So Long Status Quo

Every year when we call for nominations for Great Women of Gaming, I reflect back on the nay-saying voices I heard over the years about the event that proclaimed this couldn’t work in the long run and that we’d simply run out of women qualified for the recognition. It was always my belief that was simply wrong-headedness.

Each year we receive so many nominations it’s a daunting task to manage. When the nominations review committee, judges, make their determinations, they regularly tell us the most difficult part of their task was to select 10 honorees from such a tremendous group of highly qualified and well-deserving nominees.

And so it’s with great pleasure I’m proud to announce that the people with that misguided belief were all wrong then, they are still wrong now, and will be wrong in the future unless, of course, we’re creating some new true believers. The evidence is in. Female leadership in the workplace is on the rise and the trend will continue.

From a purely logical perspective, it makes perfect sense. Why would any smart, well-thinking company overlook talent within the ranks in favor of protecting some type of fraternal order and tradition? Successful companies won’t, and where they do, there are likely other ills buried deep in their psychological makeup, and quite certainly they are overlooking other areas where success could be had.
The Great Women of Gaming profiled in this issue are all rock stars in our industry. They are all extremely accomplished professionals who have made enormous contributions to their businesses, our industry and the world around them. They are all shining examples to follow, but not just if you’re a professional woman in the gaming industry. They are examples that all of us, men and women, should try to emulate.

This change we’re witnessing in the workplace is a perfect example of progressive thinking. There is little doubt that we have a long way to go in the arena of true equality, but we can celebrate the progress we’ve made and build on it.

If you know any of this year’s Great Women of Gaming, take a moment out of your day and reach out to them. Let them know the ways in which they have touched your life and your organization. Let them know how they inspire you to reach for the stars in your life and career. They have worked hard for it, and a little recognition of their accomplishments is well deserved.

We have some of our own Great Women of Gaming back here at the Casino Enterprise Management headquarters that I would like to recognize for their contributions. I hold them all in high esteem and I am indebted to each and every one of them for their part in the success of our media organization.

Amanda Huggett – Managing Editor
Taaren Haak – Associate Editor
Sarah Klaphake Cords – New Media Editor
Mary Huyck – Asia-Pacific Editor
Amanda Olson – Events Manager
Mackenzie Kontz – Circulation Manager
Johannah “Tweety” Wicks – Office Manager
Michelle Lass – Events Sales
Becky Laddusaw – Events Sales
Wendi Majerus – Sales Manager

Thank you, team!


Peter E. Mead
Publisher & Sales Director,
Casino Enterprise Management

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