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Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace holds one of the biggest names in town and is the centerpiece property of Caesars Entertainment. It is one of the most populated hotspots in the city.
Open since August 5th, 1966, it is also among Las Vegas’ oldest properties. You would never know it though, since the property has undergone a number of large renovations over the years, including its most recent one in 2015.
With a Roman Empire theme, Caesars sits right on the corner of Flamingo road right as you exit the I-15. Before turning left onto the oft jam packed strip, there is a valet right on Flamingo. This valet is only for VIPs, however it is easy enough to drop someone off and leave if that’s all you need to do. Otherwise Caesars self-parking garage can be accessed using the backroad Frank Sinatra Drive.
Self-parking, or any of the valet drop-offs now charge. The rate is determined by how long you’re planning to stay and your status in the Total Rewards program. Platinum status is second from the bottom, and Platinum cardholders may self-park for free.
Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is, from end to end, this is a loud casino. The energy is always very high here, and parts of the floor are a bit smoky. Most of its traffic comes from relatively young tourists, but given the high quality of everything there is to do inside of Caesars Palace, many of the city’s locals also spend time here.

Casino at Caesars Palace

Home to one of the larger gaming floor spaces, the 124,000+ square foot casino is divided into multiple pits. The main table games pit is in the center of the casino, with a small one right behind it as you approach the Bacchanal Buffet. There is yet another pit as you get near the Omnia nightclub, and the fourth one is past the poker room near the food court.
The action is constantly kicking, and you’ll find a wide selection of less-popular table games in addition to the most common ones. The minimum bets for the main games were no less than $10, but some of the additional mixed games have $5 minimums during off-peak hours.


Located near the high limit room in the central main pit, there are two Nepal Baccarat games for $25 or $50.


Located in just about every pit around the casino, the lowest minimum was $15, but these tables pay 6-5 on blackjack. The dealer must hit soft 17, and Blazing Blackjack Progressive bonus tables were also available with $15 minimums.
There are also 3-2 games available, but you’ll have to play either the $25 or $50 min. tables which are in the central pit.
If you want to play some 21 without having to pull out too much, there is a virtual blackjack game with a live dealer that takes $5 bets. In addition to all the regular blackjack games, Caesars also has another variation called Free Bet Blackjack with a $15 minimum.
There is one important thing we must note. In the pit that is right near Omnia, we noticed $15 blackjack tables that had different rules from the other $15 tables. You can only double down when dealt 10 or 11, and you cannot double down after splitting. It took us a minute to figure out why, but eventually we did. In this particular pit, all the dealers are very young and attractive women wearing…less clothing than the rest of the staff. As it so often does, sex sells, only this time at the cost of playing blackjack with rules.


All of the craps games can be found in the central pit. Table minimums are either $15 or $50 with odds of 3-4-5. There are virtual craps machines available as well, starting at $1 minimums.


Standard double zero roulette games can be played in multiple pits. Minimums are either $15 or $50, or you can play virtual roulette which has a live wheel for $3.

Other Table Games

– Three Card Poker ($5, $10, or $15 minimums)
– Let It Ride ($10 minimum)
– High Card Flush ($10 or $15 minimums)
– Ultimate Texas Hold’em ($10 minimums)
– Mississippi Stud ($10 minimum)
– Fortune Pai Pow Poker with Progressive ($50 minimum)
Considering the large gaming space and high number of pits, we thought we might see even more additional games than we did. Nevertheless, we feel that this is an acceptable selection. The mixed games are not in a specific location. They’re just dispersed all over the place.
We wouldn’t ever expect you to have to wait to get a seat at any game given how many tables of everything there are but given how much action is always going Caesars might be the one place this could happen.

High Limit Table Games at Caesars Palace

Just outside the main pit is the large and busy high limit table games room. Despite having its own space, it’s only a little less quiet. All of the baccarat games are off to one side, with everything else on the other side. What stood out the most to us in here was the fact every dealer was wearing a tuxedo.
The games going were single zero European roulette for $100. A rare sighting of Pai Gow Poker with tiles was also going for $100.
Blackjack games began at $200 including double deck. The dealer must still hit on soft 17, and you may not double down after splitting. You may split aces only once and you cannot surrender. For the full shoe $200 and $500 blackjack games, the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s. You may split aces up to four times.
Of the many baccarat tables, they included 10 man tables with a $100 minimum. The normal tables started at $200 and went up to $500 minimums.

