New Table Games & Gear, February 2013

GPI—RFID Tray Inventory Module (TIM)

Gaming Partners International’s (GPI) RFID Tray Inventory Module (TIM) is an enhanced RFID solution that is an add-on to GPI’s Chip Inventory System (CIS). It provides casinos with a secure and efficient method of managing and recording gaming currency inventories for dealer shifts at the table in real time and allows the generation of reports based on any of the recorded data. TIM keeps a perpetual record of each dealer that opens and closes a gaming table and records the beginning and ending chip inventory for each dealer’s shift. Along with the total value of all the currency, it also provides management with an account of how many chips of each denomination are in the chip tray at all times. As an added level of security, a second employee is required to validate the opening and closing of the game table each time there is a dealer shift change. TIM also monitors and records all fill and credit transactions at the table. Fill and credit transactions are recorded by TIM only when a table is in “open,” “fill” or “credit” operation and are therefore are attributed to a specific dealer’s shift. For more information, visit

Galaxy Gaming—High Card Flush

High Card Flush, a brand-new table game from Galaxy Gaming, is a game in which players use their seven dealt cards to create their highest flush hand. Then they have the opportunity to play up to three times the odds on their original bet and have bonus bet opportunities that can pay up to 8,000 to 1, creating suspense and excitement. High Card Flush is the only non-blackjack table game to come along that’s also non-poker-strategy based. It is suits-based and requires no knowledge of poker to play. It is easy to learn and players can understand the strategy in just one hand. There are multiple bets and additional side wagers that make the game even more exciting for players. High Card Flush can be seen in casinos around the country starting this year. It is quickly becoming highly requested. For more information, visit

Genesis Interactive—Quick-Change Tabletops

Available on a variety of gaming table styles, Quick-Change Tabletops from Genesis Interactive are ideal for ease in layout installation or changes, as well as more accurate sensor reading. Changing a layout no longer requires shutting down the game while the new layout is being installed on the table. With the Quick-Change Tabletops, new game layouts can be switched out in minutes without touching various items on the gaming table. Chip trays, table signage, dealing shoes, discard racks and other equipment do not have to be removed. This saves time and gets the table back in play in minutes, allowing the casino the flexibility to adjust its table game mix as necessary. Regularly changing layouts the traditional way can also affect the placement of the gaming spots relative to the tracking sensors that may be installed in the table. If the layout is not placed accurately, the sensors may not work correctly. Genesis Interactive’s precision-built Quick-Change Tabletops ensure precise layout placement with regard to the location of tracking sensors, guaranteeing more accurate sensor reading for player and game tracking purposes. For more information, visit

Interblock—G4D Bubble™ with Pop’n Poker Game

Interblock will be presenting an enhanced multi-player platform available on the market with the G4D DIAMOND™ product range in modern and upgraded design, which was revealed during the ICE 2013 show in London. The G4D Bubble™ is a stunning, brand-new Interblock generator that is certain to be an eye-stopper on any casino floor. It features a domed casing with bouncing balls and patent-pending technology that displays the results of the drawn balls on 52 LCD screens. Pop’n Poker is a proprietary game that combines the excitement of keno and the LOTO and adds a poker theme. Interblock’s bingo and keno games can also be offered on the G4D Bubble. Advantages that the enhanced G4D generation of products bring include a modular structure—all elements are stand-alone and almost provide unlimited possibilities of configurations; it is simplified with better and versatile technology; a new classic style environment; device assembly time is reduced by 50 percent; a new design with an emphasis on more Swarovski crystals; and the implementation of a newly developed ball and wheel generator. For more information, visit

SHFL entertainment—Neverbust Blackjack

Imagine a game of blackjack in which you can never bust out of the game. Neverbust Blackjack brings this feature to the table, enabling players to see hands out right to the end, every time! It’s simple—you discard any card that busts, leaving you still in the game with the original un-bust total. The dealer plays the same way and at the end, as in regular blackjack, the hand closest to 21 wins. If either you or the dealer has a hard total of 17 or higher, then you both must stand with that total. With no doubling or splitting, the game is fast-paced and ideal for recreational players: There is no intimidation factor as everyone plays the same. This game is great for those who wish to venture into the realm of blackjack without having to worry about strategy. In order to offer this “never bust” feature, if the dealer gets a total of 15, your bets are returned, regardless of whether your total is higher or lower. However, your blackjacks are still paid and all winning blackjacks pay 3 to 2. For more information, visit

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