Hooters Las Vegas Review


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Hooters Las Vegas Review


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Hooters Las Vegas Review

The original property that has now been Hooters since 2006 was built in 1973. It’s off the strip but is just a short walk east of Las Vegas Blvd on Tropicana Avenue across the street from the valet at the gigantic MGM Grand. As Hooters sits among many more glamorous hotels and casinos, it certainly looks far out of place from the inside and out. However, Las Vegas needs a place like this because the city is all about having something for everybody.
Think of Las Vegas as a great baseball team. You got some stars, a bunch of other cutthroat seasoned grinders, and a few scrappy role players who can come off the bench and beat you too. Hooters is the bench player. It’s small and not very impressive, but it delivers gambling, food, alcohol, and somewhere to sleep just like everybody else.
Since it is located just off the main strip, all parking and valet services are still free. This property isn’t going to blow you away with luxury and amenities, so you won’t find any high-end shopping, top chef restaurants, adrenaline pumping nightclubs, or palatial spas. But – if you don’t dismiss Hooters as just a dump, you’ll see nobody in there is taking themselves too seriously by getting caught up with status or superficiality. You’ll see it only attracts “regular people” who just want to have fun.

Casino at Hooters

Despite being way smaller than its competitors in the area, the gaming floor space is still a sizable 30,000 square feet and is built very much like a rectangle (it is narrow but goes far back). Most of the patrons at Hooters are tourists who want to do everything inexpensively, but we suppose locals may drop in here too since there’s not massive crowds to deal with like many other properties.
There isn’t a long lineup of table game options, and there’s only a dozen dozen tables (at most) to begin with. But minimum bet requirements are very low, and all the tables are conveniently located at the front of the casino near the main entrance.


We thought we would see 3-2 blakcjack, but all tables are 6-5 and it makes sense. Why? Because minimum bets are either $5 or $1, but $10 double deck blackjack is also available. The rules for double deck are:

Double Deck Blackjack Rules

– Aces can only be split once.
– You can double after splitting.
– You can double down on only the first two cards.
– The dealer must hit on soft 17 for all tables.
In addition to traditional blackjack, there is also a virtual blackjack game with a live dealer. The minimum at this machine is only $1. Note that if you have any ideas of trying to peck away at the house by using the Martingale strategy for the $1 tables, they are all over it by setting a maximum bet of $200.


Crap is another game with low limits, running for $5. Each of the live craps tables have standard odds of 3-4-5. Virtual craps is also available with $1 minimums.


Roulette with a standard double zero wheel is available at Hooters with a $5 minimum. Virtual roulette with a live wheel also runs for $2.

Other Hooters Table Games

No other table games were going during our last visit, and we only saw signs for Three Card Poker which we’re guessing can also be played for $5. If you’re into high limit wagering and lots of games, Hooters is not for you. There is no high limit section, and since the $1 and $5 blackjack games are often filled, you might have to wait to get a seat.

Slots at Hooters

We don’t have an exact count on the number of slot machines available at Hooters, but we estimate at least 500. Some casinos have more than four times that amount, but Hooters still offers a variety of new game titles and video reels to go with the traditional slots.
Some of Hooter’s most noteworthy titles that we noticed on our last trip were Buffalo, Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra, Monopoly and The Walking Dead.
Betting limits start at a penny and gradually move up to $1. There is no marked off section for high limit slots, but the most expensive machines were in the back where we found a handful of traditional slots that allowed $5 and $10 a pull.

Video Poker at Hooters

You can always find video poker at the bars in Hooters and play them for comped drinks, but otherwise (despite being spread around the casino) there wasn’t too much emphasis on video poker.
Video Poker limits begin at a nickel and go up to a dime, quarter, 50 cents, $1, and $2. Payouts are as much as 99.11% for Double Bonus and as little as 98.91% for Deuces Wild 44. Hooters may not be a top choice for the video poker player, but at least you don’t have to settle for cruddy payouts.

Sportsbook at Hooters

Hooters is one of the few uptown strip sportsbooks run by William Hill. There is no action on horse racing, and it’s not so much a sportsbook anyway as it is a place for people (particularly locals) to drop-in and bet. Still there are a few TVs with a seating area along with some standing counter space. The sportsbook is easily accessed through the parking garage, but since there is no separation from it and the casino, it is noisy from hearing all the slot machines.
Unfortunately, there are no drink tickets to obtain. This was a surprising letdown because we figured Hooters would want to keep it friendly, not to mention just about every other sportsbook gives away drink tickets as a throw-in when you place a big enough bet (granted William Hill books typically don’t do it for less than $200 for sports bets).
The best thing going for this sportsbook is you can do live betting over the counter. Live betting is betting on games after they have started. Almost no sportsbook on the strip handle live bets, only if you use their app. William Hill also has an app in case you want to bet while you’re on the move. To use it, all you have to do is open an account which you can do quickly and for free right inside the sportsbook.

Hotel at Hooters

The hotel has close to 700 rooms and has discounts for AAA members. We were hoping they might give you a break on the resort fee, but like many strip hotels it is $39.68 after tax and there’s no getting around this nightly fee which doesn’t include much besides Wi-Fi and access to the 24/7 fitness center.
The hotel looks old on the outside, but the rooms are fine and updated. They start at 370 square feet and can be either a pool view or strip view. If you want something bigger, the Jacuzzi Suite is 850 square feet but can only be booked by calling.
The regular rooms are never too expensive, usually in the $100 range on weekends and often well under $100 a night during the week. But considering its location and obnoxiously high resort fee, we don’t find Hooters to be a great value because there are plenty of hotels smack in the middle of the action with way more amenities and aren’t necessarily a lot more expensive.

Restaurants at Hooters

Famous of course for its young eye-candy waitress staff and chicken wings, Hooters now serves breakfast as it is open 24/7 with Steak ‘n’ Shake being its other 24/7 option. Beyond that is its Southside Eatery which has Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Pizza Hut, and Caribou Coffee. Since there is no fine dining, as you can see there is nothing too creative outside of what Hooters is known for.

Bars at Hooters

The narrow selection of food does is irrespective of Hooters’ drinking options. Along with the Lobby Bar, Hooters Saloon is also open 24/7 and has video poker. The Underground Lounge is open till either 2 or 3 AM every night and has 26 TVs for watching sports in case you don’t want or need to be near the sportsbook cashier during the game.
Additionally, it has Karaoke every night from Thursday to Saturday, and Hooters’ final option is the Porch. This outdoor bar is in the back of the casino and has for among others, tables for playing pool, beer pong, and foosball.
A view of the Porch from our last visit:

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