New Table Games & Gear, October 2013

SHFL entertainment—Double Draw Poker
The object of Double Draw Poker is to get two pairs or better. Players are competing against a pay table, not against the dealer or other players. Double Draw Poker is played with a single 54-card deck. The two jokers can be used as aces or to complete straights, flushes or straight flushes. To get started, players make equal bets on the ante and bonus. Players then receive five cards. After players look at their cards, they have a choice to fold or stay in the game by making a draw bet for an amount equal to their ante. If players make the draw bet, they may discard zero, one, two or three cards. The dealer will give players an equal amount of replacement cards. The player will then have another choice to either fold or stay in the game by making a second draw bet for an amount equal to the ante. If a player makes the draw bet, he may discard zero or one cards. The dealer will give the player an equal amount of replacement cards. The player wins if he ends up with two pairs or better. If players have two pairs or better, the ante and draw bets pay players even money, and the bonus bet pays according to a pay table. For more information, visit

Specific Solutions—Chip Brite CB-500
The patented Chip Brite CB-500 Ultrasonic Chip Cleaning System remains one of the industry’s best solutions for sanitizing bulk loads of gaming chips. Since the system’s introduction, casinos using Chip Brite systems have endorsed its cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. Its realistic cleaning rate is 3,000 to 4,000 chips per hour. Complementing the high throughput of the CB-500 system, Chip Brite now offers the CB-300 Mini System with a cleaning rate of 1,500 to 2,000 chips per hour. Be prepared to promote how your casino protects the health of its customers and employees, along with dramatically improving the casino’s table game image. For more information, visit

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