G2E 2013 Review Test Labs

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BMM Testlabs
G2E is always an exciting time for BMM, according to Wendy Anderson, chief of staff—BMM International.

“It not only gives us a chance to catch up with all of our customers and colleagues, but allows attendees to take a sneak peek into what’s new and upcoming in the market,” Anderson said. At the show, traffic was up at the BMM booth, and the company was busy providing current and new customers with valuable information.

“Staff from all of BMM’s global regions attended the show and also took part as speakers and moderators in many of the conferences and presentations over the four days of G2E,” Anderson said. Prior to the event, Travis Foley accepted the position of executive vice president—operations for BMM Americas. He brings with him more than 13 years of regulatory, testing and manufacturing experience of gaming technology as a former chief of the technology division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

In regards to the key trend at the show, Drew Pawlak, senior vice president of business development—BMM Americas, said, “This year most of our clients were very enthusiastic about 2014 and real sales in the U.S. and abroad, which is always a good sign for the industry.”

Eclipse Compliance TestingJanice and Nick Farley, co-owners of Eclipse Compliance Testing.
Despite having no new themes to celebrate, Janice Farley, co-owner of Eclipse Compliance Testing, has no problem sticking to the basics with what works. “We continue to espouse our ongoing theme of ‘Integrity, Impartiality and Independence,’ which we introduced in 2007 with our Eclipse Compliance Testing trade name,” she said. “Eclipse continues to uphold high-quality testing practices, as well as the highest ethical and moral standards in the gaming device compliance testing industry. Our business practices and test results continue to be above reproach.”

When asked to share what approach Eclipse takes in testing products, Co-Owner Nick Farley explained that the company’s testing laboratory only issues reports recommending approval or certification when products are thoroughly tested and found to be compliant with the applicable standards. “Our customers have come to appreciate our focus on compliance and integrity, as they find it easier to keep their products in operation, with great customer satisfaction because we help them keep their products in compliance with jurisdictional standards,” he said.

Eclipse continues to promote its testing services for Class II and Class III gaming devices and systems, charitable gaming, amusement devices and finite pool systems, such as electronic pull-tabs (E-Tabs) and sweepstakes systems. The company also tests random number generators and video lottery terminals for state lottery agencies. In addition to its laboratory testing services, Eclipse offers onsite tutorials and training services. “This past year we assisted the new staff members of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Charitable Gaming Services (VDACS) with comprehensive training tailored to regulating electronic pull-tab systems,” Janice Farley said.

Proving that Eclipse is well equipped and prepared to enter the next era of gaming, the Farleys both confirmed that Eclipse is ready to serve the Internet gaming segment as regulations and regulatory schemes evolve in the U.S.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
Gaming Laboratories International’s (GLI) theme for G2E 2013 was “GLI is ahead of the game.”  The team was certain that their new tools promoted at the show would add credence to that statement.

“We have an exclusive toolbox filled with award-winning tools for regulators, suppliers and operators,” Vice President of Global Services Ian Hughes said. “We are pleased with two new products we are introducing this year: GLI S.C.A.L.E. and GLiCloud.”

GLI S.C.A.L.E. is a load-testing tool that allows suppliers to load test devices in a much more cost-efficient and time-effective way, decreasing time to market.

GLiCloud is a new tool for operators and suppliers. It is a floor inventory tool that automatically checks all components against certifications in real time and updates the entire floor inventory, giving operators and suppliers a complete look at their entire floor, audited against certifications.

Hughes expects that these two new tools will assist suppliers in dealing with issues that impact the industry. “Time to market is consistent[ly] a top issue, and we have a substantial set of tools to help break down that barrier, including the new GLI S.C.A.L.E,” he said. “For regulators and operators, compliance and security are always of concern, and that’s why GLiCloud, combined with field testing, will be so important.”

In addition to these two tools, throughout the coming months GLI will also be discussing the training it offers through GLI University, including its roundtables. The next roundtables will take place in 2014 in Las Vegas in March, Rome in May and Peru in August. Next year, GLI will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Since its start with one lab in Toms River, N.J., the company has grown to 21 laboratory locations on six continents with more than 800 employees.

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