Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino Review


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Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino Review


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Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino Review

Atlantis Casino, located in Nassau, Bahamas, has been in operation since 1998 and is regarded as one of the most luxurious, accommodating casinos in the Caribbean. The casino, which is a part of a large, 3,000+ room resort, is open 24/7, however, table games are only running from 10AM through 4AM every day of the week. The resort was originally constructed in 1994, but under new ownership in the late 90s is when it really began to thrive.

Casino at Atlantis

Thanks to it being one of only a handful of casinos throughout all of The Bahamas, it should not come as much of a surprise that the gambling at Atlantis is nothing to write home about. Though there are plenty of games to play, gamblers have consistently reported that it is tough to win, especially at the slot games closest to the outer parameter of the 50,000+ sq. foot gaming area. With rooms at Atlantis consistently coming in at $1,000+/night, you’ll have to have some fairly deep pockets to stay alive on the gaming floor for long. At most every table game, the minimum wager is $25 and often moves up from there, especially on nights and weekends.

Blackjack at Atlantis

When it comes to blackjack, there is no shortage of options when it comes to game types and betting minimums/maximums. In total, blackjack makes up more than half of Atlantis’ 85 table games and boasts minimums ranging from $25-$100. At non-peak hours it is possible to find $15 minimum blackjack tables, however, this is more of an exception rather than the rule.

Craps and Roulette

Roulette is another feature on the floor of Atlantis’ casino, and there you will find a total of 11 tables. A majority of the tables (9) are American roulette tables and regularly feature minimum bets of $15, however, minimums can move up to $25 during peak season and at peak hours. There are just two single-0, or French, roulette tables, and the minimums tend to coincide directly with those on the American roulette tables. Roulette wagers are capped at $100.
There is a total of 7 craps tables, and yet again minimums can vary, however, you will rarely find a time when you are able to wager less than $15.

Other Table Games

If you are looking for the place where you will find the highest betting maximums, look no further than the 3 baccarat tables. There, you will find minimum bets that coincide with most of the other table games, however, the betting maximums can reach $10,000.
There are also three 3-card poker tables, 10 Caribbean Stud tables, 2 Let It Ride tables and a single mini-baccarat table. Once again, betting minimums can range anywhere from $15-$25, with most wagers capped at $100.

High Limit Room at Atlantis

The high limit room at Atlantis is exactly what you would expect it to be. The area is not large but does feature slot games, video poker games, and a variety of table games—including, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. Betting minimums never move under $100 and at peak hours can move to $200 and beyond. It will be tough to find a table with a maximum of more than $10,000, however people willing to wager even more than that can and likely will be accommodated.

Video Table Games

Video table games such as craps and roulette exist on the floor of Atlantis and feature some of the lowest minimum bets you will find. Ranging anywhere from $0.50-$2, the video table games are your best bet if you want a smaller bankroll to last you more than a few minutes. What’s more, if you are there to casually game, sip on a few drinks, and pass the time on Paradise Island, there are few better places to do it.

Video Poker and Slot Games

You will find more than 700 slot games on the floor of Atlantis, with most being of the penny slot variety. Despite the name, you will find it very difficult to play a slot game with a minimum wager less than 40 or 60 credits ($0.40-$0.60). Though they do not exist in great number, there are slot games where you can spin the reels for, quite literally, $0.01. You will simply have to do a bit of digging to find them. From video slots to classic reeled slots, there is something for everyone. Be sure to do a careful overview of the slot games as those buried within the center of the floor tend to be a bit more generous than the ones seen as soon as you enter the casino area.
Video poker seems to have no rhyme or reason at Atlantis. There are video poker terminals scattered across the casino floor as well as those that exist at the various bars the casino has to offer. The only real consistency is that the bar at the sportsbook—which seems to always be packed—boasts plenty of games.

Poker at Atlantis

If you are traveling to Atlantis Bahamas in hopes of playing some cash-game poker, you will be sadly disappointed. Despite the resort’s massive size, there is no dedicated poker room that offers cash games on a consistent basis. With that being said, there are poker tournaments held throughout the year, so there are some poker games to be had. Perhaps more notable than any other poker tournament hosted by Atlantis is the PCA—PokerStars Caribbean Adventure—which is held annually shortly after the turn of the New Year.

