Lifestyles, December 2012

Douglas Florence Sr.
Business Development Director Global Gaming

Hobby: Riding motorcycles.

What exactly do you like about that? It’s a two-wheeled driving experience that requires concentration, the ability to multitask, the use of all your senses and balance.

What attracted you to it? In the 1960s, Las Vegas was a pretty small town. I was an adventurous kid, and once a friend introduced me to the mini-bike, the race was on. The first bike I ever bought was a bright red Riverside 125cc that cost $50. It didn’t run and I had to push it home, then stash it in my backyard. When my mother discovered it she was pretty mad. I had to push it all the way to my buddy’s and only got half my cash back. Since then, I have disappointed her with my many other two-wheeled machines over the years.

How long have you been riding? Legally, since 1974. I think the statute of limitations protects me now, so I can say this; in my neighborhood we put motors on anything with wheels, including skateboards.

How often do you do it? Until this year, I was out almost every weekend. I’ve also had an annual road trip with a group of friends to Yosemite Park, until one friend, Dave Austin, passed away. We recently rode in October in his memory and to support the fight against cancer.

How do people react to your hobby? Interestingly enough, more people today know someone that rides or they ride themselves.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? If any CEM readers are up for a ride and a guide to some great biker roads and hot spots, bike rentals in Vegas are abundant, so I’m game if they are, and would look forward to it!

Elaine Hodgson
Incredible Technologies Inc.

Special hobby: I’m an IFR Private Pilot. The IFR part means that I can fly through clouds, take off and land in lower visibility while talking to air traffic control.

What do you usually do? I have a four-seat, single-engine Cirrus SR22T that I am able to fly from my local airport to anywhere I have the time to reach. Next year I hope to fly to the Bahamas.

What attracted you to it? I have wanted to take flying lessons ever since I was in my 20s, but at that time I didn’t have the money or time. Another pilot told me then that if I didn’t do it “now,” I would never get around to it. I am happy to say he was wrong. Once I had some extra time and money, I didn’t let age stop me. My husband also wanted to take lessons, so we did it together.

How long have you been flying? For a little over two and a half years. I started taking lessons in February 2010, completed the private pilot certificate in February 2011, and completed the IFR certificate in April 2012.

How often do you do it? The license requires a certain amount of recurrent training and logging maneuvers, so I try to fly a few hours each week. If I am lucky, it’s more.

How do people react to your hobby? They almost always raise their eyebrows, have a surprised look and then a smile. There are approximately 500,000 pilots in the U.S.; about half are non-commercial private pilots. Only one in six pilots is a woman, so I think that surprises people too.

What’s the best part of having this hobby? I love the relative freedom flying gives me. I can fly to see my son in an hour instead of driving for three. I can fly myself and others to a casino or special event at our convenience. There are more than 5,000 small and large airports where I can land. Many of them are close to the diverse locations where casinos do business.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? If there is something you have always wanted to do but didn’t get around to, keep up the dream. Don’t let age or convention stop you from taking the time and effort to realize it. Also, if you are visiting your local airport and see lucky tail number N7776T, please come by and say hi!

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