Casino Games with the Biggest and Smallest House Edge

Most players go to the casino with a favorite game in mind and will play it regardless of its house edge. This is not the best play. The main goal of gambling is to win. The correct action is to play the games with the highest chances of winning, even if you’re on a budget.

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The game with the lowest house edge in a casino is usually blackjack.  There are rules that may change the return of blackjack from one casino to another.  The most important rule in a blackjack game is that it pays 3-2 on blackjack.  If the table pays 6-5 on a natural, keep walking.
It is also important for the blackjack game to allow double down on any two cards and after splitting.  Other rules that benefit players include permitting surrender and resplitting aces.  It is also best to find blackjack tables where the dealer stays on all 17’s.


Craps is often the best or second best game in a casino.  The higher the odds allowed, the lower the house edge. That is because there is no house edge on an odds bet at a craps game. It theoretically returns 100% to the player. The best bet on the craps table to start a roll is the Don’t Pass. Don’t Come is the identical bet and has the same edge, but is only available after the come out roll. The Pass Line is the second best bet. The Come offers identical odds for rolls after the come out.
Placing numbers is the next best bets at a craps table. The Field is reasonable as long as 12 pays triple. Most of the other wagers at a craps table are sucker bets. The closer you get to the middle of the table, the higher the house edge.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a complex game with a surprisingly low house edge. The game is based on Texas Hold’em where players are up against only the dealer. Players receive 99.6% returned on average.

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Video Poker

Video poker can be a great game. Depending on the pay table, it may be the best in the casino. Some casinos offer better video poker than others. Check out to find the best video poker in your local casino. It may offer a better return than blackjack or any other table game. Make sure to always wager five coins and learn basic strategy.

Worst Casino Games to Play

Some casino games should never be played. This is due to the massive house edge or speed of the game. The games below are among the worst in any casino.

Big Six Wheel

The Big Six Wheel is the worst table game in a casino. The best bet has a house edge of 11%. The worst long shot bets have a 24% edge. This game is often found at the entrance of the casino. Keep walking past it.

Double Zero Roulette

Double Zero Roulette is often referred to as American Roulette. That is because you will not find the game in most other countries. The game has a 5.26% house edge on all but one bet on the wheel. The other bet, one that is impossible on a single zero wheel, has a 7.89% edge. A player that wagers $10 per spin will lose $31 an hour on average.

Casino War

The house edge on Casino War is 2.9%. That is not terrible by itself. The problem lies in that over 500 hands per hour can be played. This means that players can lose 15 bets per hour at the Casino War table. The house edge on the tie side bet is nearly 20%. If you must play this game, make sure to at least avoid that sucker bet.


Slots are the most popular game in the casino. The edge on most penny slots is 10%. Considering the hundreds of spins a player can make per game, this adds up fast. If you must play slots, choose the old reel-style games for $1 or higher. It will cut the house edge by at least half.

Mississippi Stud and Caribbean Stud

Mississippi Stud is a newer carnival game. It requires players to place as many as four bets. The edge on this game is 5% with wild variance. Caribbean Stud deserves an honorable mention as its edge and variance are nearly identical. Players looking to play poker table games should learn Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

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