G2E 2013 Review, Seating

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Gary Platt’s new Capri-Style table games chair.
Gary Platt’s new Capri-Style table games chair.
Gary Platt Manufacturing LLC
As Gary Platt continues to provide the gaming industry with some of the most comfortable, ergonomically designed casino seating available in the industry, the company showcased several new prototypes at this year’s G2E that incorporate wider and deeper seats, along with stylish leg profiles. The new chairs included a hi-limit slot chair with arms called The Gazelle Royale, a new capri-style table games chair and a prototype simply referred to by its code name X2.

The company is sensing great optimism within the gaming industry and is fortunate to be a part of a various number of upcoming casino grand openings and expansion projects. Mark Yurcisin, vice president of sales, said, “We have been involved with a great number of new [building] projects and renovations in 2013, and from the conversations we’ve had, there is no doubt it will continue into next year.”

The company takes great pride in ensuring all chairs are built perfectly and delivered in a timely manner, and it is no wonder why the company’s seating options will be making their debut on gaming floors as far away as Vancouver, Canada.

In addition to showcasing new seating solutions, Gary Platt enjoys attending G2E because the show enables the company to consult with colleagues, customers and prospective customers to help them create the best experience for their guests. “We have always prided ourselves on reaching out to our customers consistently throughout the year, and G2E gives us the opportunity to say thanks to so many over these three days,” Yurcisin said.

He also added that other highlights included “seeing the legend himself, Gary Platt, attend G2E and the joy in people’s eyes as they reconnected with him on the show floor. He truly is an amazing man, and you can see the respect and admiration so many people have for him.”

Two chairs from the Coltrane series.
Two chairs from the Coltrane series.
Gasser Chair Co.
At G2E, Gasser Chair Co. showcased new additions to its Coltrane series in reference to seat size that would offer customers increased seating at table games. Gasser showcased a new RO Custom stool for high-limit tables that has multiple adjustments for the player including back angle. Gasser also presented a new back style for gaming stools, 107, that has enhanced inside back supports for player comfort.

Being at G2E allows the company to listen to its gaming customers and supply seating solutions that solve customer’s challenges and enhance the player experience. The show is a major platform for Gasser to introduce products and new personnel.

This year the company announced the hiring of Steve Odden as Native Indian gaming specialist. Odden will be traveling into these markets to discuss the variety of seating Gasser offers.

Gasser also received an award from the American Gaming Association (AGA) for Best Print Advertising Campaign, “Gasser Dazzles,” at an awards luncheon.

Show attendees came with many project ideas for Gasser to work with them on. The gaming market is facing continued competition with new casino openings, and developing ways to give their customer the best possible experience. Because Gasser is a manufacturer with complete engineering capabilities, it is able to provide specific seating to meet numerous requirements.

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