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New Community Style and Progressive Slots, September 2010

Bally—Blazing Hot Tournament™
Blazing Hot Tournament™ introduces an exciting, pulse-pounding and action-packed community gaming concept to casino floors. It features a riveting 20- or 40-line base game (up to 300 credits per bet) and wildly exciting bonus rounds where players can win up to a sensational 1 million credits. In order to be eligible for this fast-paced, random group bonus event, players must make an additional ante wager. The game offers three, five, six or 10 configurable credits. Available denominations are: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 cents. The top award in the 20-line game is 100,000 credits X bet per line; and is 200,000 credits X bet per line in the 40-line version. When the tournament mode is randomly triggered by a Mystery Spin mechanism, a special “Tournament Prize Meter” styled like a thermometer serves two purposes: First, the player must tap the “Spin” button to keep moving upward, and can’t participate if the meter falls to zero. Second, the higher the meter goes, the more money the player will win in the tournament round. In the base game, a wheel mini-bonus is initiated when three scattered Cash Wheel symbols appear on reels two, three and four. For more information, visit www.ballytech.com.

IGT—Star Wars Droid Hunt™
Back, it is. And it’s coming to a galaxy near you. The Star Wars Droid Hunt™, IGT’s new MegaJackpots® slot, shows great promise, and some of the vast legions of Star Wars fans are already raving that this game is out of this world. The game takes players to a virtual world far, far away, and the recognizable Star Wars™ theme makes the product highly marketable on your gaming floor and attractive to a diverse demographic. Star Wars Droid Hunt allows for simple game play, multiple bonus opportunities, frequent feature activity and sustainable game sessions. The Star Wars saga revolutionized cinema, and this MegaJackpots game will likewise revolutionize your floor, attracting fans and players of all ages. R2D2 and familiar Star Wars sounds and images enhance the player experience with strong license appeal and entertaining features. It’s the biggest party on this side of the galaxy, and invited, you are. For more information about Star Wars Droid Hunt and other great offerings from IGT, simply contact your sales representative or visit www.igt.com.

Konami Gaming—Top Track™
Get your players off cruise control and increase their slot RPMs (Reels Per Minute) with Top Track™. Top Track is Konami Gaming’s new Grand Prix themed 4-level (Maxi, Mega, Major and Mini) linked community progressive. This exhilarating game captures attention, revs up the anticipation and leaves ordinary slot banks in the dust. In the community bonus game, eligible patrons win a chance to race for a progressive and are allotted drivers based on bet level. In order to be eligible, the patron must meet the following requirements: The patron must wager an ante bet amount, which is an additional 40 percent of the base game bet. When one patron triggers the bonus play, the additional patrons with handle pull in the previous seven seconds can join. Each driver’s odds of winning one of four progressive levels are similar to their actual chance of winning. The winning driver receives the progressive level corresponding to those drivers odds. All eligible patrons receive a community bonus award for each driver entered. For more information about Top Track, visit www.konamidrives.com.

WMS—Reel ‘em In!® Compete to Win! ® – Kingdom of the Titans™ and China Tao™
Introducing two new base game themes—Kingdom of the Titans™ and the all-new China Tao™. Unlike previous base games for Reel ‘em In! ® Compete to Win! ®, each theme contains the player-favorite Spinning Streak® feature. Reel ‘em In! Compete to Win! takes advantage of one of the key drivers for players and gaming—recognition—with a winning combination of competitive events and overhead leader boards. Reel ‘em In! Compete to Win! also brings community bonus excitement to a whole new level by utilizing two HD 52-inch monitors to immerse players in a real-time, 3-D undersea world. The Adaptive Gaming technology enables players to track their bonus accomplishments in any casino. Players can opt to have their accomplishments displayed on leader boards nationwide. By broadcasting player statistics through national and local rankings, players track their accomplishments and standings against other players at their casino and on the nationwide Reel ‘em In! Compete to Win! network. For more information, visit www.youtube.com/wmsslots.

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