Hilton Ponce Resort Casino Review

Hilton Ponce Resort Casino Review

Hilton Ponce Resort Casino is located inside of the hotel at Hilton Ponce Golf Resort. Located in the lively tourist city of Ponce in the south of Puerto Rico, this resort casino is one of the oldest on the island and it attracts many guests throughout the year.
Getting to the Hilton Ponce Resort Casino is not difficult. You can either arrive by plane at the nearby Mercedita International Airport and take a 15-minute drive to the resort, or arrive at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport and have to drive for about 90 minutes. In terms of transportation to and from the airport, taxi or car rental are your two best options.
If you are looking for other tourist attractions in the area, you should know that national parks and birdwatching are two of the most popular nature activities available here. The main, El Yunque National Park, is very popular among tourists but will require you to drive for about an hour from the resort.
All gambling on the island is regulated by Puerto Rican gambling law, which maintains a legal gambling age of 18. You won’t necessarily be asked for your ID at the Hilton Ponce Resort Casino but should come prepared in case. Guests are encouraged to “dress appropriately” but there is not any dress code specified.

Hilton Ponce Resort Casino

The Hilton Ponce Resort Casino is not the biggest casino on the island, but it still features a wide selection of gambling options, including both table games and slots. The casino’s lighting and décor has been very well put together, giving off a pleasant, classy vibe despite the lack of a strict dress code. Also, the atmosphere is always enjoyable and puts people in the holiday spirit.
The casino itself is owned by Hilton’s parent company, Hilton Worldwide. This company is in charge of hundreds of hotels and resorts all around the globe, and is the oldest running hospitality chain in the world. Accordingly, you can expect top-notch customer service from the casino staff, who are friendly and helpful.

Table games at Hilton Ponce Resort Casino

With a variety of table games on offer, the casino at the Hilton Ponce should be able to satisfy all your gambling needs. There are 14 tables available, offering a variety of well-known casino games.
Standard blackjack is available at the Hilton Ponce Resort Casino. Unfortunately, if you are a fan of the many other blackjack variants you will not be able to enjoy them here.
There are two types of poker available at the casino. The most popular variant available is Caribbean Stud Poker, but Let It Ride is also offered – which is a version of three card poker with a few small rule changes. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of any games, they can be explained by one of the dealers.
Craps can be enjoyed from the comfort of Hilton Ponce and promise to be as exciting as any other casino. This game usually generates a lot of hype and is an enjoyable game to both play and watch.
Not many casinos in Puerto Rico have Baccarat on offer but Hilton Ponce Resort Casino does.
One of the most popular casino games in the world, roulette is also available at the casino and is normally one of the most active games there. Be sure to get there early or you might have to wait for players to finish their game.

Slots and Video Poker at Hilton Ponce Resort Casino

There are 350 slot machines at the Hilton Ponce Casino, which is one of the largest selections on the island. They feature many different games including the widely popular Wheel of Fortune. There are various denomination machines available all played in USD.
A mix of video slots, classic slots, and progressive jackpot slots are featured, with a variety of themes. There are also a few video poker machines that can be found mixed in among the slots situated all around the casino floor.

Hotel & Accommodations at Hilton Ponce Resort Casino

As we mentioned, the casino is located inside the hotel and therefore it’s easy to find. There are many rooms available and you shouldn’t struggle to make a booking – even during peak seasons. Rooms go for different prices based on the size, but you can expect to be paying anything from $125 for a standard double room.
The hotel provides guests with many different amenities to enjoy when they aren’t gambling. Some of the options include:
– Spa
– Gift shops
– Pool
– Golf Course
– Mini Golf
– Jogging Track
– Kids’ Playground
– Pool Tables

Restaurants at Hilton Ponce Resort Casino

There are a number of restaurants and bars available at the Hilton Ponce Resort. Whether you are feeling like a light meal or a full dining experience, Hilton Ponce will have you covered.
La Cava is a newly renovated restaurant located at the Hilton Ponce Resort. They offer fine dining and guests will be amazed at the combinations and tastes on offer. It is an award-winning restaurant and serves some unique dishes.
La Terraza is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is where guests will come to enjoy their complimentary breakfasts. The restaurant overlooks the grounds of the resort and offers a splendid way to enjoy a tasty meal. The restaurant is popular among guests and locals alike and you can be sure that there will be a lively, yet sophisticated, atmosphere.
Sancho’s Sushi Bar provides guests with a variety of options, not only limited to sushi, the restaurant mixes Asian and local cuisines. Enjoy a light meal and a drink at Sancho’s Sushi Bar.
One of the lighter options on offer is the El Bohio Sports & Pool Bar. Situated outside, you will be able to enjoy a variety of light meals and drinks while soaking in the Caribbean sun. If you aren’t keen for the sun they do offer tables with umbrellas.
The Hilton Resort also offers a room service option to enjoy any meal in the comfort of your bedroom. This service is available 24/7 and is perfect after a long day filled with activities.

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