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Tango music, the Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Andes mountains, Pampas grassland, and the glacial lakes are just a few of the many features that make Argentina one of the most envy-triggering countries in the world. Casinos and the gambling industry are additional ingredients that make Argentina the epitome of a tourism destination.

The team has rated and reviewed dozens of online casinos that accept Argentina residents. Here, we’ve ranked the best Argentina online casinos of the year. If you’re from Argentina and ready to start gambling online for real money, simply visit one of our recommended Argentinian online casinos below. 

Top 3 Argentinian Online Casinos in 2024

Tragamonedas Feliciano Review

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Tragamonedas Feliciano is a slots parlor located in the city of San José de Feliciano in the Entre Rios province of Argentina. The province is just north of the capital of Buenos Aires. Casinos de Entre Rios owns and manages this gaming parlor, along with 20 others throughout the province. Tragamonedas Feliciano is open every …

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Slots and Video Poker

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50% Welcome Bonus


  • approximately 50 slot machines
  • Self parking
  • Apart Hotel

Tragamonedas Urdinarrain Review

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This electronic gaming parlor is located in the city of Urdinarrain, in the center of the Entre Rios Province of Argentina. Tragamonedas Urdinarrain is operated by Casinos de Entre Rios, a government-owned enterprise with casinos throughout the province. The city is small and this is the only casino in the nearby area. It is open

Slots and Video Poker

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100% up to $1000 First Deposit Bonus


  • Mobile (iOS/Android)
  • Compatible Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin & Neosurf

Tragamonedas María Grande Review

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In the province of Entre Rios, in Central Argentina, you will find a variety of gaming properties operated by Casinos de Entre Rios. Tragamonedas María Grande is part of this chain and is located in the city of María Grande. There are over 20 casinos and electronic gaming parlors under the control of Casinos de

Slots and Video Poker

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280% Welcome Offer


  • Casino Games Mobile (iOS/Android)
  • Compatible Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin & Neosurf
  • Free Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Argentines may have gambling games readily accessible in their country, but the legality of such games is far from clear cut. Argentina is another one of those countries where gambling laws are more prevalent at a regional level, rather than a national one.

This can make things a little tricky to understand if you are not well-read on the situation. Fortunately, by the time you have finished reading this guide to online casino gambling in Argentina, you should have a much clearer picture.

Choosing an Argentine Online Casino

Argentine online casinos can belong to one of two groups. Officially, they are those online casinos that hold a gambling license issued by one of the nation’s regions. These are also fully regulated domains. Alternatively, we can also call offshore casinos which cater to players in the country Argentine casinos, too. There are differences and similarities between them, such as…

  • Spanish Gameplay: One of the similarities between Argentine online casinos, and those which merely cater to players in Argentine is the use of the Spanish language. Most Argentines do not speak English, so Spanish language gameplay is commonly found at such sites.
  • Argentine peso: It does not take much effort for offshore casinos catering to Argentines to accept the Argentine peso currency option. Both types of Argentine casinos will typically offer this. However, while those sites licensed out of Argentina will feature payment methods exclusive to players in the country (such as Argentine banks), those based offshore will likely have more general banking options available. 
  • The Variety of Games: Another big difference can be (though, is not always) the range of games available. Argentina-licensed casinos seldom have the range of games you can find at the big, offshore and international casinos. This makes the latter more appealing. Even so, there are offshore casinos with arguably worse collections of games than those find at locally licensed domains.
  • Support and Assistance: Both types of casinos will offer customer support. However, those licensed in Argentina are guaranteed to provide Spanish language assistance, they will do so at times that suit players in the country and will often provide speedier responses than those based offshore.
  • Regulation: All Argentine casinos are guaranteed to be regulated, according to the strict rules of each region in the country. Any of the larger, more international foreign sites will feature regulation and security which is on par, and arguably better than local Argentine casinos. However, many offshore sites lack even the most basic regulation, making national casino sites arguably better.

How we Find the  Best Argentina Online Casinos

As you can see from above, there are pros and cons of playing at both locally licensed Argentine casinos, and those which are based offshore. Argentina does not punish its citizens who play at offshore casinos, so ultimately, the choice is yours concerning where you wish to play. Whichever route you choose to go down, though, it is always worth looking for the following traits:

  • Safe, Licensed, and Secure: Online casinos that are licensed and regulated out of Argentina are safe and secure. However, if you do decide to play at an offshore casino, it is undoubtedly worth ensuring that the domain you play at is licensed out of a major gambling jurisdiction, such as Malta, the United Kingdom or Gibraltar.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Argentine casinos tend to have quite strict rules regarding the types of promotions and bonuses you can claim. The rules are more relaxed at offshore casinos. However, some foreign sites may try and entice Argentines with over-the-top deals. The best Argentine online casinos will carry promotions and bonuses, but they will feature fair terms and conditions.
  • Top Casino Games: Any online casino (no matter where it is licensed) should offer its players access to a wide range of games, ideally from a multitude of developers. These games should span both those of chance and those of skill, and include slots, table games, live dealer, mobile-friendly, video poker, and instant win titles, amongst others. Moreover, they should be RNG (random number generator) certified.
  • Trusted and Verified: One of the problems with having so many offshore casinos to choose from is that you may end up joining an online casino that you should avoid. To get around this, only play at casinos that are licensed, regulated, and receive favourable reviews from credited sources. 
  • No Strings Attached: Top Argentine online casinos will not leave you hanging. They will have no strings attached when it comes to the way they operate. For instance, you should not have to wait more than a few days to get hold of your winnings. You should not have to pay withdrawal fees or cough up to enjoy customer support. Any casino which has hidden charges should be avoided.