Slots at Caesars Palace

We don’t know the exact slots count, but there’s easily over 1,000 machines and they’re everywhere. As you would expect, they have all different types of traditional 3-reel and 5-reel slots, video slots as well as other games like virtual blackjack, and virtual keno.
Betting limits start with penny machines and move up to $1, $2, and $5 on the main floor. Among its huge selection, some of its popular standout games were Anchorman, Animal House, Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra II, Buffalo Gold, Ultimate Fire Link, and Seinfeld.

High Limit Slots at Caesars Palace

Caesars has two high limit slots rooms. One is more secluded and tucked away further from the noise, with the other being right by the main pit. It’s a rare design, so we figure it was designed this way because they figured not everyone who wants to gamble expensively wants to do so in a quiet environment.
A view of the more secluded high limit slots room:

A view of the noisier high limit slots room:

Whichever section you’re in, you can play for $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200, and $500. Most of the slots were the traditional reel kind, but it had some of the newer games as well, including Wheel of Fortune.
Aside from slot machines, video poker is also available in the high limit rooms. Machines also go from $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. The selection of both video poker and slots are large. The majority belongs to slots, but there’s certainly no shortage of video poker.

Video Poker at Caesars Palace

You should have no problem finding whatever variety of video poker you want, whether it’s in the casino or playing for comped drinks at a bar. Most of the machines on the main floor start at $0.25 and go up to $1, $2, and $5, but there is also a small section of machines in the back of the casino near the parking garage elevators that can be played between for $0.01, $0.05 and $0.10 per credit.
Like many of the casino games, there is no designated section for video poker. Altogether there are many machines, but their placements are random.

Poker Room at Caesars Palace

One of the larger and more popular poker rooms in Las Vegas, Caesars’ is totally out in the open adjacent to the sportsbook. In our opinion, their dealers are well seasoned and very efficient. They’re also quite perky. Maybe a little too perky. Nothing is worse than a burnt out poker dealer, but we don’t think their business will suffer if they toned it down a notch.
The main game going around the clock is $1-$2 No Limit Hold’em with a buy-in of $100-$300. There are also $2-$5 running just about every day, with a buy-in limit of $200-$1,000. The $2-$5 tables are always secluded, placed in the back of the poker room behind a wall. Generally, the $2-$5 games don’t get going until the afternoon, but at nighttime there’s usually a second game and not unusual to see a third. $5-$10 is a rare occurrence in this poker room, but it usually runs a few times a week during the seven week long World Series of Poker with a buy-in range of $500-$$2,000.
Caesars will also deal $3-$6 Limit Hold’em, $1-$2 Pot Limit Omaha ($100-$500), and $5-$5 PLO ($500-$2,000), but these seldom if ever come together. Their special advertisement is $6-$12 Dealer’s Choice Mixed game that runs specifically on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 PM, but we advise calling or checking first on the Bravo poker app. Comps are 34 tier credits and $2 for all games which is the best you’ll see in town.
If you’re a tournament player, there are four every day. Buy in for $125 at either 10 AM or 6 PM with a $2,000 guaranteed prize pool, or $150 at either 2PM or 9PM with a $3,000 guaranteed prize pool. All blind levels increase every 20 minutes (which stinks).

Sportsbook at Caesars Palace

One of the bigger and better sportsbooks around, Caesars (though it is loudly located right near the casino floor) has plenty of seating and great picture quality to watch sports and horse racing. It is going to be active every day, and certainly at capacity during the biggest events. Smoking is allowed and there is a bathroom nearby.
Regarding food and drink, none of the eateries can be accessed without leaving the sportsbook. However, if you can get a seat in the couch area behind the main seating, you can get food service by texting “Sportsbook” to the number written. Drinks are no longer given away.
In order to get a drink ticket you must bet $50 on sports or $5 on the horses. Both of these are among the most competitive amounts for any sportsbook located on the Las Vegas Strip. If you just want to watch the game, there is a large video poker bar behind all the sportsbook seating that faces everything.
Caesars also allows you to bet on the go with the Caesars Entertainment sports betting app. Opening an account can be done inside the sportsbook. The process is fast, free, and once you’ve done so you’ll have access to all the lines. Availability regarding the newest most popular betting form known as live betting, which is betting on games after they have started, is still a work in progress for the app and over the counter.
The daily betting lines will compete all of its strip neighbors but be weary of the futures lines. Strip bettors are mainly tourists and don’t want to leave the action behind when they go home. That’s why they end up settling either unknowingly or uncaringly for stingy futures payouts.

