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Lucky Dragon is a new casino and hotel in Las Vegas, making its debut on December 3rd, 2016. Unlike the mega resorts that Las Vegas has become known for over the past few years, Lucky Dragon casino resort is a relatively small property. The premise behind this destination lies much more in its theme than simply its casino floor and hotel rooms.
Las Vegas has always been a city that was built around themes. From the jungle theme at Rio to the castle at Excalibur and the Egyptians at Luxor, there has been no shortage of themed mega resorts on the Strip, Lucky Dragon takes this concept and turns it into the focal point and not just a sideshow.
Lucky Dragon is located just off of Sahara Drive. While it is not technically on Las Vegas Boulevard and the main Strip, it is very close and can be reached with a short drive. The resort is one of a kind and World Casino Index highly recommends a visit.

Casino at Lucky Dragon Las Vegas

The casino gaming area itself is quite minimal, especially when compared to the options just a few blocks away. In total, there are 37 table games to choose from. For machine play, there are a net of 300 different slots and games.
Given the Asian and Chinese theme of Lucky Dragon, many of the table games are the same as you will find in the Asian pit section in almost any casino. Baccarat and pai gow are a few of the most popular games that are offered. Since a poker room or even video poker machines are not generally popular among Asian clientele, there is minimal incentive for these games to be offered, especially with such limited space available.
If one thing has been evident, it is that Lucky Dragon will be focusing heavily on the high end customer and player. There is no hiding the fact that many casinos make a large amount of their money from their Asian players, many of which actually fly from overseas just to gamble in Las Vegas. These players know what they are looking for and they know how they expect to be treated as high stakes players. While Lucky Dragon is worth a visit for anyone in Las Vegas, you may be intimidated by the player pool and the betting size if you are not accustomed to high stakes Asian baccarat and casino games.

Lucky Dragon Hotel

The hotel at Lucky Dragon Las Vegas is best described as boutique. While 200 rooms is not usually considered a “small” hotel in almost anywhere in the world, it is when compared to the large resorts in LV that have thousands of rooms to offer. As a result of this limited number of rooms, do not be surprised to see very high room rates, especially in the initial months after the casino’s opening. Many players will want to check out the newest casino and resort near the strip, and you will pay for it accordingly.
The hotel and rooms themselves have an Asian theme. Again, this is what separates Lucky Dragon from other hotels in the area, and it will be factored into the price. If you are not interested in traditional Asian décor and styling, you may not find yourself at home in the rooms at Lucky Dragon. The hotel also offers unique services like all day tea, which again is in line with Asian tradition. If you are trying to get the full experience, Lucky Dragon hotel will deliver.

Theme and Celebrations

Chinese New Year and other popular Chines and Asian holidays are already very busy times of the year in Las Vegas. Asian Americans and visitors from other countries alike flock to the city to celebrate their biggest holidays. Lucky Dragon takes this to another level, with actual celebrations for these days, including real dragon dances and festivities that would normally only happen right in Asia.
As you might expect, the hotel and resort will be even more crowded than usual on these days, and the room prices will be adjusted accordingly. This casino provides a unique opportunity to get a real dose of Asian culture, whether you are new or already familiar with Chinese traditions.

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