Casino del Río Catriel Review

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Casino del Río Catriel is owned by the Winner Group, a large gambling company with properties in several countries across South America. They own the entire Casino Del Río chain and have a total of 7 casinos in Argentina alone.

Slots and Video PokerTable Games Poker

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Casino Trilenium Review

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Casino Trilenium is a huge casino complex located in Tigre; an Argentinean town just north of the city of Buenos Aires. It’s a gateway to the various rivers and wetlands of the vast Paraná Delta. If you’re in the mood

Slots and Video PokerTable Games Poker

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Other Argentina Casino

The 172 gambling facilities in Argentina are located in 133 cities of the 23 provinces and the independent province of Buenos Aires. The facilities are almost relative to the cities because most cities have only one facility. Villa Mercedes, Villa de Merlo, Santiago del Estero, Santa Rosa, San Salvador de Jujuy, San Miguel de Tucumán, San Carlos de Bariloche, Salta, Rosario de la Frontera, Puerto Madryn, Posadas, Paraná, Mendoza, Mar del Plata, La Punta, Corrientes, Comodoro Rivadavia, Colón, Ciudad de San Luis, and Chajarí are the cities with more than one facility.

Buenos Aires particularly is the largest gambling province — note: not a city — in Argentina, with more than 10 casinos and thousands of gaming machines and table games. Casino Buenos Aires is the largest casino in the province, with 29 poker tables, 120 table games, and 1,400 gambling machines. Throughout the whole country, the oldest facility — Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo — is the largest. Without considering other gaming machines, there are 4,600 slot machines alone.

As with other South American countries, most casinos are attached to luxurious hotels, resorts, or cruise ships. The games and machines offered range from roulette and blackjack to craps, slot machines, poker tables, Punto Banco, Texas Hold’em, American roulettebaccarat, Lucky Ladies, Pai Gow pokerCaribbean Stud poker, and Let it Ride.

Particularly, poker and bingo are very popular in Argentina. In addition to casinos, there are bingo halls, racinos, racetracks, betting shops, and a national lottery in the country. The national lottery, similar to other South American countries, is run and authorized by the federal government.

As mentioned, each region in Argentina has its own gambling laws. Buenos Aires was the first region to legalise online gambling, back in 2002. In 2004, both lotteries and sports betting were formally legalised.

It was not until 2006, though, that the South American nation officially handed out its first gambling license.

For an online casino to be legal in Argentina, it must be licensed out of the region you are living in. Moreover, it must also strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of that region. These vary from state to state but typically include responsible gaming policies, and of course, the necessary tax measures. Any casino which does not adhere to these rules could see its license revoked. 

Most of Argentina’s recognisable online casinos are licensed out of Buenos Aires, as many of the other regions have taken a stricter line towards gambling. That is starting to loosen over the last few years, as those regions start to look at the potential financial rewards of legalising (and more importantly, regulating) online gambling.

While bona fide Argentine online casinos are few and far between, there are a few offshore casinos run by foreign operators for Argentines to play at. In fact, most Argentines who gamble online will typically do so at international sites, as they offer a greater variety of games than their national counterparts.

Playing at offshore casinos is technically illegal. In 2008, Argentina started to make moves to block access to these domains. However, trusty VPNs (virtual private networks) all be ensured that the government’s actions were unsuccessful.

This is partially the reason why many Argentine regions are now looking at legalising online gambling. It appears to very much be a case of, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join them”.

Argentina is the most massive, successful and developed country in South America, this is an established fact. And most of its success is attributed to its tourist attractions and entertainment industries. Particularly, gambling is a very popular notion — well, more motion than notion — in Argentina, and has been for a very long time.

Argentina gained its independence from the Spaniards, who have been in charge since the 16th century, in the 1810s. The first process in the independence of South America was a series of events called the May Resolution, which took place from 18 to 25 in the month of May 1810. Accordingly, from 1810 to 1818, Argentina fought a discrete war for its complete independence, called the Argentine War of Independence. In-between those years, precisely July 9, 1816, Argentina finally declared itself independent of Spain and introduced a national constitution.

Although gambling is extremely popular in the country, gambling has a generally run-of-the-mill history in the South American country. Further, horse racing is the first recordable form of gambling in Argentina. In 1876, the first racetrack, the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo in Buenos Aires, opened. In 1882, Jockey Club Buenos Aires organized a horse racing event for the citizens of Argentina to enjoy. The event received a considerably huge buzz and brought much popularity to gambling in the country. In 1884, the very first Argentina National Derby event was held in the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo.