Hotel at Caesars Palace

The four diamond hotel which is made up of the August, Julius, and Palace Towers has almost 4,000 rooms. Discounts of 10% are given off the lowest available rate for students, teachers, government employees, first responders, and military members. Know right away that in addition to the room rate, the mandatory nightly resort fee is $44.22 after tax which is one of the highest on the strip. This includes free Wi-Fi, along with pool and fitness center access.

Hotel Towers

– Roman Tower
– Augustus Tower
– Octavius Tower
– Palace Tower
– Nobu Tower
The regular rooms typically cost between $100 and $200 a night. Its classic rooms range from 350-395 square feet, while the Julius Deluxe rooms get up to 603. Other premium rooms and its studio rooms also range from 500-600 square feet. As you get towards the 700 square foot mark prices move towards $300.
In addition to the towers, within the casino floor is a Japanese inspired boutique hotel called Nobu. Prices start at over $200 a night for its deluxe rooms and gets up into the mid to high hundreds for its luxury suites that begin at 1,000 square feet.
The suites at Caesars Palace start at 800 square feet and are reasonably priced in the $300 range. As you climb above 1,000 square feet they still fair at around $400-$500. Only when you get into the duplex type rooms do prices get over $1,000.
If you really want to ball out like they did in “The Hangover”, the penthouses and villas cannot be booked online as they are usually reserved for the biggest players. You’ll have to call to inquire about availability, and if you get one, you can be sure you will be spending several thousand per night.

Spa and Fitness Center

Hotel guests enter the 50,000 square foot Qua Baths and Spa for $25 on Monday-Thursday and $35 on the weekends. Non-hotel guests may enter for $50 Monday-Thursday and $60 on weekends.
Amidst the 48 treatment rooms which also accommodates couples, guests can choose from a wide variety of massages as well as facials, body treatments, aromatherapy treatments, and ayurvedic treatments. Included with the spa is also a large and very modern fitness center available only to hotel guests. Each are open daily from 6AM – 8PM.

Restaurants at Caesars Palace

Between what’s inside the casino and in the Forum Shops, there are over 20 places you can eat. Most options are not especially cheap, but if you want to keep things relatively inexpensive, quick bites inside the casino include:

Quick Bites

– Food Court
– Brioche by Guy Savoy
– Pronto by Giada
– Café Americano (open 24/7)

Other Casual Options

– Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill
– Beijing Noodle No. 9.

Fine Dining

Upscale eating is one of Caesars Palace’s specialties. Walk all the way to the end of the Forum Shops and check out two of the very best places in town in Joe’s Stone Crab, and the absolute best Italian restaurant Il Mulino New York. At Il Mulino, different waitstaff members come from every direction the moment you sit down bringing you an array of complimentary delicious appetizers, leaving you halfway full before you’ve even looked at the menu. It’s a good problem to have.
Other top choices inside the casino are Old Homestead Steakhouse, Searsucker, and Rao’s. You should also know about the Bacchanal Buffet. It is among the most expensive buffets in Vegas but not for nothing as it has been ranked the #1 buffet the last several years.

Bars at Caesars Palace

There are many bars and cocktail lounges all over Caesars, most of which have video poker. One of the more special ones is the Montecristo Cigar Bar. This 4,000 square foot setup includes whiskeys and small eats on top of its fine cigars. If you want live music, head over to Cleopatra’s Barge any Thursday to Saturday night, or Spanish Steps Friday and Saturday night.
Other distinct choices are Numb Bar & Frozen Cocktails, and if you prefer something more intimate as most of Caesars bars tend to be a bit rowdy, Cocktail Lounge opens every day at 5 PM and has a business casual dress code.

Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace

If you want to party extra hard and loud, this 75,000 square foot nightclub opens at 10:30 PM every Tuesday, and Thursday-Sunday. Nevada locals get in free on Tuesdays with their ID, otherwise cover charges are $40 for men and $20 for ladies. Assuming you are going to drink, the night out should cost at least $75. If you care for some privacy with your friends, VIP bottle and table service is available, and this will undoubtedly cost in the thousands.
Omnia also features some of the world’s best DJs like Calvin Harris, Zedd, and Martin Garrix just to name a few. Our favorite thing about Omnia is in addition to its main floor and balcony that overlooks it is the outdoor terrace. Here you have a view of the strip and can more easily mingle with other patrons as you give your ears a break from the bumping music.

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August 5th, 1966

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124,000+ sq/ft

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