Getting Comps and Free Rooms from Casinos

Casinos are a fun way to escape from the daily work grind. The thrill of winning money and the enjoyment of just getting away from life for a few days are enough for players to seek a fun gambling excursion. Some players spend far too much money on casino vacations and it is not on what is spent in the casinos that hurts them.

Sign Up for the Players Club

Most casinos offer a players club. The first step in getting one of these cards is to visit the rewards center. All that is needed is a government issued ID card. This can be a driver’s license, passport, or anything else official with a photo on it. Players can also have a slot attendant or pit boss make one of these cards.

Video poker and slot machines accept these cards. The reader will record all of the betting action. Points are awarded based on the games played. Slots typically earn about twice as many points as video poker, depending on the casino. These points may be converted into free play or cash at most casinos. Players often earn comps based on this same rate that may be redeemed for meals or hotel rooms.

Table games do not usually offer any cash back or free play, but comps that go towards free meals and hotel are earned. The rate depends on a number of factors. The two prevailing ones are the amount wagered and the time seated at the table. Other factors include the speed of the game and the house edge. A craps or blackjack player will earn fewer comps than someone seated at a Three Card Poker or roulette table. A shorthanded game will earn more comps than a full one due to its faster speed.

Skill can also play a factor. Blackjack players that understand basic strategy may earn fewer comps than someone that stays on 14 against a 7 or does not double down properly.

First Visit to a Casino is Key

The first day’s worth of play on a new rewards card can make all the difference. Casinos look at the action of new players and base mailers on it. Do not sign up for a players card if you only plan on spending a few minutes giving action. Wait until you can give a full day’s worth of play before signing up for a players card.

The first mailer a player gets is often the best one he will ever receive. Mailers have historically been sent through the U.S. Postal Service, but today they may also be received by email or text. The offer may include free slot play, table game bets, hotel rooms, and meals.

Regular Players Also Get Mailers

While the first mailer is typically the best, regular players also receive special offers. It is based on an average daily wager amount. The offer is typically 10-20% of the theoretical loss based on the slot or video poker game played.

Table Game Mailers

Table game players often receive different mailers from casinos. These will not include free slot play. Instead, it is often a free table game bet voucher. Free meals or hotel rooms may also be sent to table game players.

Getting a VIP Host

The policy on VIP hosts changes from one casino to another. Some set a specific players club tier where a host becomes the reward. Others wait for a player to ask for it. Some casinos have hosts scour through data to determine if a player’s action warrants special attention. Once a serious player is identified, a host will introduce himself to the gambler.

What Does a Host Do?

A host gives players a personal experience while in the casino. They also give players a reason to visit when he may not otherwise. This includes special perks like a limo ride from the airport, hotel room upgrades, show tickets, and visits to resort amenities on the house.

It never hurts to ask a pit boss or slot attendant to call a VIP host after a big session. This can include large wagers, long playing times, or a big win or loss. At the very least, the host will simply say no. There is nothing to lose.

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