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Capitol Casino Sacramento Review


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Capitol Casino Sacramento Review

Capitol Casino, located in downtown Sacramento has been open since 1991. This place promotes a family atmosphere, kind of like Cheers. Everybody knows your name! You’ll often see the owner, Clark Rosa, walking around greeting customers, or even playing $1/$3 NL or $2/$5 NL. He’s known for his friendly demeanor and for playing “any hand that has a name”.

Rosa has single handedly turned this casino into a landmark in Sacramento. It has become the number one place for locals to come play poker on a regular basis. Between the location, the friendly staff, the impressive dining options, and the abundance of promotions…it’s impossible to think of a reason NOT to make this place your regular hangout.

Table Games

There is no lack of action on table games at Capitol Casino as they offer Blackjack, Pai Gow and Baccarat with big betting options. Blackjack min/max bet is $5/$14,000. Pai Gow min/max bet is $10/$4,500. Baccarat min/max bet is $5/$14,000.

A common nightly occurrence is to hear the groups of players cheering when a Dragon bet pays off in Baccarat. For this 40:1 bonus bet, there is quite a bit of excitement. And you will find players missing hands at the poker table while they chase a Dragon bet in the back of the casino.

The blackjack and Pai Gow tables typically have available seating. Except during peak hours on Friday and Saturday nights, when you may need to wait a bit for a spot. But not to worry! There are dining tables and some barstools nearby so you can keep an eye on the action. There are also a few video poker machines in this area to keep you occupied. And don’t forget the service runners who come by often, so order a drink or a meal while you wait as well.


You won’t find a room with more poker tables in Sacramento. There are 11 total tables that spread the following games:
4-8 limit hold’em
4-8 limit omaha (full kill)
6-12 limit omaha (full kill)
8-16 limit hold’em (full kill)
1-3 no limit ($60 to $300 buy in)
2-5 no limit ($200 to $1,000 or table max)
5-10 no limit ($500 to $2,500 or table max)
5-10-20 no limit ($1,500 to uncapped) – This runs on Thursdays only.

The poker promotions in this room are awesome! During each shift, there is a $200 high hand. Those times are: midnight to 8am, 8am to 4pm and 4pm to midnight. And if you think your high hand isn’t going to hold, you have the option to sell it to another player to lock up a small win. There are royal flush bonuses, with payouts dependent on suit. Of course, there are bad beat jackpots. The small bad beat starts at $5k and is AAA10 beat by quads or better. The larger bad beat starts at $20k and is capped at $100k. The qualifier is 8888 beat. During football season for prime time games the highest Texas Hold’em hand in the room each quarter wins $100, and the highest Omaha hand in the room each quarter wins $25.

There are daily weekday tournaments at 10am for $30. If you win one of these tournaments you get a free entry to the 2nd Saturday of the month tournament ($200 value). If you get 2nd place, you get a free entry to the 1st Saturday of the month tournament ($100 value). Every Saturday and Sunday there is a different deepstack event. And don’t forget that the WSOP satellites are held here as well!

There are a handful of Prop Players who work here and are utilized to fill seats in short games until the casino can build interest. You’ll find them playing all level of games, but mostly in the $1/$3 NL and $2/$5 NL. Something a bit unusual here is that you may see a Prop playing in a full game that has a list. This is because the Props here are not required to leave a game if they are stuck more than $200. This is rarely an issue for players, and is mostly appreciated as the Props keep games from breaking quite often. It runs in line with theme of a family atmosphere. The owner treats employees like family and as such, sets fair rules for them.

Dining and Bars

The restaurant/bar here: Capitol Casino Café is a popular spot for locals who gamble and for those who don’t. Plenty of people who work downtown will drive here to eat on their lunch break, or after work for dinner. The popular area to dine is the bar section of the restaurant that offers two wall mounted TVs and one giant TV in the corner of the room, a fireplace, a jukebox and a speaker system so you can hear if they call your name for a seat. There are around 10 dining tables here and plenty of bar stools if you’re just here for a drink. Boasting a full liquor license, you can have beer, wine, or the liquor of your choice. A common order for high stakes players here is XO Hennessey that will run you $14/shot. The food is very good, very well price and there’s a large selection of both American and Asian items. You can also count on holiday specials offered year-round.If you

come here in the evening there’s happy hour 7 days/week from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. During this time, there is a special happy hour menu for both food and drinks. But don’t forget to check the Daily Dinner Special board for that day’s deal.

The restaurant is open 7 days/week from 6:30am to 10pm. However, the Asian menu is available in the bar and card room daily from 5pm to 3:30am. And on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the American menu is served in the bar and card room until 1am.

Hotel and Accommodations

Capitol Casino does not have hotel accommodations, but within 10-15 minutes there are plenty of options to choose from in downtown Sacramento.