New Table Games & Gear, August 2013

Blackpot is a two-hand progressive side bet developed for play in conjunction with any variation of blackjack. The side bet carries a negative player expectation of 12.5 percent. This may seem high, but players are playing for a payout 20,000X their side bet wager. The casino controls the amount of exposure they wish to take on by setting the minimum and maximum wager allowed on this side bet. The casino can also set an aggregate maximum payout regardless of the side bet wager. Custom chips will soon be available to place on the progressive wager if a player moves into the second hand. This will make it easier to track who is in the second round. The game leases for $6 per day per table. For more information, visit

SHFL entertainment—Straight Edge Poker
The object of Straight Edge Poker is to get a straight with more cards than the dealer. Straights may “wrap-around” the ace (ex. K-A-2). In the event the dealer and the player have a straight of equal length, the final card breaks the tie. The dealer always qualifies and the player wins copies. Make the ante bet to play against the dealer. Players may also make the bonus and/or insurance wagers. The bonus wager wins if the player has a straight of at least four cards, and the insurance wager wins if the player has a straight of less than two cards. The dealer will hand out seven cards. Players then have a choice: fold or stay in the game by making a play bet of 1X their ante. The dealer will then reveal his cards. If players have a longer straight than the dealer, they win. The ante pays 1 to 1 and the play bet pays based on the player’s margin of victory. If the dealer has a longer straight than the player, his or her ante and play bets lose. The bonus bet wins if the player has a straight of four cards or longer. The insurance bet pays 25 to 1 if players have a straight of less than two cards. For more information, visit

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