New Products, July 2010

3M—Multi-Touch Display M2256PW
With its ultra-fast, 20-plus finger multi-touch input and a high-definition, wide viewing angle LCD, the M2256PW display delivers performance designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding multi-finger or multi-user interactive applications. Based on revolutionary 3M Projected Capacitive Technology, the display offers application developers full multi-touch capabilities with less than 6 millisecond response time for 20 simultaneous touches. This product features a high-definition 1680 x 1050 LCD screen, DVI and VGA video input, audio input, USB and RS232 (serial) dual-mode communication protocol and durable, anti-glare front surface. Applications taking advantage of this high level of interactivity include computer aided design, digital signage, computer gaming, security monitoring systems, education and training, and telepresence. The M2256PW display is compatible with Windows 7 and offers software for other systems. For more information, visit

C.R. Laurence—SurfaceMate Adjustable Angle Base Shoe and Shimming System
The horizontal taper lock design of C.R. Laurence’s (CRL) TAPER-LOC™ Dry Glaze Glass Railing System has made glass railing and windscreen construction so simple that installers have easily reduced installation time by 50 percent or more. Now, the company has added several new options to simplify instalment—especially on uneven mounting surfaces. Chris Hanstad, CRL’s railing systems brand manager, states, “To improve installation, we engineered and developed the SurfaceMate Adjustable Angle Base Shoe and Shimming System which makes the correction automatically.” As part of the system, CRL has also introduced the B5A Series heavy base shoe, which has a curved bottom to match the Angle Adjust Curved Blocks, and a redesigned interior channel with walls that provide all of the support of traditionally formed base shoe, but also reduce the weight of the channel. For more information, visit

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies—Schlage GT-400 HandPunch
The new smaller, improved Schlage GT-400 HandPunch terminal uses the size and shape of each employee’s hand for verification, making it fast, efficient and easy to use. With a large LCD screen and programmable soft keys, perfect for interactive workforce management kiosks, the new HandPunch GT-400 provides a conduit for employee communication right at the terminal. Its Linux platform offers multiple time and attendance/workforce management software developers with easy interface options. Using biometrics to automate the collection of time and attendance data can reduce buddy punching (one employee clocking in or out for another), manual data review and correction time, and payroll error. The HandPunch GT-400 uses hand geometry—the length, thickness, and curvature of fingers or simply the size and shape of a user’s hand—to verify each employee. Hand geometry increases reliability and reduces privacy concerns over fingerprint and other biometric technologies. For more information, visit

Sebel Furniture—Queen Gaming Stool
New to Sebel’s impressive product range is the Queen Gaming Stool, the ultimate inclusion for those who want a safe and practical stool without compromising on style. The new Sebel Queen Gaming Stool has been specially designed to give patrons superior comfort and back support. It also minimizes injuries for staff and contributes to the development of furniture safety in workplaces. The Queen’s ergonomic seating design represents many years of Sebel research and design. With its lightweight internal structure of birch and metal, finished in leather and chrome, the Queen promotes both excitement and elegance. An elegant attraction to any large establishment, its patented easy-lift handle and easy-glide base makes it simple for patrons, staff and cleaners to maneuver. A company’s individual tastes and style can be catered to, as the Queen Gaming Stool can be customized to suit chosen décor. Personalize the Queen in a range of leather, vinyl and other fabrics to suit any venue. For more information, visit

Suzo Happ—Gaming Catalogue 2010/2011
The new Suzo Happ Gaming Catalogue 2010/2011 is now available online. The entire catalog—that encompasses more than 220 pages—can be accessed at any time of day anywhere around the world. The most comprehensive gaming component catalog in the industry can be downloaded from by clicking on ‘catalogue’ on the upper bar. The entire catalog can be accessed page by page. Erik Wijma, Suzo Happ’s European sales director, stated: “With a simple viewing setup, it is easy to find what you are looking for in the online environment. Browsing through our catalogue is now easier than ever.” Suzo-Happ introduced the new 2010/2011 catalog at the London IGE exhibition in January. More products than ever are portrayed in this new catalog, underlining that the Suzo Happ Group is the leading component supplier to the global gaming industry. For more information, visit

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