New Products, October 2013

Avigilon recently introduced LightCatcher™ technology to its camera line-up. Avigilon’s innovative LightCatcher technology provides one of the industry’s most effective ways to capture evidentiary color detail in extreme low-light environments. This new technology helps identify objects of interest more successfully in challenging lighting situations, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, parking lots and alleys. By increasing the amount of light and detail captured via the camera and decreasing the noise in the image, LightCatcher technology produces significantly more detail in color from a low-light scene than any other technology. This combination results in the ability to identify objects of interest more effectively. Cameras with the LightCatcher feature are available immediately worldwide. For more information, visit


Dallmeier—HD Picodome®
The most compact camera from Dallmeier, the Picodome®, is back in 720p HD resolution. The HD Picodome is not only impressive for its small size and elegant design, but also for its high performance capability. The Picodome DDF4220HDV provides real-time HD video (720p/30) using the H.264 codec, currently the most advanced standard for high-efficiency video compression, and it supports resolutions up to 1.3 megapixels. The HD Picodome is characterized by its wide dynamic range (WDR), which allows users to capture images with the highest color fidelity and superb detail reproduction, even in scenes with a wide range of contrast and strong backlighting. Besides a comprehensive set of automatic and manual image optimization functions, the camera features many other setting options to meet even the most demanding of surveillance conditions. The vandal-resistant (IK10) HD Picodome is available as an in-ceiling mount variant or as a surface mount variant in an IP66 rated enclosure. Both housing variants are characterized by a highly compact construction and the wide range of particularly elegant designs that are available on request. For more information, visit

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