Casino Real Humacao at Wyndham Garden Palmas Del Mar Review


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Casino Real Humacao at Wyndham Garden Palmas Del Mar Review


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Casino Real Humacao at Wyndham Garden Palmas Del Mar Review

Casino Real Humacao is a small establishment that operates within the Wyndham Garden Palmas Del Mar in Puerto Rico. Wyndham Garden lies within a resort complex called the Palmas Del Mar which spans across a private beach. The hotel should not be confused with the more famous Wyndham Gardens Inn company which has no affiliation with the small island-based hotel, and it should also be noted that the casino used to be known as Doral Resort before being taken over by new owners.
The resort town of Palmas Del Mar is situated on the southeast coast of Puerto Rico about an hour’s drive from the capital city of San Juan. The fastest way to get there is to take highway 52 and then head east along the highway 30 towards Humacao. From Humacao, you will see signs that will lead you to the resort town of Palmas Del Mar. Humacao is the closest city, which is roughly 15 minutes’ drive from the resort town.
By far the quickest route to get to Palmas Del Mar from the international airport in San Juan is to rent a car or catch a shuttle. If you prefer to stay within the resort, you can organize a golf cart to get around. An alternative way into the country would be to fly into the international airport in the city of Ceiba which is about a 30 minutes’ drive to the north of Humacao. This is the closest international airport to the resort.
The gambling and drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18 years of age, but there does not seem to be a strict enforcement of the age rules at this casino; although those thought to be minors will be asked for identification. There is practically no dress code due to the relaxed nature of the hotel.

Casino at Wyndham Garden

There is a rustic atmosphere about the hotel where guests can be seen relaxing on the beach or poolside with a cheap cocktail from the hotel bar and the Casino Real is a quaint establishment that is roughly 4000 square feet in size.
The casino is in the main foyer of the Wyndham Garden Hotel and offers an intimate, yet fun and relaxing experience. The first thing you see when you enter the casino are slot machines. You will be able to find table games as well, and they have the big 3 – craps, roulette, and blackjack. Occasionally a band or musical talent will perform at the hotel.
Operating hours are from 10AM to 2AM between Monday and Sunday. There are no entrance fees, however, you do need to pay a fee for parking, which is available at the hotel parking lot, but if you are staying in the hotel, then this is free to use during your visit.

Table games at Real Casino

Casino Real is more of a “fun” place to gamble with a casual vibe, since its target market is vacationing tourists from the continental United States. For this reason, the limits at the casino are relatively low. There is, however, plenty of table game action available, hosting arguably the 3 most popular casino games in the industry.
Beginning with blackjack, you will find the classic version of the game played here. There are a number of tables meaning that they do not get too crowded. The rules for blackjack are the same as most U.S. casinos.
Craps is one of the most popular table games available at the Casino Real, as it is a crowd favorite for U.S. tourists who make up the majority of visitors there. The craps table plays with a minimum of $5 bets and max bet set at a limit for odds betting of 3 times the amount played on the “Pass” line.
The roulette tables are all the standard European Roulette rules with only one zero. The tables consist of $1 and $5 minimum bets and are limited to $50 on any single bet. Casino Real prefers to keep the max bets low in order to dissuade casino advantage players, as this is not their target market.

Slots and Video Poker at Real Casino

There are over 200 slot machines at the Casino Real Wyndham Resorts Palmas Del Mar. These are made up of all the classic favorites, including multi-line bonus slots, and video poker.
There are plenty of the classic video machines to play. All of them are low limit machines and bets range from penny machines, to $5 and higher. These offer a fun, arcade-style gambling experience with a chance to win some real money. Some of the machines are linked to progressive bonus jackpot networks.
For those that enjoy poker, there is hope: electronic poker tables. These have good odds at low betting limits that allow for maximal enjoyment and less stress. There is an option to play PairsPlus on the side as well with some of the more modern machines.

Hotel and Accommodation at Real Casino

Wyndham Gardens Palmas Del Mar is a resort/hotel within the resort village of Palmas Del Mar. There have been many renovation efforts due to the last hurricane and the rooms now have a modern and stylish appearance. There are over 200 rooms to choose from and rooms range somewhere between $140-$170 per room per night.
There are many specials running on rooms at Wyndham Gardens if you search on the internet but the level of the special depends on the season and time of the year.

Restaurants at Real Casino

The Amalgama Restaurant is a family restaurant that offers a gastronomical twist on local classics. This provides a sort of modern fusion atmosphere for guests. There is indoor and outdoor seating available and they are open Monday -Sunday. Breakfast is from 6 am to 11 am and dinner from 5 pm to 10 pm.
There is also a bar, which is the Ginger Pool Bar. This bar offers a casual dining experience and many cocktails and beers that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

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