New Products, July 2012

Cintas Corp.—ChemTron Coil Cleaning
Cintas Corp. recently introduced its first air conditioning (A/C) coil cleaning service for the hospitality industry. Certified as a “Green Process” by the Green Clean Institute, ChemTron Coil Cleaning by Cintas enables hoteliers to lower their energy bills, extend the life of A/C units and improve indoor air quality. Users of the PTAC cleaning service increase air flow by up to 28 percent and reduce energy consumption up to 17 percent. Featuring state-of-the-art tools, industry-leading chemicals and trained technicians, ChemTron Coil Cleaning by Cintas goes above and beyond cleaning basics to include sanitation and mold prevention techniques. The service includes thorough coil cleaning, pan cleaning—including the insertion of an EPA-registered, non-chlorinated strip to fight bacteria regrowth and keep drain lines clear—drain line treatment, disinfection and recontamination treatment. In addition, the service eliminates the need to remove the A/C unit from the room for cleaning, minimizing down time and lost revenue. For more information, visit

The QX-40 is a complete PC-based gaming controller for slot machines that has been designed to be compliant with the regulatory requirements of all major gaming markets around the world. The QX-40 logic box also has the unique ability to drive up to 10 independent monitors. It boasts the following technical aspects: AMD Embedded R-series APU: Dual or Quad core options; up to 16 gigabytes of DDR3-1600 RAM; AMD Radeon™ HD7000G series graphics with optional AMD Radeon™ E6760 or E6460 GPU’s; support for DirectX® 11, OpenGL™ 4.1 & OpenCL™ 1.1; drives up to 10 independent monitors (with optional GPU); operates from single 12V supply: no need for ATX PSU; compact size case 241 x 235 x 150 mm; advanced PCI Express® gaming logic and non-volatile SRAM/MRAM storage; robust security including AES decryption engine and unique electronic serial number ID chip; high-definition audio – 7.1 surround sound; 64 digital inputs and outputs; royalty-free gaming protocols including SAS 6.02; BIOS validation tools (Nevada compliant); and full driver support for Windows Embedded and Linux. For more information, visit

Tech Results—InTRact Mobile 2.0
Tech Results’ InTRact Mobile 2.0 uses the latest in cross-platform web technologies (HTML 5, JQuery, MVC 3, etc.) to bring an intuitive and powerful feature set to mobile devices. By leveraging the JQuery Mobile framework technology, as well as some of the other technologies mentioned earlier, InTRact Mobile provides a web-based application that closely resembles native device applications. This product provides an intuitive cross-platform mobile software application to provide mission critical CRM functions in the gaming and hospitality vertical. The application is responsive and user-friendly, and will work across most currently available tablets, smartphones and other mobile peripherals. With InTRact Mobile 2.0, users are no longer tethered to a PC with Microsoft Excel and can provide immediate customer service while still retaining the face-to-face level of customer service that patrons expect. The Events module allows users to invite players, reserve tickets, track attendance and perform several other associated tasks for Event Management. Other modules, like Surveys and Hosting, allow for the organization to capture critical information that helps them provide top-tier customer service without losing the personal interaction the customers crave. For more information, visit

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