El Tropical Casino Mayagüez Review

El Tropical Casino Mayagüez Review

El Tropical Casino is a product of HI Development Puerto Rico Corp and is one of three successful, fully-featured casinos in Puerto Rico owned by the company. One being in Mayaguez, another in Bayamon (just south of San Juan) and yet another along the southern coast in Ponce. El Tropical Casino in Mayaguez is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Puerto Rico. Right on the tip of the western coast, visitors to the hotel and casino are in close proximity to many wonderful attractions.
The casino is a great example of how to create a space for gambling that is both professional and classy, without being stuffy and pretentious. The casino staff and table game dealers are always friendly and ready to help. Furthermore, the game machines and tables are all top-notch.
Getting to El Tropical Mayaguez is quite simple, as the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Airport is only 5 miles away. Getting a taxi from the airport or simply using the local transportation are both inexpensive options which are easy and fast.
Getting to the nearby attractions from the casino is also convenient. Pristine beaches, like Boqueron Beach, Rincon Beach and Mayaguez Beach are just a few that must be seen by anyone visiting the area. The local Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo is another popular destination, as it houses one of the island’s largest collections of tropical wildlife.

Casino at El Tropical Mayagüez

El Tropical Casino Mayaguez has a rather small 9,690 square foot gambling space, but it is still more than enough to house their extensive game offering. Visitors to the casino will find 364 slot machines, seven tables for classic casino games and a dedicated poker room for Texas Hold’em. El Tropical Casino also offers regular promos and raffles to give an added incentive to the already nice welcome package offered by the company.
While there is no formal dress code to enter the casino, it is recommended to go in semi-formal attire or better so as not to stand out. The casino is open 24/7/365, and the minimum age to play is 21 years old.

Table Games at El Tropical Casino

El Tropical Mayaguez has a good selection of table games to choose from which should keep even a seasoned player well-entertained. All of the classics can be found there and the friendly staff makes spending time at any one of them a memorable and rewarding experience. Whether players are looking for an exciting, fast-paced game of craps or roulette, or they are looking for a game with a bit more strategy involved, there is a fitting option available at El Tropical Mayaguez.
The Bonus Craps table is where you will see most of the excitement during peak times when the casino is busy. Just as with craps tables everywhere, it is not uncommon to see large groups of people surrounding the table shouting and rooting for one another with every toss of the dice. Craps is an excellent game for players of all skill levels, and the tables here are no different.
Similar to the Craps table, players enjoy the excitement surrounding the roulette table as well. The dealers are always doing their best to keep everyone having fun, and standing around the table with several other players always makes for a great time. When players start upping the risk profiles of the bets on the Roulette wheel the casino seems to come alive with anticipation.
For players who prefer to take their gambling games sitting down, there is a Mini Baccarat table, three variations of blackjack aimed at different types of players, and a Caribbean Stud Poker table which is always a lot of fun.

Slots and Video Poker at El Tropical Casino

The slot machines at Tropical Casino are well varied and plentiful. Many players prefer slots to table games, and they will not be disappointed while playing at El Tropical Casino.
The types of slots available at El Tropical Casino include both video and classic machines, as well as video poker. The slots featured on the main casino floor are comparable to the ones you’ll find in the US, with brands like IGT, Aristocrat and other popular manufacturers spread throughout.

Hotel and Accommodations at El Tropical Casino

There is no need to look for a place to stay while playing at El Tropical Casino in Mayaguez. The casino is located inside of the local Holiday Inn which is a full-fledged hotel suitable for any type of traveler. The comfortable rooms start at around $130 per person, per night, and guests have their choice of either a guest room or a suite. The hotel features plenty of amenities to keep its guests happy and having fun, like a large game room, a complimentary fitness room, free WIFI throughout the hotel and much more.

Restaurants at Holiday Inn Mayaguez & El Tropical Casino

Guests at Holiday Inn Mayaguez & Tropical Casino will find one restaurant and one bar. Hollys Restaurant is open from 6:00am to 11:00pm and serves up a delicious menu of both local and international dishes. The prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is pleasant making this one choice more than enough. For drinks, hotel guests can enjoy 10% off everything they offer at Fat Tuesday Diaquiri bar. The bar is open every day from 2:00pm to 4:00am.