Blue Dolphin Casino Review


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Blue Dolphin Casino Review

The Blue Dolphin Casino is part of the Costa Bahia Hotel & Convention Center in the Guayanilla area of southern Puerto Rico. The hotel and casino are locally owned and have undergone some serious improvements over recent years in an attempt to expand the tourism industry on the south part of the island.
Though it is located in a quiet part of Puerto Rico, it is still close enough to many of the country’s most popular attractions. It is a bit of a distance from the capital of San Juan, in the North-Eastern corner of the island. It will take you about a two-hour drive to get to the casino from San Juan.
Unless you are coming from the capital, you will find that the casino isn’t very far from one of Puerto Rico’s two international airports – the Mercedita International Airport. This airport will allow you to fly to/from New York or Orlando airports in America.
Getting to the hotel won’t prove to be too much of a problem, even if you aren’t going to rent a car at the airport. There is an abundance of taxis and buses in the area, but you will not be able to find a train station. If you do drive, then there are plenty of complimentary parking spots available at the entrance of the hotel.
Upon arrival, the dress code is not particularly formal, and they will not deny you entrance simply because you aren’t wearing a suit and tie. That being said, you will find that most people are dressed in semi-formal attire and look presentable for an establishment of the Blue Dolphin’s level.

Casino at Blue Dolphin

There are plenty of slot machines and table games available at the Blue Dolphin casino as well as a wide variety of other electronic games. There are, however no tournament tables for activities like poker. In addition to this, there are also no high limit games taking place at the Blue Dolphin Casino which might disappoint high-rollers.
The casino is the first one on the island to only open for five days a week (Wednesday-Sunday from 10 AM to 2 AM the following day). Entrance is restricted to those of a minimum age of 18. Sometimes the casino does not allow gamblers under the age of 21 to enter on certain days. It is also worth noting that the currency used is the US Dollar.
The Blue Dolphin Casino is situated on a very large property and it includes the largest convention center on the island with over 33,000 square feet of space available. The casino itself was built in 2015 and the overall cost of this project was $5.4 million USD to cover 10,800 square feet.
Something quite unique to the Blue Dolphin Casino is their stage. They host a variety of shows to entertain guests and gamblers alike which includes both live music and stand-up comedy.

Table Games at Blue Dolphin Casino

There are a total of 7 gaming tables available at the casino offering a variety of game varieties. They include all of the most popular table games which can be found worldwide, so there should be something to satisfy all gamblers here.
Roulette is arguably one of the most exciting board games available at the Blue Dolphin. As with most things in Puerto Rico, they feature the American-style Roulette Wheel, which gives slightly lesser odds compared to European Roulette (owing this to the additional double zero).
Blackjack is another popular game that can be found at Blue Dolphin, but there are just a few tables on offer.
Poker is always a favorite card game at casinos, and this is the same for the Blue Dolphin. Texas Hold ‘em is a popular variety played and as they do not readily offer tournaments, most of the poker games are played against the dealer.
If you are a complete novice, the casino takes pride in its friendly staff who are more than willing to assist you and explain the rules of a game – something that you don’t see too often at other casinos.

Slots and Video Poker at Blue Dolphin Casino

There is no shortage of slot machines at the Blue Dolphin Casino. With over 220 slots available, there are all sorts of slot machine games available and there are both video reel machines and jackpot machines.
Card games don’t only have to be played at the tables, as there are also video poker options available. These games are far simpler, and the pace is slower than traditional poker. If you aren’t interested in playing at a table with other players, then you could be interested in the various video poker machines on offer.

Hotel and Accommodation at Blue Dolphin Casino

The Blue Dolphin Casino is part of the Costa Bahia Hotel and Convention Center and therefore has access to a top-quality hotel. They are both situated on the same property and you won’t even have to move your car to get closer.
The hotel has many rooms available with varying prices, starting from $125 a night. In 2017 they finished an entirely new area of hotel suites called Costa Villa which has received many good reviews from satisfied customers.
Some of the older rooms have been said to be a bit ‘run-down’ but are still satisfactory to most of the guests. The Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico a couple years back did cause significant water damage to the hotel which some rooms still show.
Customers are invited to book in from 3 pm but if you find yourself there earlier the staff are very accommodating and should be able to sort something out for you.

Restaurants at Blue Dolphin Casino

Being a hotel, there are restaurants available. There are actually two, one situated by the pool (Amapola Restaurant) and the other, more casual option, is next to the convention center (Guajana Restaurant). Both are promising options and you are sure to be satisfied with the quality and price of your meal.
Additionally, there are also two bars available. The Dolphin Bar is located by the casino and will be able to provide you with constant refreshments while gambling and the other one, the La Marina Bar, is an ideal meeting/relaxing place and offers a tapas menu as well as light music on weekends.

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