Casino Metro Review

Casino Metro Review

Casino Metro is one of the largest casinos in Puerto Rico. If you are interested in this island paradise and want to spend your time somewhere where you can also gamble, then Casino Metro isn’t a bad choice at all. This property is part of the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino (which is a subsidiary of Marriott International) is one of the oldest and most successful hotels on the island.
Caisno Metro is located on the marvelous Isla Grande, famous for its hotel strip and picturesque surroundings. Isla Grande is located in the capital of San Juan, so it will be very easy for you to travel to and from the casino during your stay. All local activities are within driving distance from the casino, so whenever you want to take a break from gambling, you can always check out the sandy beaches and breath-taking forests.
It takes about 15 minutes to get from the hotel to the nearest international airport – Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. Buses are frequently running back and forth transporting people to the casino, but you can also choose to either rent a car or take a taxi. A taxi ride from the airport to the casino, will cost you about $20 USD.
You will need to be 18 years old or older to enter, as this is the legal age for gambling in Puerto Rico. That also happens to be the legal drinking age. Finally, there isn’t a formal dress code for the casino, and guests are welcome to dress how they see fit, but obviously within reason.

Casino at Metro

Casino Metro has a typical American-casino style about it and the machine layout, lights, music, and carpets give off a very American vibe.
The casino features an array of slot machines and table games. In fact, the casino’s game list is one of the most comprehensive on the island. It is open 24/7 except for certain gaming tables being closed for short periods.
Furthermore, if you interested, you can become part of their membership program allowing you to earn points for gambling, which can then be redeemed and spent at their spa, restaurants, or gift shops. Note that the currency of the island is US Dollars and as such, you should make sure you come prepared.

Table Games at Casino Metro

You can enjoy the table games of your choosing at Casino Metro and here is a list of some of the most popular options:
Three varieties of Blackjack are on offer at the casino. The traditional Blackjack is the most popular, but Free Bet Blackjack and 21+3 Extreme Blackjack are also interesting ways to spice up an already entertaining game. Be sure to check them out while there.
Three Card Poker is available at the Casino Metro where you will pitch your skills versus the house dealer. Also, poker lovers will be pleased to know that there are also poker tournaments hosted here. For pro poker players, Casino Metro regularly hosts the World Poker Tour (WPT), which should more than satisfy any poker lovers cravings.
On top of this, American Roulette is enjoyed by many gamblers at the casino. This means all tables here feature the infamous double zero. Casino Metro is the first casino on the island to offer electronic roulette games, which can be found on the outer rims of the casino floor.
EZ Baccarat is the game played at Casino Metro and many other casinos on the island. It is a popular variety played worldwide and features the Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets.
Finally, there is a craps table available for those interested in playing ‘dados’ (dice). You can be sure to find a couple of locals playing this game at some point in the night where there is usually a buzz of excitement surrounding this table.

Slots and Video Poker at Casino Metro

If you’ve grown tired of the table games, or just don’t enjoy them, there are plenty of other options available at the Casino Metro. They have one of the largest collections of electronic games on the island with over 400 slot machines.
There are a variety of single denomination slot machines, starting at $0.01 and going all the way up to $5. Both reel and video machines are on offer. They offer some of the newest titles like Fort Knox, Cash Express, Mystical Temple and Dragon Victory.
Multi-denomination slot machines allow you to play a variety of coin denominations so you can up your stakes if you are on a hot streak without having to swap slots.

Hotel and Accommodation at Casino Metro

One of the benefits of Puerto Rico is that by law all casinos have to be accompanied by a hotel or a resort. This means accommodation is never far away and you can take a stroll back to your room after a long night of gambling, drinks, and music. The hotel features swimming pools, a spa, gift shops, multiple restaurants and bars, and a gym. For those keen golfers, Sheraton has a partnership with the nearby Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club to allow their guests access to the golf course.
The Sheraton Puerto Rico is a top-class hotel and has many glowing reviews from previous guests. There are so many amenities on offer that you will struggle to fit them all into your schedule. The prices of the rooms vary based on how extravagant they are. You can expect to be spending around $250 per night for a standard two-bedroom room.

Restaurants at Casino Metro

Food is something you won’t have to worry about if you go to Casino Metro as the Sheraton Hotel has a few very nice options available, as well as there being many other restaurants in the city. These are two restaurant options conveniently located in the Sheraton, hopefully, you find something that suits your pallet.
The Choices restaurant is led by the Executive Chef Janet Berrios and provides you with a wide variety of scrumptious selections. It is a relaxed environment and the dress code is ‘business casual’. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Much more casual than Choices, The Bay Pool Bar & Grille gives you the opportunity to enjoy the afternoon relaxing by their 4th-floor Infinity Pool. There is a light menu available in which drinks and light snacks are the main attraction.