 Football Shape with PID from Interblock, one of the leading global providers of multi-player games. For more information, visit

Racing Card Derby—Racing Card Derby™ on the X-Table and X-PODs
This popular animated horse racing game is now available on DigiDeal’s DTS-X multi-player gaming platform. The ultimate stand-alone gaming platform has bill validators and printers at each position and is expandable from eight seats to any number of seats by adding X-PODs for the perfect fit. The DigiDeal DTS-X platform has a multitude of games available, including Texas Hold’em Xtreme, classic blackjack, classic baccarat, royal roulette and now Racing Card Derby™. Players bet on the outcome of an exciting animated horse race using a standard deck of cards to determine the race results. The game appeals to players of all ages and offers bets paying from 1-1 through 10-1. Horse racing has never been easier to bet on and casino operators around the world are increasing their chances and bottom line by offering Racing Card Derby to multiple players as the draw card for more action. Racing Card Derby is fast, exciting, easy to learn and fun to play! For more information, visit

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