Borgata Hotel and Casino Review


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Borgata Hotel and Casino Review


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Borgata Hotel and Casino Review

Borgata is the most well known, highest grossing and most popular casino in Atlantic City. Rivaled in recent years only by Revel (which has since filed for two bankruptcies and is pending indefinite closure), The Borgata remains the leading casino and resort in the greater AC area.
Borgata originally launched in 2003 and included one primary hotel tower. Through 2005 and 2006 an additional tower, known as The Water Club, was constructed. The Water Tower is generally regarded as the higher end of the two towers, though each are equidistant from the general gaming floor and the majority of the premises as a whole.

Casino at Borgata

Though it is certainly known for its expansive size and breadth, the gaming area at Borgata is most often acclaimed for its style. Of the existing Atlantic City casinos, Borgata has the design and layout that is most akin to what is found in Las Vegas. Beyond this, the decor and atmosphere is a step above any of the other offerings in the regional area, even when Philadelphia and other nearby markets are considered.
Borgata boasts an astounding 4,000 slot machines in addition to 200 tables of non-machine casino games. The casino floor itself has table games placed from end to end and reaching every corner of the area as a whole. Slot machines can be found scattered throughout.
The racebook is one of the moderately interesting features of Borgata. The reason that this is somewhat unique has everything to do with the current Atlantic City market and a lot less to do with the casino itself. Until around 2011, virtually every casino in AC had an area dedicated to betting horses, but as betting on horse races diminished, so did the number of available racebooks in the city. Borgata has become the premier destination for horse race betting. Even before they became the only real competitor in the area, the book was worth noting. Each seat has its own desk and TVs as well as a dedicated lamp for those looking at guides. Even if you are not generally interested in horse betting, this room is one of the few worth checking out and can be found next to the large poker room.

Poker Room at Borgata

The poker room at The Borgata is arguably the most widely regarded facet of the casino. This poker room is both one of the largest and also one of the most active rooms not only on the East Coast, but also in the entire country. There are limits and games available for every player imaginable, from limit to no limit, PLO and NLHE, and everything in between. When tournament series are running, and frequently even when they are not, there will regularly be very high limit mixed games running in the back high limit room.
There are two primary sections of the poker room at Borgata, and three in all (when including the seldom used Signature Room). The main floor and area that contains the bulk of the tables is apparent from the front near the desk or even if you are just walking by. This is where every game up to $2/$5 NLHE is running. Games $5/$10 NLHE (as well as other games of the same limit equivalent) and higher can be found in the backroom. This high limit section can be found by walking straight to the back of the room from the entrance.
Tournaments are one of the most popular and acclaimed dynamics of the poker scene at Borgata. There are four series that run on an annual basis and are named after each season; they include the Winter, Spring, Fall and Summer Series. In addition to these series, Borgata also runs many smaller series throughout the year and also holds WPT (World Poker Tour) series.

Restaurants and Bars

When it comes to fine dining in Atlantic City, The Borgata is most frequently regarded as the top choice. The Old Homestead steakhouse, though certainly on the pricey side, is arguably the most popular choice. You will want to book a reservation if you are after a steak dinner, as this particular restaurant is packed full more often than not. Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck are the two celebrity chefs who have their own dining outlets in Borgata.
There is a wide spectrum of dining options at Borgata that starts on the low end in the food court. The food court is located a level below the poker room and includes many options such as pizza, cheesesteaks, salads, burgers, Asian food, and more. The Metropolitan cafe near the event center is a perfect middle of the road option as it features a dynamic and comprehensive menu with reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for a high end night out, something quick and affordable, or a meal that is right in between, Borgata Casino will have something for you.

Casino Promotions

As is the case with most casinos, promotions at The Borgata are constantly changing. As a regular, experienced player at the casino, you will receive regular offers by mail and email. Some of the promotions that you will have access to include bonus/free slot dollars, match play coupons, free rooms, discounts and sometimes free concert tickets, and much more. There are two primary levels of players cards at Borgata, which include Red Label and Black Label. Black Label is most equivalent to the level of play required to meet the Diamond level in the Total Rewards program by Caesars Entertainment properties.
Right now, Borgata is offering $25 in free slot money to any new members. This is a relatively new promotion, as in the past new sign ups to the players club at Borgata did not receive this offer. Depending on the time of the year, Borgata also runs promotions that are available to all players, like their football challenges in the fall. All in all, Borgata has some of the most well run, unique, and interesting contests and events that players can participate in, often times regardless of their actual volume of casino game play.

Hotel at Borgata

The hotel at Borgata is broken into two different towers: the main tower and the newer tower which is known as The Water Club. The primary, older tower has undergone renovations which has improved the decor and general quality of the rooms to where you can hardly notice a difference between the typical rooms in either tower. Suites are much harder to come by in the normal tower than they are in The Water Club.
Room rates and general availability varies wildly, with the biggest variable being the time of the year. Winter rooms are both much more affordable and more available. With that said, the weekends in Atlantic City, even in the winter and colder months, tend to be very busy, which can in turn make it difficult to locate a room at a reasonable rate. If you do not have a host or an easy way to book a room at the last minute, it is recommended that you book a weekend room ahead of time to ensure you both have a room and are able to obtain a reasonable nightly rate.

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