Hotel at Atlantis

Most people tend to think of Atlantis as a single entity, however, there are a few different pieces that make up the whole resort. Below we will briefly detail the different hotel accommodations available to you on Paradise Island.
The Cove: Situated in between Cove and Paradise beaches, the Cove at Atlantis is referred to as an “ultra-luxury” resort. There are roughly 600 rooms, ranging from suites of all sizes to luxurious beachfront cabanas.
The Royal: The Royal, otherwise known as The Royal Towers, features roughly 1,200 standard rooms and is the most identifiable single building on Atlantis’ Paradise Island. The rooms here are the most affordable, however, this does not mean they lack in beauty or luxury in any way.
The Coral: The Coral Towers boast more than 600 rooms and is a part of the resort geared towards families. Being that much of Atlantis boasts experiences more aligned with adulthood, it is refreshing to see an entire segment of the resort dedicated to a rich, wholesome family experience.
The Beach: The Beach is a part of Atlantis that gamblers are likely not going to venture to. This part of the resort appeals to guests who strictly want to enjoy the tropical paradise that is The Bahamas. Rooms are steps away from white sandy beaches, and there are more than 400 available.
The Reef: The reef boasts a more residential type of stay, leaving you to your own devices, for lack of a better term. The tower itself is located right on the beach and the rooms have all the amenities you would expect from a home or condo.
Harborside Resort: Harborside Resort offers villa-style accommodations suitable for larger families and groups. Harborside boasts that staying there allows guests to feel as though they are staying at their own island home, rather than in a hotel.

Dining at Atlantis

Being that Atlantis Paradise Island is one of the largest resorts in the world, it should come as no surprise that there is no shortage of dining options, ranging from casual to world-class fine dining. What’s more, you can find cuisine influences from every corner of the world.

Fine Dining

Seafire Steakhouse – With tall ceilings and large chandeliers, Seafire really takes the typical steakhouse experience and amplifies it in ways you will seldom find elsewhere.
Olives – Chef Todd English introduces his world-renowned restaurant to the Caribbean in what is perhaps the best fine dining experience located just off the main casino floor.
Casa D’Angelo – Award-winning chef Angelo Elia combines recognizable Italian cuisine with the spicy, Caribbean flavor of the Bahamas in a unique, luxurious setting.
Bahamian Club – The Bahamian Club is often referred to as Atlantis’ top fine dining option and combines traditional fine dining fare with some Caribbean influence. Even the pickiest of eaters will find something to satisfy their palate here.
Café Martinique – Looking over the Atlantis Marina, Café Martinique is perhaps the most well-known fine dining option at the resort. This is thanks largely to the restaurant’s appearance in the 1965 James Bond movie “Thunderball.”
Chop Stix – No world-renowned resort would not be complete without an Asian-inspired fine dining experience, and that is exactly what you get at Chop Stix. This restaurant offers a luxurious take on familiar Chinese and Pacific dishes.
Nobu – Also located just off the main casino floor, Nobu is a world-renowned restaurant that can best be described as the most elegant Japanese fusion restaurant around. Whether you want to try familiar sushi rolls or something entirely new, you will not be let down by Nobu.
Sip Sip – Beachfront dining does not get any better than what Sip Sip has to offer. Boasting some of the finest local cuisine and a relaxed, yet elegant, atmosphere, Sip Sip is where you can go to relax with a fine meal.

Casual Dining

Mosaic – Mosaic is a Mediterranean-influenced casual restaurant where many of the meals can be made at the drop of a hat right in front of your eyes thanks to the open cooking stations.
Poseidon’s Table – The breakfast buffet at Poseidon’s Table is one of the best morning dining options
at the resort, while dinnertime offers some of the best mixes of cuisine, ranging from Mexican to Japanese, and everything in between.
Carmine’s – Is an Italian, family-style casual dining experience that seeks to replicate the experience attained at the New York restaurant of the same name.
Virgil’s Real BBQ – Offering indoor and outdoor dining, Virgil’s brings BBQ flavors from Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky south to the Caribbean.
Murray’s Deli – Draped in 1950’s décor, Murray’s takes on the classic New York City deli experience in interesting, delicious fashion.
Lagoon Bar & Grill Classic bar and grill menu items—such as burgers, sandwiches, and individual pizzas—are complemented perfectly by the open-air dining and aquarium views. You can, quite literally, dine with the sharks at this family-friendly restaurant.
The Village Burger Shack Burgers is what draws guests to one of Atlantis’ newest dining options, but it is the variety of dishes and attention to detail that has this place growing in popularity.
The Point Restaurant & Bar – Located directly on Nassau Harbor, The Point boasts dining options ranging from salads to chicken, and just about everything in between.

Bars at Atlantis

There are a few bars located on the floor of Atlantis’ casino—including in the sportsbook—and just about every one of the aforementioned restaurants also boasts drinking options ranging from casual to luxurious. Those looking for the cheapest drink options will find them on the casino floor, but with more than 10 bars on the resort, you are never too far from a cool, refreshing drink.


Atlantis sits on a small island—Paradise Island–just a stone’s throw off the Northern coast of New Providence island. The area is geared towards tourists, is very safe, and easy to travel; whether by foot, bike, or taxi.

Features at Atlantis

The number one nightlife feature at Atlantis is Aura Nightclub, a 9,000 sq. foot entity designed by the world-renowned Jeffrey Beers. Located just above the main casino floor, Aura offers everything you would expect from a high-end nightclub, including VIP accommodations, DJs, and two full bars. Though it is not open every night, the club is the number one party spot on Paradise Island.
There are many other experiences you can take advantage of during your stay at Atlantis Paradise Island. From the 7,100 yard, par 71 golf course, to the relaxing spa, and so much more, you have no reason to be bored at any point during your stay.