Peter’s Quest

A couple weeks before Peter died, I was one of a handful of people who received an email from him with the subject line Lycos Ring.

Peter had read a story about the faded search engine’s move into the realm of wearable technology with its Lycos Ring and Lycos Band.

“Hey guys…. Did you see the release of the Lycos ring? … What companies will be risk takers and bring cutting-edge technology to the antiquated world of gaming?” read part of his message.

Peter just wanted to open a dialogue with others in the gaming industry about the possible uses of wearable technology in the hotel-casino.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been copied on such an email, raising an issue about something he thought could have an impact on the gaming industry. Curious by nature, Peter often reached out to share an idea or an issue.

Peter wanted to make a difference in the gaming industry, and he strived to do so in several ways.

He took a risk and built a new gaming trade magazine from the ground up. One he hoped would not only provide information on industry trends, products and innovations, but also create a forum for others to share their ideas and concepts on how to make the industry better. He created the CasinoFest conferences, and the first industry awards honoring women in the gaming industry. He reached out and made connections and built bridges of education and understanding. Not all of his ventures were home runs, but he kept striving to ensure his magazine was the best it could be.

We at Casino Enterprise Management miss Peter tremendously, and we want to honor his legacy. And we know that the best way to do that going forward is to try our best to continue the traditions he first started more than a dozen years ago, and to continue putting out the magazine he loved so much. So inside this issue, you’ll find features and columns on slot performance, real-time data, skill-based gaming, the future of casino gaming, the role of strong women in the successes of Indian country, insights on the Aristocrat-VGT merger, how Nevada’s gaming regulations often spread to other jurisdictions, and profiles on the latest winners of the Great Women of Gaming Awards.

And if you look a little further, you’ll find our memorial feature on Peter, and much more insight from the many people in his life about his role in theirs.
Rest in peace, Peter Mead. You made a difference.

Marian Green
Managing Editor
Casino Enterprise Management

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