However, the 1990s marked a great development in the gambling industry of Argentina. In this decade, the then-present administration started licensing land-based casinos and other gambling facilities within the country. Ironically, there are no federal laws pertaining gambling or gaming, and — more surprisingly — there is no national regulatory gambling body in Argentina. Instead, each province is tasked with its own view and laws of gambling within the length and breadth of the province.

Despite the pseudo-negligence from the federal government, Argentines still participate in an array of gambling activities. One feature that buttresses the high participation of gambling and gaming in the country is the brilliant and luxurious environment. Natives, as well as visitors, do enjoy gambling in this part of South America.

Although there are no federal laws or regulatory body pertaining gambling or casino in the country, gambling is legal and 100 percent of the provinces are happy to keep it legal. As of 2007, there were a total number of 80 gambling facilities in the country. In 2015, the figure has exponentially increased to 157. Today, Argentina offers a figure of 172 legal gambling facilities in the provinces of the country.

However, there is evidence that more facilities are in fact operational in the country.
Meanwhile, this figure is huge and the biggest in South America and most continents. Argentina is a gambling destination, which flocks of tourists visit for its diverse entertainment and gaming attractions — in addition to other natural attractions. The atmosphere is apparently luxurious and welcoming, so the gambling climate says “Welcome!” to whoever is interested in any of its many gambling activities and facilities.

  • Regardless of the province, the minimum gambling age in Argentina is 18 years.
  • As of 2016, the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo racino is the sixth largest gambling facility in the whole world — behind Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Tampa in Florida, Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, Empire City at Yonkers Raceway in New York, and WinStar World Casino and Resort in Oklahoma, respectively. In addition to horse racing, there are 4,600 slot machines in the racino.
  • In Argentina, there is a popular belief that one who goes to a casino poor will come back rich overnight, generally because chance and luck is on one’s side.
  • In fact, all forms of gambling are legal in Argentina.
  • Presently, opening a casino or bingo hall is illegal in the country’s capital, Buenos Aires.
  • There are two legal floating casinos operating in Buenos Aires. Floating in the sense that they run their businesses entirely on natural water.
  • Each Argentine province controls its own gambling industry. The national lottery, the Lotería de La Argentina, however, is run by the federal government.
  • The Latin American Poker Tour has been held twice (April 2009 and September 2010) in Argentina. The first winner won $381,030 while the other won $322,280.
  • In the country, all forms of online gambling are fully legal, which is different when compared to most South American countries.
  • The legalization of online gambling came as a result of a series of national protests against the ban of online gambling proposed in 2008. Instead of banning, ironically, the government legalised online gambling.
  • However, the government have been licensing online pokers as far back as 2002.

Before you dive into an Argentine online casino (or an offshore one catering to Argentines), have a quick read of our FAQ to make sure you do not have any unanswered questions.

Is It Safe to Gamble Online in Argentina?

In a word – yes. Argentina has made gambling in the country legal, but there is no shortage of legislation that puts caps and limits on what Argentines can and cannot do. Most games of skill and games of chance are regulated, although at a regional level, not a federal one.

This means that each region tends to have its own definitive legislation about what you may or may not do. 

Argentina does have gambling licenses, and if you opt to play at any Argentine online casino which is licensed out of one of the country’s regions, you are playing at a legal site. However, there are not too many laws which prevent you from playing at offshore casinos, too.

With that in mind, it is easier to simply say this: you can gamble online in Argentina, but whether it is legal or not depends on several factors. 

How do I pick the best Argentine online casino?

Above, you will find a list of criteria which you can use to judge an online casino. Any Argentine online casino or foreign site which ticks those boxes should not only be safe to play at, but also represent one of the better domains out there.

Is it illegal for me to play at an online casino in Argentina?

Yes and no. Officially, each region in Argentina has the right to determine its own gambling laws, and you can only play at an Argentine casino licensed out of your region. However, you will not be stopped from playing at offshore casinos – at least, not at this moment in time.

How old do I have to be to gamble in Argentina?

Each province may have its own gambling laws, but there is a national gambling age in Argentina. That age is set to 18 years old.  

Can I trust offshore casinos?

Online casinos which cater to Argentines can be trustworthy, or they may not be. It varies from site to site. Those casinos which are licensed, well-regulated and specifically cater to Argentine players can be trusted.

What deposit/withdrawal methods can I use at Argentine casinos?

If you are playing at an Argentine licensed casino, then you will be able to deposit using bank transfers with any one of several banks in the country.

If you frequent an external site to play, you can use VISA, MasterCard, AstroPay, Rapipago and others, as these tend to be the most common amongst Argentine players.

Can I claim bonuses at Argentine casinos?

Yes. Argentine licensed casinos do offer bonuses and promotions, but there are stringent rules regarding what can be provided, and even what a casino can promote. Offshore casinos tend to have far less regulation in that regard, so their bonuses tend to be more lavish. You can claim promos and bonuses at either type of site, though.

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